Islam vs. Zionism: A Prelude to World Peace

When Israel began its most recent illegal attack against the Palestinian people, wherein it kidnapped members of the Hamas government, and entered refugee camps where they slaughtered innocent and unarmed civilians, women and children indiscriminately, there was no UN Security Council meeting to decide what to do about Israel. There was no threat of sanctions, or NATO attack against Israel, which is the perfect example of a rogue and renegade state, that has committed no less a crime than that committed by the Serbs against the Bosnian people, and the Serbs were bombed for such behavior. There was no attempt to bring Israel into conformity with international, or any other law. Hizbullah’s capture of 2 Israeli soldiers turned Israel’s wrath away from an unarmed and helpless Palestinian people, and toward Hizbullah. Rather than fight Hizbullah, Israel began a war of attrition on the Lebanese people that has also failed to draw any international action to stop, and to contain Israel. Also, nearly every condemnation issued is qualified by a list of Israel’s assumed rights, including a right to self-defense, granted purely as a result of Israel’s regular threats and intimidation, its nuclear arsenal, and assurances of US financial and military support. In other words fear of Israel, and the US. Why else would any underdeveloped country recognize the right of a stronger country to deem its aggression self-defense and your struggle to survive, criminal, or rather terrorist? One would imagine that since the UN is predominately a union of developing nations, and not superpowers, that these nations would understand the importance of balancing power in any way possible. You might also imagine that they would assume that it is in their interest to stand by the law, and not to allow Israel to establish this precedent of lawlessness, violence, aggression and military conquest of lands, occupation and dispossession of sovereign people, which poses a threat not only to the Muslim lands claimed as part of Greater Israel, but to every country that is desirable for any reason, by a stronger nuclear power, putting large parts of Africa and Asia at risk. Unfortunately, today we are no closer to a solution to the historic Middle East crisis because the so-called international community, a community that consists mostly of small and vulnerable nation/states, lacks the ability to recognize its own interests, and like most of the world, seems to have also lost the will to protect that interest, even when they know what it is.

Enough has been said to make the point that international institutions and governments, East and West, lack the will to confront the Zionists of Israel, who have established their own law by which they act. According to their law, there is no moral equivalent between the lives of Jews and non-Jews. The non-Jewish life, by their estimation is valueless, while the life of a Zionist Jews is priceless, and worth more than the lives and property of Muslims, Arabs and everyone else combined. Unfortunately the Zionist Christians of Britain and the US have accepted this law, because they also believe that Jews are indeed God’s chosen people. They believe that Zionist Jews, and white Zionist Christians are superior to all others. Since the US according to the Zionist Church’s belief, is a so-called Judeo/Christian country, it is assumed that these people also believe that the US must be subservient to Zionism, adopting its law, which ironically is based upon the Talmud, and not the Torah, or the Bible, or anything that Jesus taught, said or believed. It’s hard to understand how a religious interest which calls itself Christian, could feel so in league with a people who called Jesus’ mother, the virgin Mary a whore and harlot, and who called Jesus an imposter and plotted his supposed death. What is even more amazing is the fact that these same people believe that once their desired Armageddon has arrived, all of these same Jews, their revered chosen people, will be destroyed for rejecting Jesus, and they, the Christian Zionists, will be raptured into heaven, and of course we will all be left behind. More sickening than any of this lunacy is the numbers of innocent people who have been massacred, and who have suffered as a result of the untoward influence that this fanatical thinking has had on US foreign and domestic policies, and our military. The WMD deception, the invasion of Iraq, government abuses of power and violations of our Constitution, along with the Guantanamo Bay detention center abuses, the Abu Ghraib prison abuse, the massacre in Haditha, the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and her family, all of these atrocities seem to have originated in a change of US traditions and moral values that mimic too closely Zionist ideology, methods and practice in respect to the treatment of non Zionist Christians, Jews and others.

