Iran says Persian Gulf militarization serves no one’s interest

Iran says Persian Gulf militarization serves no one

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Rabiei made the remarks when asked about the possibility of setting up a joint military base in the Persian Gulf or the Sea of Oman by Iran, Russia and China.

Iran has repeatedly said that security in the Persian Gulf region has to be provided by the neighboring states, the spokesman said, adding that this is the only way to ensure fair security and long-term peace and stability in the entire region.  

He, however, said that Iran has satisfactory relations with Russia and China and feels no limits for deepening such relations in all political and economic fieleds.

Rabiei expressed hope that the United States would finally abandon its cross-border adventurism by abandoning its policy of dividing the regional states and intervention in the region.

Referring to international justice Iran would seek against criminals involved in assassination of Iran’s Lieutenant-General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad a year ago, he said that the world would be a much safer place without the murderer Trump.

Rabiei said: “the murderers of Soleimani didn’t take away a national hero from us. They, rather, turned him into the eternal hero of Iran and all the peace-seeking nations of the world.”  


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