Is ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ and Pax Americana Compatible?  You Decide



Why do we have to apologize every time we try to find and understand the causes of the 9/11 evil acts?  Why do we have to repeat that we do not of course approve of terrorism every time we search to answer the most important question ‘Why did it happen?’  The mainstream media are devoting their time almost exclusively to how it happened and who did it.  But the Americans are just like any other people, they do have common sense, and now they have started to ask the question, “Why did it happen?”

Not that long ago, the Chinese embassy was bombed during the Kosovo bombing. The US said that it had old maps and apologized. That was forgotten in the West very soon. It has also not been that long ago since the US media was daily criticizing the stealing of US nuclear technology by China. Then there was the incident of the planes bumping into each other above China’s coast, not the USA’s coast, by the way. Immediately, the first words of the West were: “We are running out of patience.” The world was lucky that there were some people on both sides with cool heads. And just a couple of months ago, we were hearing threat after threat in regard to the Taiwan situation. There have been several government reports, one of them at:

that virtually try to demonize China. How many military bases does China have on the soil of other countries, and how many does the USA have? Why then is the West looking at China in that way?

The answer can be found in history. History can teach us that which we do not understand today. Will we learn from history? To understand American foreign policy, we do not have to go very far; we just have to look at Britain’s foreign policy of the recent past.

Historians in our Western universities are talking extensively about the yoke of British rule in the past, but they fail to teach about the hard-to-recognize yoke of American rule today. Even though we learn a lot about the glorious days of Pax Romana and Pax Britannica, we fail to extrapolate it to our own days of Pax Americana and to predict where we really are headed. History is repeated whether we like it or not.

We learn that in those glorious days of Pax Britannica, there was ‘a conviction in every Briton that he belonged to a race which God has destined to govern and to subdue.’

Author Eknath Easwaran in his book Nonviolent Soldier of Islam writes, ‘Trade, not property, was the official policy of the East India Trading Company when it was formed in 1599, inaugurating Britain’s long association with India. Slowly the company’s officers turned from merchants to imperialists and very soon one hundred million people were being ruled by the board of directors of a private company. By the mid 1850’s the East India Trading Company had become what amounted to a sovereign power.’ Slowly but steadily the company passed into history and the new responsibilities were handed over to the queen-empress herself. India had become a British colony and poverty was to rule all over India.

And this is exactly what the non-Westernized countries of the East feel today. They see that the World Trade Organization will bring the same tyranny to their people that the British trading company brought to India hundreds of years ago.

Why do we have to apologize every time we try to find and understand the causes of the 9/11 evil acts? Why do we have to repeat that we do not of course approve of terrorism every time we search to answer the most important question ‘Why did it happen?’ The mainstream media are devoting their time almost exclusively to how it happened and who did it. But the Americans are just like any other people, they do have common sense, and now they have started to ask the question, “Why did it happen?” And the rulers of the West will soon find themselves in the very difficult position of explaining the truth to their people. The sooner the better.

In 1806, the British started colonizing South Africa by using war. They were happy to discover that they could grow sugar cane, tea, and coffee, but they did not want to work; they wanted someone else to do the work for them. They asked the natives, but the natives did not want to work for them. They were just happy to live on what they grew on their land.

The British then brought Indian laborers from India under contract to do the job for them, but they could not foresee what would happen. The Indians slowly established themselves in South Africa and became competitors with the white farmers because they were content to live a simple life and spend little. Eventually, they established a near monopoly in dealing with the native population.

What happened after that? The whites became afraid that the Indians would swamp them, and they started to pass laws in order to control them and send them back to India. Gandhi’s work was rooted in this injustice.

