Iran warns about Saudi covert nuclear program

Iran warns about Saudi covert nuclear program

He made the request following release of information about the country’s move to build yellow cake producing factory.

Noting that Saudi Arabia is implementing a very non-transparent nuclear program, he added that despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is a member of NPT and implementing the comprehensive bilateral safeguards agreement with the Agency, unfortunately, it still refuses to accept the Agency’s safeguards inspections, and despite repeated requests by the Agency for several years, it has not amended its obligations so as to allow the inspectors in.  

Gharibabadi further stated that Saudi Arabia has no research reactor to seek production of yellow cake, noting that the issue, along with the Saudis’ covert actions in the nuclear field and the denial of access to IAEA inspectors, as well as its destabilizing activities in the region, raises concerns about a covert nuclear weapons program in the country.

He reiterated that governments and the IAEA must make it clear to Saudi Arabia that the international community will not accept any deviation from a peaceful nuclear program and will counter it.

If Saudi Arabia seeks peaceful use of nuclear energy, it must accept relevant obligations under the IAEA and act in full transparency, Iran’s envoy said.


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