In Brazil, 692 deaths from COVID-19 are reported in 24 hours

In Brazil, 692 deaths from COVID-19 are reported in 24 hours

The 692 new cases reported in 24 hours brings the total number of deaths stemming from the pandemic of the new coronavirus in Brazil to 58,314. The tally is part of the daily update released by the Health Ministry on Monday (Jun. 29). The figure is up 1.2 percent from the previous day (57,622).

Also according to official data, 24,052 cases were added to the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours. Brazil’s total case tally now stands at 1,368,195 cases.

The lethality rate (deaths divided by the total number of cases) was reported at 4.3 percent. The mortality rate (obits in every 100 thousand people) reached 27,7. The incidence of COVID-19 cases in every 100 thousand people is 651,1.

The document indicates 552,419 patients still under observation, whereas the total of recovered cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 757,462.


The region with the highest amount of deaths from COVID-19 is the Southeast, with 26,807. The two states with most victims, São Paulo (14,398) and Rio de Janeiro (9,848), are in this region. Next comes the Northeast, with 18,923. The northeastern states with the most victims are Ceará (6,076) and Pernambuco (4,782).

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