I’m As Mad As Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

(It’s very important to be aware that although I use the word “Jew” in this article, I am only referring to the small minority of Jews in the U.S. who are aggressively active in support of Israel. The majority of American Jews although sympathetic supporters of Israel do want justice for the Palestinians and security for Israel. One cannot be a Zionist and a true Jewish follower of the Torah. The majority of Israel also wants peace with the Palestinians. It’s up to us and our government to work with this large number of American and Israeli Jews who seek a just and honorable peace for the conflict but who are intimidated into silence to work together for the benefit of Israel and Palestine.)

The title of this article comes from a movie called “NETWORK” dealing with a Television news show. It aptly expresses my outrage at our government’s pandering policies to Israel and to our media’s intense bias toward Israel–damn the truth. If there is ever any peace in the Middle East and historians look back at the last 52 years of Israel they will discover two parallel strategies that Israel employed to ensure its military success against the Arabs. One strategy was to enlist the economic, military, and diplomatic support of the United States after World War II.

The other was a massive, organized, well funded public relations campaign aimed primarily at America and Europe that “accentuates the positive of Israel and eliminates the negative”. The idea was to identify Israel as a western, civilized, democratic nation seeking only to survive against the bleak stereotype of an Arab and of Islam perpetuated by Hollywood and the media.

For Israel to bleed the American taxpayer the Arab must be made ugly, his faith violent, while denying Palestinian humanity, even their existence, and ensuring no words, pictures, or cries for help from a Palestinian mother or child ever crosses the Atlantic. Early on the Zionists sold themselves as allies for Europe against Arab barbarism, then after WW II they resold themselves to America as their bastion and ally against the terror of “Islamic Fundamentalism.”

Stupidly, both Europe and America fell for this lie that has resulted in the loss of American credibility and leadership worldwide and to the many deaths of the innocent victims of Zionism—the Palestinian.

For centuries Jews have been identified with wealth, money, and power that led to an envy and resentment by the “goyim” (Gentiles) who have often taken out their hate unfairly in pogroms and persecution culminating in Hitler’s Holocaust. Although much has been written about the history of Jewish persecution (mostly by Jews) there has been little scholarly work on Jewish culpability in any fashion that has led most of the world to be so unwelcoming to the original recipients of God’s holy words. That is not to say that Jews deserved any hateful acts against them, but many have pondered if it was their historical disobedience to God’s commands that dispersed them twice to face the Gentile’s wrath.

With the exception of Israel proper, Jews are a small minority in every nation on earth, after all there are only 15 millions Jews worldwide with only one third living in Israel and with the largest majority living in the United States (5 million). Zionism was the solution to bring all Jews together in one safe historical land, Palestine, but few accepted or followed Zionism. In fact, the majority of Jews, 2.5 million, who left Russia and Europe came to America. Yet, despite the founding of Israel through the same violence, persecution, lies, and massacres the European Jews experienced in Hitler’s Europe, Zionism’s call was unheeded, in fact it failed. After 1967’s military conquest of more Palestinian lands, the West Bank and Gaza forcing another exodus of Palestinians, the Jews finally conquered “Judea and Samaria”; yet once again only a few Jews left to settle this occupied land, mostly Jewish Americans from Brooklyn, some Russian Jews, and other Jews who took advantage of the generous government subsidies to settle in the occupied territories (courtesy of the American taxpayer).

Prior to Zionism many Jews in Europe and America had reached a status of wealth, political power, and importance. When the Zionist movement began most of the world Jewry opposed it on the grounds that it may increase anti-Semitism, threaten their livelihood, or on religious grounds by Orthodox Judaism who wanted to wait for the Messiah.

I, too, have failed my country in this regard. We as individuals and as a society have mentally and physically degenerated to a thoughtless superficial existence swimming aimlessly in an overwhelming sea of “NOISE”.

Then why did England and the U.S. support Zionism and the establishment of “A” Jewish state (not “THE” Jewish state—the British cabinet took one year to debate this simple A vs.THE article in the Balfour Declaration. When the cabinet finally voted to support the “A”, the only dissenting vote against the declaration was from the only Jew in the cabinet)?

Try to listen to the conversations of others or better yet listen to your own conversations with others. Do you tend to focus on “entertainment issues” (Survivor, Temptation Island, Madonna, Fashion: i.e.. what’s the latest “hottest” fad, movie, entertainer, gift, diet, drink etc.).

