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President Bush, in his State of the Union address made several references to what he called “radical” Islam. He said that “radical” Islam is the cause of terrorism etc., and that Al-Qadea had kidnapped a noble religion, yet he didn’t say that the noble religion supposedly kidnapped was in fact Islam. The President’s speechwriters obviously have an axe to grind, and a message to convey. What is that message? The message conveyed is that Islam is a radical religion, and the cause for all of the world’s problems, and that the “noble” religion referred to by implication, doesn’t actually exist, since it has no name, or someone doesn’t want to say the actual name of the religion that has supposedly been hijacked by radical, and violent extremists. I doubt that this message reflects honestly what the President meant to say, or that it reflects his personal sentiments about Islam. It would not be consistent with other remarks he has made publicly about Islam, and efforts he has made on other occasions to protect the truth about Islam from politicization. I suggest to Muslim listeners, that the President probably didn’t give this phrase “radical” Islam much thought when he reviewed, or gave the speech, since he has probably become accustomed to his speechwriters including such references in his speeches, which are usually qualified with his reminder that Islam is not radical, even though as in all faiths, there are radicals among us.

Conventional thinking to take these remarks at face value and to become angry tempts us. It seems to me that what should concern us more than the obvious irrationality of those remarks, is the fact that as a human race, we have begun the 21st century with a mindset that is reminiscent of the not so distant and very dark past, in contrast to enlightenment. It does not bode well for the non-Zionist world, that a country bidding to lead the world, sees the world as divided by religious ideology, rather than merely separated by geography, and languages. Such a worldview is premised upon the very dangerous supposition that indeed radical Islam is the problem, and the answer to that supposed problem is its opposite, which is Zionist Christianity and Judaism, which are by definition, extreme, radical and violent. Sounds absurd, but that is the proposition being tendered in the US bid to lead. The militant Christian and Jewish Right in the US substantiates its radicalism, incessant warmongering, and continued violations of the First Amendment establishment clause by claiming that they are the secret US weapon that can defeat Islam. Theodore Hertzl made the same claim, and that claim became the basis for Britain’s establishment of Zionist Israel in the heart of the Muslim world. Perhaps they had not expected that Israel would acquire ambitions that would extend beyond its mandated borders. It’s also fair to remind everyone that the mandate did prohibit displacement of the Palestinian people, or any violation of their rights as people indigenous to that land, which as we see plainly, means very little or nothing in respect to what has actually occurred.

Zionists in the US claim that a secular country is not equipped either ideologically, or spiritually to address, or to understand the threat that Islam supposedly poses to the US and Israel, and so only radical Zionist Jews and Christians are able to decipher, or decode radical Islam and recommend tactics and strategies for its defeat. This explains the numerous attempts at rewriting the Qur’an, removing all references to Jews, jihad, and martyrdom. It also explains claims by Zionist scholars that they have accurately decoded the Bible, the catchphrase for the Old and New Testaments, supposedly representing, respectfully, the Torah and Injil. Any scriptural scholar will tell you that the Old Testament is not the Torah, and that the two books of scripture were combined originally by King James of England and not by God. So unless King James placed codes in his translation and compilation of the so-called Old and New Testaments, what they are decoding cannot be considered an authentic Divinely inspired text that is capable of foretelling the future, or anything else.

Of course that piece of truth has not stopped the US State Department, which is presently using US taxpayer money to fund further use of this self-styled decoded Bible, to foretell the future according to a matrix written in Hebrew, which by the way is not the original language of the Bible. This is all aimed at providing our diplomats with a proper approach and method for defeating Islam. This “matrix” in contrast to its creator’s claims, has repeatedly failed at accurately prophesying the future, while it has equaled comic books, and also the book Moby Dick in the number of accurate references it has made to an already known past. Whereas most people might assume that there would be a very high pitched hue and cry in the US against such a ridiculous waste, and illegal misuse of taxpayer money by our State Department, little has been said, or done to stop it, even though most of the cable, and other Christian broadcasts talk openly about this project, and it has even been covered on the History channel of all places. So when the President’s speeches are riddled with antagonistic references to Islam, and apocalyptic scenarios that cast Muslim countries like Iran, Palestine and Syria as evil empires threatening the world with nuclear weapons and terrorism, while casting Israel as the United State’s only reliable friend and ally, don’t place all of the blame on Bush since Bush is only the unwitting messenger. The wicked and diabolical conjurers, for lack of a better description, reside in the State Department, the Zionist Organizations of America, and the radical Christian Right headed by the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Rod Parsley. This same type of religious fanaticism is also threatening Europe, and that is why we have a Quartet whose conscience is unchallenged by its threat to withhold life-sustaining aid from Palestine at the behest of Condoleeza Rice. It also explains the push by Europe and the US to get Iran before the UN Security Council, and possibly to initiate a chain of events aimed at leading us militarily into these countries under the cover of the UN. The “matrix” has perhaps told our State Department officials that according to the decoded Hebrew Bible matrix, Iran has black market papers on how to build a bomb, and that Syria killed Hariri, and that Hamas is a terrorist organization. The decoded Hebrew Bible might also be the culprit behind failed intelligence on Iraq, and claims that Iraq was linked to 9/11 and had a nuclear weapons program, and WMD.

The world has a right to be alarmed by the President’s rejection of what is termed US “isolationism,” and a call for an end to foreign oil dependency, and also his repeated references to a radical, and threatening Islam. Are the religious fanatics in our government preparing to expand their military conquests further into the Muslim world? The President might be talking about alternative sources of energies, rogue ideologies, and globalism. Is it possible that the speechwriters are referring to something else? Considering the extent to which our country has been plunged into Zionist religious fanaticism and crusader tendencies, it would be wise for everyone to take precautions, including making demands that the US State Department end its misuse of US taxpayer money, and stop its voodoo foreign policy making. We, the people of the world, must pray, and work to awaken the people of the US soon enough to take our country back. The fanatics are the speechwriters who are presently holding the reigns of power and attempting to force the world back into the dark ages of religious fanaticism, extremism and intolerance, Holy wars and self-fulfilling apocalyptic prognostication, and they will nearly succeed if we don’t do something before it is too late. That they will ultimately fail is no consolation when you consider the millions of innocents who might hurt and adversely affected by their attempts at world domination. Iran and other Muslim countries, and peoples who are the focus of this dangerous fanaticism, should be careful not to be seduced by pride into helping to fulfill the false prophecies made by those who are racing to bring about their end times scenario, a scenario wherein everyone except the fanatics are to be engulfed in a fiery ball and then plunged into hell, while they expect to ascend into the heavens. For sure heaven’s gates are closed to such wicked people, and their fall is nearer than their rapture. Still we must take precautions, and do our part to make sure that Islam remains a way to peace, and that it never be used as a rationale, or cause for world war.