Intifada Intensifies as latest martyrdom operations strike Tel Aviv


The latest martyrdom operation in Tel Aviv, near a nightclub has killed 20 and injured more than 85.


This operation by Hamas in the heart of Occupied Palestine’s most secure city, has shocked the Zionist establishment.  Statements by Israel ‘s war-lords, who are paraded as ‘Cabinet Ministers’, are characterized by confusion and contradiction.


Some of Sharon’s henchmen have appeared on state TV and radio, appealing to the ‘free wor1d’ to pressure Yasser Arafat to yet again act as Israel ‘s watchman and jailer. They argue that everything will return to ‘normal’ if Arafat performs his duties faithfully. These duties require immediate mass detentions of all those that Mossad and the CIA have pronounced as ‘terrorists’.


In addition, they require of Arafat to impose a curfew in the West Bank and Gaza, which will outlaw all forms of protests and demonstrations. They expect that the watchman’s insubordination will be kept in check, and once he falls in line with the expectations of the Zionist dreamers, the Intifada can come to a screeching halt. After all. Sharon has repeatedly demonstrated his capacity to brutally maim, kill and annihilate Palestinians, which he hopes will be a useful state-of-the-art technique for Arafat to imbibe in dealing with ‘terrorists’.


This in effect is what the Mitchell report is about. It calls on the Palestinian Authority to “make a 100% effort to prevent terrorist operations and to punish perpetrators.  It is the Bush Administration’s latest act of manipulation aimed at assisting Zionist Israel to contain and ultimately defeat the Intifada.  Implicit in its report is the unwritten admission that the Intifada is the Zionist state’s most potent challenge.


The current mass based resistance has shaken Israel to it’s core.   Never before in the 54 years of occupation and with such an extreme military hawk in power, has Israel experienced such vulnerability. It is in a deep crisis. Tourism has hit rock bottom and Jewish unemployment is at an all time high. Immigration has slowed down to a trickle while emigration is on the increase. Not surprising then that Sharon has made a direct appeal to South Africa’s 80,000 Jews and has dispatched his close advisor to consult them.


Based on media reports and the absurd spin-doctoring by the Zionist regime’s ambassador to SA, it is highly unlikely that local Jewish supporters of Israel will be courageous enough to confront historical truths of the origin of the conflict. Though in Israel itself, there is increasing concern about teaching students the real history of events as they unfolded before and since 1948.


Hebrew University historian, Moshe Zimmerman states that the old Zionist history was written to address the needs of a particular group of ‘consumers’ that has largely ceased to exist and thus the premises underlying the old narrative have ‘expired’. For instance, the flight of Arab refugees is now described as resulting from expulsions by Israeli forces. One wonders whether, South African Jews will also see the need to put themselves in the Arab’s shoes and consider how they would have felt about Zionism.


At any rate, it remains clear that the resistance will continue until Palestine regains complete freedom and every inch of occupied land, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River is liberated. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah are committed to this task.

(Mr. Iqbal Jasarat is Chairman of the Media Review Network, which is an advocacy group based in Pretoria, South Africa.)