Imagine a Free and Democratic Iraq

There is no doubt that Iraqis would cherish freedom and democracy; particularly if they were free of foreign occupation, control and manipulation.

Iraqis are not free at present, because a huge (and growing) occupation army of American and British soldiers controls a puppet government set to ensure that U.S/British economic interests are the central focus of the Iraqi government.

Imagine a truly free Iraq. Imagine an Iraq with a government that not only was elected in free elections, but which actually served the needs and desires of the Iraqi people.

If such a government ever emerges in Iraq, it should not be a surprise if the Iraqi people treat the U.S. as an enemy, not as a friend. The Iraqi people could determine through democratic elections that the U.S. government

(a). installed and supported Saddam Hussein’s brutal rule as long as it suited American interests,

(b). punished the Iraqi people with a decade of brutal sanctions that hardly harmed Hussein but gravely harmed Iraq’s populace, and

(c). removed Saddam Hussein while unleashing a highly destructive civil war.

The Iraqi people may ultimately decide to withhold friendly dealings and to refuse to engage in commerce (including oil trading) with the U.S. and to instead, offer their oil for sale to the emerging new global superpower, the Chinese.

Or the Iraqis may take other steps to punish the U.S. for the grave harm caused to Iraq and its people by U.S. leadership.

Imagine an anti-U.S., but free and democratic Iraq! It could very well happen, and wouldn’t it be fascinating to see such a development as the final straw in the fracture and fall of the American Empire. America’s Empire is like Humpty Dumpty, sitting on a high wall – ready for a great fall.