Independence Day will always be the greatest and dearest holiday for us and future generations

Independence Day will always be the greatest and dearest holiday for us and future generations

Tashkent (UNA-OIC) – A festive event on the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan took place in Yangi O’zbekiston (New Uzbekistan) Park.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev took part in the celebrations and congratulated Uzbekistan people on this great day.

“Thirty-one years ago, a new sovereign state appeared on the world map – the Republic of Uzbekistan. Under the leadership of the First President of Uzbekistan, respected Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov, we declared our national independence to the whole world. Years and centuries will pass, but Independence Day, which returned our national statehood and national pride, our rights and freedoms, which became a solid foundation for all our successes and achievements, will always be the greatest and dearest holiday for us and future generations”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Despite the negative consequences of the pandemic and the global crisis, Uzbekistan is boldly moving forward along the path of building a free and prosperous life. Industries and regions, the social sphere are developing.

The focus is on the preservation of the continuity of traditions and values ​​between generations, care for the elders. All conditions are being created so that young people and women could study, acquire a profession, and develop their abilities. All of us are overwhelmed with pride for our national team, which at the recent World Chess Olympiad in India was awarded the high title of champion for the first time in history.

The authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena is also growing. Huge economic and social projects are being implemented in cooperation with foreign countries and organizations.

The Head of the state also welcomed the ambassadors of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations who took part in the ceremony.

Today, Uzbekistan is moving from a period of national revival to a period of national prosperity. The Development Strategy until 2026 is being implemented.

In his congratulatory speech, the President outlined his vision of what the New Uzbekistan should be like:

“The New Uzbekistan is a state that opens up to every citizen, to further improve his life, wide access to public services, providing all the conditions for people to speak openly about their problems and solve them together, creating opportunities for ensuring justice, equality before the law of all citizens, regardless of their social status, which creates the necessary conditions for the development of entrepreneurship”.


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