Is There Western Racism?



Buried in the details, we have forgotten the most basic question. What are American soldiers doing in so many countries around the world? In several of them, Americans have recently again put their military bases, and in others they bomb, and bomb again, thousands of civilians. The unfortunate people are killed, mutilated, and displaced by the hundreds of thousands and millions from their houses to the frozen mountains. Their children lose their feet and hands for life. Where are the borders of the country called the USA? That is the question that a teenager asked me recently.

They have slowly but steadily come to believe together with their allies that they are better than others. They even call themselves First World Countries. And slowly they have made their youth accept and faithfully believe such an absurdity. That is very dangerous! It is a reminder of the infamous days of the late thirties and early forties. Many understand that all these so called humanitarian wars are all about resources, and most importantly, about encircling the “yellow dragon,” as the westerners like to call China. But China does not drop cluster bombs on other nations, nor does it publicly suggest attacking weak nations with nuclear bombs, nor does it place military bases around the world, nor does it belong to an alliance that goes around the world and gathers members from the former Soviet Union. Not to say that China is innocent of wrong-doing, but we need to be fair in our observations and speak the truth.

The illegal terrorists can create some smoke on earth which is visible from a few miles away, but the legal terrorists are ready, even by mistake, to create such smoke that will be seen from the ends of the universe. And these legal terrorists have derived their power from every citizen that pays taxes to his/her own government. The terrorists are not over there; they are over here. They are us, the citizens of the world. Our governments are nothing but the faithful representation of our insecurities and greed. Our governments mirror our inability to imagine a future. We cannot just blame our governments; we should blame ourselves even more. Without our consent, they would not have any chance to become legal terrorists. We have paid and are still paying their salaries. They say that they provide peace to the world by murdering millions.

The world is going to receive the final bill very soon unless it wakes up. We need to gain again our lost sense of the meaning of life, the “inexhaustible meaning” of life that the Greek philosophers talked about.

And to make sure that we answer the question of if there is Western Racism, we need only look at one strange phenomenon, the most important of all.

Western states are developing, maintaining, and threatening to use weapons of mass destruction against eastern nations while at the same time demanding that these Eastern nations not be able to acquire them; otherwise they will be bombed. Moreover, these Western nations are using bribery towards the governments of the rest of the Eastern nations that already have weapons of mass destruction to make them destroy their weapons.  Allies of such Western states share the blame for whatever happens tomorrow.

Mr. Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. is a Former Research Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.