Iraq ready to pay Iran’s debts, minister says

Iraq ready to pay Iran’s debts, minister says

After the meeting, Hemmati told IRNA that Iraq has expressed readiness to pay back its debts to Iran and the previous agreements between Iran and Iraq and their implementations were discussed, adding that a big part of Iraq’s debts to Iran are due to gas and electricity sales.

The two senior officials stressed expansion of economic ties between Iran and Iraq in the meeting in which the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi participated.

Hemmati also invited Allawi to Iran and the Iraqi minister of finance promised to make a visit to Iran in the first chance.

They also discussed the reduction of oil prices and the revenues and a way for compensating for budget deficit of OPEC members.

Referring to reductions in oil incomes, Allawi asked Iran to share its experiences in resistance economy.

He expressed surprise that Iran has been able to pass through the oppressive sanctions of the US and solved its problems and crises.

The governor of Central Bank of Iran arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday.


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