Iran Embassy in Stockholm blasts politicized verdict against Iran ex-official

Iran Embassy in Stockholm blasts politicized verdict against Iran ex-official

In a statement issued by the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm, a copy of which was delivered to IRNA, we read: 

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Stockholm while emphasizing its strong belief in the articles of the UN Charter of Human Rights, especially those related to judiciary justice, announces that the verdict issued against Mr. Hamid Nouri based on phony accusations at the Stockholm Court, is due to the following reasons against those articles and objectives, is politically motivated, and devoid of judiciary value:

– The legitimacy of an international court is proven when a crime is committed at the international scene, while in this file no crime is committed at the international scene, and therefore, the Swedish judiciary system’s entry into this issue equals breaching the governments’ equality rule, intervention in countries’ internal affairs, and breaching the peaceful coexistence in international relations.

–  Pursuing the matter, and the plots that led to setting trap, arresting and filing complaints against Mr. Hamid Nouri by a well-known terrorist group (MKO), whose name had for many years existed in the terrorist groups list of the EU and some other countries is obvious. Therefore, most of the complainers and witnesses are members of that internationally known terrorist group, which has itself committed many horrendous crimes. 

The basis of the prosecutor’s declaration, too, is based on the books, memories and novels produced by the members of that terrorist group, which proves the political nature of that court.

– In the process of surveying that file, due to various reasons, especially lack of inspections at the place of the claimed criminal acts, the basic fundamentals of international justice, such as fair trial, being acquitted, equality among the sides of the complaint, and… are all breached.

– The conducted inspections in this field have been all unilateral. Throughout the court hearings’ sessions none of the documents presented by Mr. Hamid Nouri to the court was accepted, and the introduced witnesses and experts by him, too, were not allowed to attend any of the hearings’ sessions. Also, quite contrary to the esteemed prosecutor’s claim, no official request for launching investigations in Iran was received at the Embassy.

Throughout 33 months of Mr. Nouri’s confinement at the solitary confinement, he was deprived of the most primitive rights of the prisoners based on the international standards, including the right for him to complain about physical and spiritual harsh acts and torture, his inability to refer to eye doctor, his not being permitted to contact and meet his family members throughout the first 25 months of being under arrest, strict restrictions for making phone and meeting family members during the past few months, and… which are all unheeded.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its legal actions in line with defending the rights of the Iranian citizens. It is expected that the Swedish judiciary system will pay closer attention to the intentions and enmity of the terrorist groups involved in this file against the Iranian nation, and refrain from spending its own credit in favor of that group, and pave the path towards implementing justice based on internationally recognized judiciary rules.


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