These obvious changes in American ideals occurred outside of a Democratic process. Our nation went to sleep one night as a free republic, and awakened a Zionists puppet state, controlled by Israel and its henchmen who have attached themselves to our government like parasites, and who have drained not only our national treasury, but also the free and democratic soul of our country, leaving us a mere hollow shell of our Founder’s dream, a zombie waiting to be further transfused with more Zionist racism, hate, and tyranny, aimed at dividing the country, abolishing our Constitution, enslavement of the poor, and elimination of the unborn children of minorities, the disabled, the elderly, homosexuals, and other so-called undesirables like the poor, and certain genetic pools, afflicted with markers for chronic and debilitating diseases. These were the dangers that our Founder’s, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin warned us of so long ago. They warned us about the dangers of unchecked immigration, and radical secularism. They warned us about allowing religious differences to become exploited by political parties and dark forces who would work to make these differences appear so stark that they would become the lines that would divide our nation, and pit us one against the other. They warned us that this would overwhelm any concept of a common, and national good. They also warned us of the tactics that would be used by our enemies to undermine our country politically and socially. Washington warned us that they would overthrow with political tricks, and corruption what they could not overthrow militarily. He warned us to stay awake, and to avoid the weakening of our society morally, and the fracturing of our society politically. Rather than to heed these warnings, we elected men and women to serve in our elected bodies of government who sold our nation for sex, power, privilege and money, and today, the US is threatened as perhaps never before by the very real and evil influence of Zionism. If this can happen to the US, and cause us to be seen as one the most dangerous and untrustworthy countries in the world, coming in second only after Israel, what type of world will this be if Zionism is allowed to succeed in its bid to expand geographically, and ideologically throughout the Muslim and Arab world? What hope will the smaller non-nuclear nations have against this threat? This makes UN weakness in the face of this threat even more troubling, and it also make it even more urgent that and likely, that increasingly non-State actors will take their destinies into their own hands, and oppose such threats. The failures of governments to be just, and the failure of international institutions to work independently for the equal rights and security of all people, are the primary causes for the military confrontation between Islam and Zionism.

The Islamic movement, as a mater of textbook ideology, cannot go to war for territory. It cannot act as an aggressor. It can only serve as a defending force, and in this instance, it would be safe to assume that it is defending the Muslim and Arab world, not only from the threat of Zionist territorial expansion through military conquest, but also from the continued spread of Zionist ideology and its corrosive cultural hegemony throughout the Muslim and Arab world. It is, by every estimation, a fight for the freedom of the Arab and Muslim world, and the elimination, if need be, of what is seen as a global threat, very similar to the type of threat that Nazism once posed to the world. This is why there is a war today between Islam and Zionism. As Israel’s influence spreads throughout the word as a result of its military might, and that of its powerful US, and European patrons, Zionism threatens to undermine every law and moral value that God has taught in His Holy scripture, and every idea of decency, civility and humanitarianism known to man. If a country the size of, and with the influence of the United States can fall prey to Israel’s Zionist hegemony, and if our political bodies and governmental offices can be undermined, and occupied, and used to advance international Zionism, what about the rest of the world? If what has happened to the US, along with what is happening in the Muslim and Arab world has not alarmed everyone in the world, it is only because the Zionist media machine has prevented dissemination of the truth and the true nature of this threat, or because they have skewered the truth to the extent that most people don’t understand, or simply don’t know what to do to overcome this type of challenge. Ironically, the Qur’an, Islamic history, tradition and religious folklore is ripe with references to this type of challenge. In Islamic theology and literature, the Muslim believers are cast as the forces created by God to either contain or eliminate this type of threat, and end its aggression as an obligation to the weak, oppressed, and poor, and also to the innocent and righteous people.

