Iran to see through the mirror of Indo-Pak History


For about 800 years Muslims of Indo-Pak Sub-Continent sought to achieve equilibrium, between the people of two major communities. Eventually, however, they came to believe that the only way to live in lasting peace with India was to establish their own homeland, to establish a country smaller in area, but nevertheless capable of having a relationship, a modus vivendi, with a great and powerful neighbour. That was one of the prime factors responsible for the creation of Pakistan. In Europe, some countries have had to separate in order to get closer together. Sweden and Norway, for instance, had to separate in order to get closer to each other. Muslims believed that with the creation of Pakistan they would be able to establish a permanent peace, a permanent understanding, between the vast Hindu majority and the Muslims along with other minorities.

Pakistan being a smaller country has limited resources and is not interested in war. She does not want aggression or conflict. Peace for Pakistan is more essential for development. Pakistan should like to see all her energies and all her efforts directed towards economic well being. Pakistan wants to give her people a better life and her children to have a better future.

Jammu and Kashmir is not an integral part of India and has never been an integral part of India. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are part of the people of Pakistan, in blood, in flesh, in life-kith and kin, in culture, in geography, in history, in faith and in every form they are part of the people of Pakistan.

Could any commitment be clearer than the very first article of the UNSC’s resolution of January 5, 1949:

“The question of accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan or to India will be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite” Pakistan has said repeatedly that she is prepared to accept any impartial third party verdict on the issue. It is India that makes an allegation and then refuses to submit to impartial investigation. Now the world is being told that Pakistan is committing violation of Ceasefire Line or the Line of Control by sending freedom fighters across these lines.

As a matter of honest assessment, if Pakistan has committed a wrong against the people of Kashmir, let the people of Kashmir themselves decide whether it is Pakistan that has committed any wrong against them or it is the government of India with its Armed Forces, which has usurped the territory and continue to commit vandalistic plunder against the people, such as that even Genghis Khan, Attila, Zionists or Nazis had never dreamt of.

The barbarism of India’s Hindu fanaticism constitutes the composite whole of all the histories known tyrants. That is for the Kashmiris themselves to decide. It is not Pakistan or India to decide whether the Kashmiris want to accede to her or India or prefer to remain like an Independent State. The quarantine or isolation effected by  the powerful Indian government on the people of Kashmir cannot hide the realities, at all, in a highly shrunk world of today.

Pakistan held bilateral talks with India, on many occasions. Pakistan is ever ready to discuss with India the modalities by which the people of Jammu and Kashmir may exercise their right of self-determination. Pakistan is equally prepared to submit to the opinion of the international court of justice, or arbitration of any agency, by mutual agreement, to remove the differences that stand in the way of implementation of UNSC’s resolutions, on Kashmir. What Pakistan cannot and shall never accept is that the people of Kashmir should be deprived of their birth right and be held in bondage under alien rule. For this, why not Iran-the latest Muslim country having recently developed reportedly deep understandings with India, come forward to ascertain the wishes of the J&K in a sort of “Round Table Conference”, participated by all the three parties being at a commanding position of the OIC, has in fact a moral obligation towards that end.

The nuclear missiles and space satellites programme of India is Pakistan specific. All her army in the north is endangering the security of Pakistan with extremely hostile postures. Nothing is geared against China. US is welcomed to befool herself. US is helping India in fond hope that India would become an example of her (US) strength in the South and Far East is entitled to self-illusions. The reality behind the high sounding platitudes in which Indian policy is expounded, being just a verbal faéade is very different. Pakistan got the glimpse of it when after the fall of Mr. Khrushchev, there was alarm and despondency in India over the stoppage of military aid from the Soviets. The self-appointed torchbearer of non-alignment and apostles of peaceful co-existence now travel under the banner of double alignment. Jaswant Singh accordingly, came direct from the Sojourn of America to guide A B Vajpayee during his talks there, with Iranian leadership, recently. Double-alignment is always meant to pin hopes in the continuation of world tensions.

Every now and then, they raise the clamour of threat from China. Have the West and the US still not known that the reason for that in fact never existed even in October 1962? It was Nehru who at an opportune moment, to receive from them, an unfathomably huge Military Aid, ordered the 15 corps of Lt. Gen Kaul, to clear the Chinese from the disputed boundary line existing between both the countries. It may be mentioned here that in 1959, India had entered into a secret military pact with America and since then this hypocrite leader of non-aligned nations was in fact stabbing them in the back being not non-aligned but in fact being aligned herself. Thus, India received massive aid both in quantity and quality by deceiving the Non-Aligned Nations of the Third World.

It was this aid received by India in 1962 with which she picked the courage to attack Pakistan in September 1965 and later invaded and occupied East Pakistan in 1971, by also riding over the shoulders of the Soviet Union. According to “Untold Story” written by Lt. Gen. Kaul, the Indian Armed Forces very soon handed their arms to Chinese and became voluntarily their prisoners of war without sustaining the slightest ever damage before that. Briskly, the Chinese cleaned these handed over weapons and guns to them and sent them back with all their captured arms and ammunitions. After that the Chinese went back to occupy their original positions.

A noted spokesman of modern India Dr. Pannikkar, has described the outer limits of the Indian sphere of influence in the following words:  “Our vision has obscured by an Un-Indian wave of pacifism. Ahimsa (Non-Violence) is no doubt a great religious Creed, but this is a Creed, which India rejected when she refused to follow Buddha. The Hindu Theory, at all times, especially in the period of her historic greatness, was one of the active assertion of the right, if necessary through the force of arms. To the Indian Ocean, we shall have to turn, as our ancestors did who conquered Socotra long before the Christian era; and established an empire in Pacific”.

Not withstanding this open advocacy of a policy expression and domination, for a long time the posture of non-alignment served India’s purpose by enabling it play off the US against the Soviets. Today, the China-Bogey is being used to project the image of India as a bulwark of security and freedom for Asia and Africa and Middle East in close cooperation and coordination with Israeli Nazi Zionists, against the so-called Chinese threat to US interest in Asia, Africa and West Asia.  India enjoys considerable influence along the eastern coast of Africa through hegemony over Maldives and Mogadishu, and of course by claiming Socotora to be her rightful colony in the Pacific.

Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka even Nepal have been pressed and suppressed. Like J&K Muslim state these states at the periphery of India remain extremely threatened and are frequently dictated terms by her. Iran should study the history of India’s double alignment and non-alignment that has been going on unabated since her very inception. Nasser of Egypt and Saudi Arabia of 1956 were disillusioned by her, and received Nehru with the rousing slogans “prophet of peace” when he paid them official visit in those years. It was much later that they opened their eyes when they were thrashed by the Israelis. However, the people of J&K look forward towards Iran with fond hopes that this great  Islamic country will at last be able to rid them of the atrocities of the Indian Armed Forces and ultimately, sooner than later help them achieve their birth right of self-determination.