Is the US in Bed with a Rogue Nation?

The US may very well be in bed with a rogue nation but first one must know the meaning of the expression “rogue nation”. The expression was first used by Les Aspin, Clinton’s first Secretary of Defense, and the “rogue nations’ included Cuba, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Iran and Iraq.  Exactly what is a “rogue nation”?


Is a “rogue nation” one who refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty despite the fact that by Pentagon and CIA estimates, that nation has 200-400 nuclear weapons?


Is a “rogue nation” one who defiantly violates international law and United Nations Resolutions?


Is a “rogue nation” one who has been condemned by Amnesty International and world human rights organization for its many abuses?


Is a “rogue nation” one who illegally invades another’s lands and brutally occupies that territory for 35 years?


Is a ‘rogue nation” one who takes the water from conquered people and allows themselves 350 liters per day per person while leaving the conquered people with 100 liters per day per person? (The World Health Organization says the amount to meet minimum needs per person is 130 liters per person per day.)


Is a “rogue nation” one who completely shuts off the water for the conquered people during droughts, but continues to use tremendous quantities to fill their swimming pools and water their lawns?


Is a ‘rogue nation” one who, according to the London Times, is developing an “ethnic bomb”?


Is a “rogue nation” one who according to the London Sunday Times has produced both chemical and biological weapons with a sophisticated delivery system?


Is a nation considered a “rogue nation” if its leader is facing indictment in the courts of Belgium as a “War Criminal” and for “Crimes against Humanity”?


Is a “rogue nation’ one who assassinates (a recent count of 53) members of another people’s government?


Is a “rogue nation” one who spies on the United States and gives valuable military information to our major enemies?

Is a “rogue nation” one who bombs an American ship and kills 34 American sailors?


Is a “rogue nation” one who bombs United Nations peacekeepers and kills 106 innocent people?


Is a “rogue nation” considered to be “rogue” if it has been condemned more times (70) than any other nation in the world by the United Nations? 


Is a “rogue nation” one who has been accused (12/02) by 100 nations who signed the Geneva Convention of “grave breaches” of the Geneva Convention such as deliberately killing Palestinians in the occupied territories?


Why would the American taxpayer give to that nation $12,000,000 (a conservative estimate) every single day???

Mr. Joseph Clifford contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from James Town, Rhode Island, USA