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the international community’s psychological paralysis and moral vacuity in respect to this challenge posed by Zionism, is found in the response of the so-called Arab countries to Israel’s attacks upon Lebanon and Palestine, even though many of these countries are part of what Israel deems to be Greater Israel. Reports that a leading Saudi Sheikh issued a fatwa saying that to pray for Hizbullah is prohibited, and another statement from a supposed Saudi prince calling Hizbullah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers a misadventure that jeopardized stability in the region, along with other reports that Egypt and Jordan both condemned Hizbullah, are being perceived by many Muslims as more evidence that the Arab nationalist governments, even after the Iraq war, and all of the loss of Arab and Muslim life over the years caused by Israel, are still aligned with the anti-Islam forces of the West, which are by political and religious definition, mostly Christian and Jewish Zionists. That none of these governments attempted to intervene militarily, hoping to halt Israel’s illegal aggression against the Palestinians, is seen as proof that these governments are complicit with Israel in its attempts to topple the Hamas government in Palestine by punishing the Palestinian people with terrorism, and to destroy Hizbullah so that there is no military force that can prevent Israel from occupying and controlling Lebanon. There is also suspicion that the Arab nationalist governments may have bought into a plan to place Gaza and the West Bank under Jordanian authority, ending for good any hope of Palestinian independence and the restoration of Palestine as a sovereign state. Considering the references to Jordan made within the neo-conservative Clean Break policy paper, it would not be surprising if Jordan, or other Arab governments have agreed to such a plot. Israel promises to reward its friends and to punish its enemies, since it is for all intent and purpose, their god. According to the Clean Break policy paper, Jordan was selected to serve as Israel’s Muslim proxy in Iraq, charged with controlling Iraq once Hizbullah, Syria and Iran are neutralized as threats to Zionist hegemony in the region. The paper says that Jordan was picked for this role because its monarchy claims to descend from the family of the prophet Muhammad (sa), an assertion which it was hoped, would satisfy the Shia, the same people who only 37 years ago, deposed the Pahlavi monarchy in Iran.

The war between the Islamic movements and Zionists is a war that could have only been avoided if people had understood that the challenge Israel poses to the world is real, and that it is not merely a military challenge, but a challenge to everything that God has taught us is right. If world powers had taken steps to contain Israel and to douse early on, its imperial aspirations, today there would arguably be no war in Iraq, or anywhere else in the Arab and Muslim world. Zionism represents to Muslims, an attempt to reorder God’s world according to a set of beliefs, values and laws that are so evil that its adherents are ashamed to even publicize what they truly believe. The effects of that belief can be seen in Palestine, and in Iraq, and at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. US, or rather the Israeli ambassador to the UN who disguises himself as the US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, gave us a small glimpse of what we are struggling to defeat, and that is the idea that Zionist Christians and Jews are superior to all other human beings, and that their lives have greater value. That they are God’s chosen people, and therefore they have an inherent right to rule the earth. Without any doubt, this is a dangerous worldview that threatens every red, yellow, brown and black, disabled, poor and elderly Gentile and non-Zionist Jew in the world, and it poses a threat that cannot be left unchallenged.

Considering these things, it should be clear that peace can only come when this threat is either contained, or eliminated, which means that the occupation of, and all military aggression against the Muslim and Arab people and land by Israel, and also its proxies and patrons, must end before peace can ensue. Short and long term cease fire agreements, if we are speaking of hudna, which means God’s guidance, which is found in the Qur’an, can be negotiated only after Israel has ended its military assault, and come to the negotiating table to negotiate in good faith an end to all hostilities. The Qur’an says: “If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace and trust in God; for He (God) is the one that hears and knows all things. Should they intend to deceive thee, verily God suffices thee. He it is that has strengthened thee with His aid, and the aid of the believers. Moreover, he has put affection between their hearts. Not if thou had spent all of that which is in the earth could you have produced that affection, but God has done it, for He (God) is exalted and wise” — (Holy Qur’an 8:61-63).

This term “inclination” means more than mere talk of peace, it means that the enemy must show that there is a sincere intention towards peace, which must mean a cessation of aggression and violence against the Muslim people and Islamic armies, with the intent to come to the negotiating table to resolve all points of contention between the two warring factions. Once negotiations have began, God guides the Muslim saying, if the enemy intends to deceive, or to be treacherous, don’t let this prevent Muslims from sincerity in the pursuit of peace, since it is understood that it is ultimately God, the knower of all things who guides us to victory, and real peace is a victory, since it is only found in the Muslim’s absolute submission to God. The righteous need fear no one, or anything other than God, and so Muslims can negotiate sincerely without apprehension or fear, so long as we keep to the hudna, or guidance of God, which for Muslims is the Qur’an.

“God has conferred a favor upon you, in that He (God) has guided you to the faith” — (Al-Hujarat: 17).