The white’s fear of the past is echoed again today. The “Northern Industrial Alliance,” which is being referred to today as the G8, stands for the British of the past, and the eastern “alliance,” China and the Arab nations, stands for the Indians. The Chinese are not spoiled yet like the Westerns, asking for this and that insurance and retirement plan and high salaries. Therefore, the Chinese produce cheaply and as a result, win the markets all over the East. The Western white is in panic because he cannot compete for the simple reason that he is spoiled. He is asking too much in order to produce and so has lost the monopoly. What can he do now?

The ruling class of the US uses Chinese people to manufacture goods at an unprecedented rate because of higher profits. Who cares if there are millions of Americans who have to have three to four jobs in order to make ends meet and without any medical insurance or other benefits? The stores of America are full of products made in China. Thus the ruling class of the US is happy with this arrangement. But why then would it call China an enemy and demonize it and try to encircle it militarily, thus taking the risk of a global war in trying to do so? The answer is simple. If China produces cheaply and is affordable to the Americans, it is also affordable to anyone else on the planet. Thus China is displacing Western markets and taking new ones in Africa, Asia and even Europe. That is a great threat to the G8, with US as the leader. The ruling classes of the G8 are not just satisfied with inexpensive Chinese labor for products they consume themselves; they also want to control and maintain a monopoly around the world. The West, in its thirst for power, would even risk global chaos to accomplish it.

Within the USA, there is a system, which is called freedom. When you need to move to another place, you invite a few moving companies for a free estimate and you make your choice according to the price and quality of service. That sounds like democracy and freedom, and it is. The other moving companies do not drop bombs on the headquarters of the other companies they compete with; they simply try to improve their service and compete that way. If they cannot then they go out of business and find something else to do, but they will not bomb their competition.

Our problem today is that we preach freedom but we use double standards: freedom on our soil at home but extortion towards our neighbors. You take over our markets and we will bomb you so we can take them back. With such a foreign policy, will we be surprised to see a bloody world at any moment?

Who said that the cold war was over? If you believe that, then you need to go and read what the plans of the West by 2020 are. You need to know that which almost every Western citizen is incapable of understanding or believing, simply that the USA government with its allies plans to dominate the world by 2020 through space. It has plans to place weapons and high-energy lasers in space with the ability to pinpoint and even eliminate any undesirable individual or even country. I have found during my speaking engagements that people almost exclusively cannot grasp the fact that these documents are real, not fake as they try to argue. We see the execution of these plans developing before our eyes and we deny what we see.

See at:

Very interestingly people do not want to research the matter any further; they simply feel comfortable keeping their heads under the sand. But until when?

Let the so-called democratic governments drop food instead of war-rhetoric and bombs, and see how terrorism will stop.

Let the so-called free countries give to the starving millions, and see what the world will be like.

Let the so-called first and second-world countries find out why there are third-world countries.

Let the so-called developed countries develop their humanity rather their technology.

Let the blind nations of arrogance and riches be healed in their hearts so that they can see their error.

How can well-fed nations have peace when their brothers and sisters are dying without any food or water, while they aim to conquer the stars and the world? Forty billion dollars from the USA government was allocated just to increase military spending because of the recent attacks, money that could bring the whole unfortunate world out of hunger and disease and illiteracy for a whole year. These are crimes against humanity, and yet we dare to speak about retributions?

Civilized nations need to remember the suffering of the rest of the world always, not just when they create a crisis.

Will they wake up out of their lethargy and see that poverty is the cause of terrorism, poverty that they have created by accumulating power and riches

Will they have to reach a global war, in order to see and hear what they have done to the rest of the world?

Let them move fast towards world peace. Omnicide is becoming more and more a future possibility not by the terrorists, but by the death they have created and are ready to unleash on the face of the earth by their own hands.

The nations of hypocrisy know very well that the weapons of terrorists are no match for their own stored weapons of terror. They are ready to incinerate the earth many times over and thus themselves and their own children, and yet they dare to speak about terrorism?

Alas to them because they have lost their humanity. Will they find it again before the unthinkable? This is the time to decide.

Mr. Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. is a Former Research Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.