Imran Khan – A man of evolution

First time I met and interviewed Imran Khan in Sydney during the visit of Pakistani cricket team to Australia in 1989-91, second time I met him again in Sydney during Cricket World Cup of 1992 and the third time I met him in Chicago in the fund raising dinner for his cancer hospital in 1995. Since then I never got chance to meet him until I interviewed him in my weekly Radio Show (Voice of Tribune) from Sydney couple of month ago in relation to his fund raising campaign for flood victims in Sind Pakistan. For the last couple of years I have been watching Imran Khan in TV talk shows, media events and rallies on TV. I am closely observing his political moves, arguments and plans about Pakistan.

Last night I saw again a new Imran Khan – a man with passion, confidence and complete in command while speaking to the gathering of thousands at the Minar-e-Pakistan. I must say, I have hardly seen a person, in recent times in Pakistan, with so much dedication for his political mission.

Imran Khan had already proved many analyst and commentators wrong including me in the past when he successfully completed his Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. I remember during his fund raising campaign for the hospital many experts used to say that building a cancer hospital in that time was a huge project and Imran, seen as playboy style cricketer, could not deliver this project. Yet, Imran launched unstoppable campaign and eventually he built Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital which has been serving hundreds of cancer patients every year.

When he launched his Tahreek-e-Insaf party, many political experts said that Imran Khan was one-man show, forming and running a national party is not a joke and needed a team and a big framework. Imran continued building his party network. He lost his first election badly but he never gave up. It is not so long ago when political analysts and Imran’s political rivals were claiming that Imran could not attract the masses and he could not hold large & big rallies & demonstrations without getting support of other parties and groups. Imran Khan again proved them wrong.

At Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran Khan rejected all those expert opinions and analysis of commentators who were predicting for an ordinary public gathering. Imran Khan created a new record of the masses attended the demonstration (Jalsa).

Imran spoke in front of thousands and thousands people with full passion, confidence and control. He delivered his speech without any written script. He was looking tired but passionate; his tone was showing his confidence for his future political ambitions. He very assertively and boldly showed his party workers the new destiny of Pakistan.

Imran Khan who started his career as a cricketer and who had no knowledge about political battles is now winning all the matches, one by one, and now it is clearly showing that he will win the series of political games.

Imran Khan has risen politically in Pakistan when Pakistani nation and the country is looking for a national leader who can unite the nation and keep the four provinces together as one country. The major political parties in Pakistan failed to maintain their popularity in all the provinces of Pakistan. The so-called national political leaders become the regional leaders. Pakistani nation has been divided by the leaders as they politic on the basis of province, language or sect. Army has lost their popularity as the ruler of the country.

In this situation, Pakistan and the people of Pakistan need a leader who can be above of all these division. Pakistan is desperately, looking for a person who can also deal with the western powers and neighbour on Pakistan’s critical geopolitical issues successfully and at the same time provide the nation a confidence to survive.

At Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran announced his agenda for Pakistan’s internal and external matters, economic issues, poverty, education, jobs, electricity, power etc. I have particularly noticed that nowadays no leader in Pakistan talks about solutions of the problems Pakistan is facing rather than securing numbers on blaming, criticising and abusing other leaders and parties. Imran’s last night speech at Minar-e-Pakistan was very different and different than the traditional speeches of other political gurus of Pakistan.

I hope, Imran Khan will turn out to be a great leader of Pakistan who can bring primary change in Pakistan’s corrupt system and provide the people of the Pakistan a right path to the stability and solidarity of the country.