Israel awaits an implosion as zionism fumbles

Despite a century having passed sinced the colonial construct of zionism was conceived, all indications reveal that the cracks in its ideology are getting bigger and wider.

Apart from exposing deep divisions amongst current zionist ideologues, these cracks have also disclosed that the patch-up going on today in Israel is exactly how panel beaters would describe a wrecked car: beyond repair!

These massive changes in the socio-political composition of the Jewish state are the precursor to an avanlanche of internal dissent which signal the inevitability of an implosion.

While zionist propagandists may deny this, the facts on the ground exposes their defense as puerile rhetoric.

The reverses in Israel’s fortunes began with the military defeat it experienced at the hands of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah, after a brutal and bloody occupation which lasted two decades. That period was marked by an aggressive and hostile policy of expansionism northwards having illegally annexed territories after the ’67 war.

When the current premier Ariel Sharon finally ventured to cross the red line by storming the sacred al-Aqsa mosque compound in 2000, his notorious campaign to alter the Islamic character of Jerusalem, was met with the full fury of the second intifada.

Between then and now, the strength, courage and resolve of the intifada has ensured that major players within the military and political strata of Israel have been forced to reassess the racist creed of zionism, which underpins the apartheid structure of the state. It is this new debate that has forced the Sharon regime to retreat from the Gaza where under his patronage the settlement project had developed to the point he is now being branded as a traitor.

So while the looting of more Palestinian land continues, especially with the massive settlements being built in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank in the shadow of the concrete monstrosity known appropriately as the apartheid wall, Israel remains a deeply fractured society, incapable of sustaining the zionist project without the protection of Uncle Sam.

This display of military might and the arrogance of being able to plough through vast fields of laws and conventions is in fact an apparition of "strength". The myth of invincibility is written on the walls of Khiam prison which is today in the hands of Hizbullah as it will be written on the ruins of settlements in Gaza.

The other apparition of "acceptance" flows from the misguided policies of corrupt Arab regimes ever willing to prostrate at the altar of zionism in exchange for remaining secure in their flimsy thrones. Israel remains equally misguided if it believes that "recognition" from dictators and tyrants will equate to legitimacy.

And the debate centered on the question of legitimacy is consuming Israeli society. This is reflected in their media as well as organs of civil society. Questions abound about "One State" or "Bantustans". So too does the debate reflect their agony of storming settlements with the full brutal force of the IDF. Refuseniks are also swelling in numbers. Migration from the promised land is on the increase. Confusion over identity reveals the contradictions in being Jewish as against being Israeli.

International censure from the verdict of the Hague to independent reports of human rights abuses by NGOs is yet another area of grave concern which has rocked Israel. Despite carving out a Jewish state for immigrants on the dispossessed land of Palestine, Israel withers.