Is Terrorism against Muslims Kosher?

INDIA is crossing all borders of terrorism with US issued password -‘WAR AGAINST TERRORISM’. (password case sensitive)

Five more Kashmiris were murdered by Indian troops in recent fresh acts of Indian violence against the oppressed people of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir Media Service (KMS), quoting local witnesses, says 5 victims of Indian state terrorism were arrested from various places in Kashmir, taken to areas close to the Line of Control in Rajouri district and shot dead in the fake encounter.

How long will India mercilessly kill its ‘own Kashmiri citizens’in the name of ‘cross-border militants’? India has turned the Valley of Kashmir into ‘Valley of graves” but still miserably failed to suppress the 54 years old freedom movement.

All the civilized countries should send their observers for fact finding. They will see these fast expanding grave yards and judge themselves that these are graves of local martyrs died fighting against oppression and not of any terrorists.

India’s denial to allow any international media or observers in valley is a proof of being guilty for severe human rights violations by its cruel security forces.

We should all endeavor to stop Israel’s and India’s state terrorism against the innocents Palestinians and Kashmirirs before God’s wrath comes on all of us for committing the grave sin of remaining silent to such dreadful atrocities.

Ironically, this naked terrorism is hidden from President Bush eyes so could not be on the agenda of US declared “War against Terrorism”. Does this mean that terrorism against Muslims is ‘kosher’ and not requires any measures to stop it?