Iran says Sweden has turned into a base for hosting terrorist groups

Iran says Sweden has turned into a base for hosting terrorist groups

“How can Sweden claim to act within the framework of relations and mutual respect, while it has become a base for hosting, supporting and directing various terrorist and separatist groups against Iran?” Gharibabadi asked.

He criticized double standard policies of certain European countries, adding that “You cannot arrest and prosecute Iranian citizens innocently, be a safe haven for terrorist groups, and keep Iran’s money and make its transfer subject to the release of criminals and convicts in Iran, but accuse Iran of hostage-taking.”

The official said that Iran will not stand idle in the face of Sweden’s illegal trial of Hamid Nouri (an Iranian citizen) and sentencing him to life imprisonment and the country’s clear support for terrorist groups. He said that Iran has different options in its hands.    

Some European countries have also become a safe haven for fugitive criminals who have stolen the property of the Iranian people and the government, and refuse to return them to Iran, Gharibabadi said.

He added that these countries use their own nationals and a few people with dual citizenship to attack Iran’s national security, and after they are caught by justice, they accuse Iran of hostage taking.

“Are these European countries ready to publish the real statistics of the Iranians imprisoned in their countries and the statistics of their own citizens being held in Iranian prisons so that it can be truly determined by the statistics who is the real hostage taker?”


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