The answer: Both England and the United States supported Zionism for domestic political reasons and not out of any fondness for Jews. Till this day Jewish power, wealth, and influence are the ONLY reasons and explanations for both countries to support Israel despite their intimate knowledge of Israel’s atrocities and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians Yet these superpowers are paralyzed and helpless against their respective domestic Zionists and powerful pro-Israel forces.

Theodore Herzl, the author of DER JUDENSTADT, and the founder of Zionism, cleverly crafted his argument for “Israel” in the language a colonial power like England could understand. After WW I England was a major colonial power in the Middle East and held Palestine under its mandate. Only England out of all the European powers acquiesced to Herzl’s and Chaim Weisman’s arguments (first president of Israel). The premise of the Zionist argument was that Europe for centuries had tried to eliminate its “Jewish Problem” akin to its elimination of criminals and religious dissenters, i.e. to export its problems. Zionism solved this Anti-Semitic problem by offering England the following justifications:

a. Europe will get rid of the dirty “Jews” 

b. Israel can become a friendly colonial outpost for England against those “Barbaric Arabs.” . Notice the irony that persecuted hated Jews in Europe utilize the Anti-Semitic argument in their favor while simultaneously using Anti-Semitic, discriminatory, and prejudicial terms for another race–Arabs. Such racism and discrimination still emanates from Israel’s Leaders, Rabbis, Media, and people, Here we see the similarity and confluence of ideals and values between Zionism and Colonialism. Neither the Zionists nor the British Colonialists had any problem with displacing an entire race from their homeland. 

c. England’s support for Israel will allow it to exploit Jewish wealth and power for its benefit

England’s support for Zionism in 1917 mainly stemmed from its faltering stance against Germany in World War I. It was close to defeat. Thus it’s support for Zionism and world Jewry was a desperate act to enlist American Jews to pressure America to enter the war and save England. It worked and England was saved. As to why the U.S. supported Israel’s independence in 1948 one needs to recall that President Truman was facing certain defeat in his election campaign. He was trailing badly in the polls. Truman needed New York’s electoral votes and he knew the Jews could deliver the state (akin to Hilary Clinton or any other New York politician). Their price was Truman’s support and recognition of Israel. Thus despite the objections of all his national security advisers including the popular and powerful General George Marshall, the Secretary of State, who threatened to resign and thus ensure Truman’s defeat, Harry Truman recognized Israel within eleven minutes of its declaration of independence. He later justified Israel’s recognition by saying: “I am sorry gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents.” A lesson for Arab Americans, Muslims, and Americans of conscience.

Once again the selfish ambition of one man outweighed the humanity, rights, history, and land ownership of an entire race–the Palestinians. It’s not a mere coincidence that although European Jews have been subjected to persecution and hate for centuries that “A” Jewish homeland did not materialize until after the Holocaust.

The West cognizant of its Holocaust guilt bent over backwards to appease and reward the Jews with museums, memorials, positions of power and influence and ultimately with a homeland. This “civilized” West gave Arab Palestine to Europe’s Jews without a scintilla of thought, emotion, or guilt that Zionism meant the displacement and dispossession of a people from their land and homes.

This “civilized” West deludes itself into a sense of arrogance, superiority, and power while in the name of religion and colonial greed it has in fact been the most murderous civilization in history.

From Europe’s feudal wars, monarchies, colonialism and the decimation of land and peoples of Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia; to the Crusades and Inquisition ordered by a Pope (the Jews were saved and protected by Muslims–so much for gratitude), to the ethnic cleansing and genocide in America, to its enslavement of millions of Africans; to the wars of the twentieth century culminating in the Holocaust; to the conceit that they are actually civilizing the barbarians of the southern continents, drawing borders, shifting populations, and erecting corrupt dictators and regimes. This pathos of “civilizing” the colored “others” immersed much of the colonized world in civil and tribal conflicts that rage to this day.

While the West lives the mirage of a civilized world disconnected from its internal problems it views these third world conflicts as a direct result of an illiterate, uncivilized, un-Christian peoples. The Western denial of moral responsibility for these conflicts amounts to an ethnic cleansing of its mind and soul.

The western psyche is free of culpability as evidenced by their cleansed educational system devoid of historical accountability of genocides and conquest of nations. Only Zionism and European Jews succeeded in holding a mirror to Europe’s guilt cells that resulted in their reward of an inhabited nation for the simple reason that Jewish death occurred on sacred white Christian soil not in the deserts and jungles of the southern hemisphere.

Now that Israel was founded on the raped land of Palestinian ancestry, Zionists were faced with the long term task of keeping America’s naive population engaged with Jewish history, suffering, whining, and constant demands for money and weapons to survive in such a “violent, barbaric neighborhood.” The task was to bleed America’s heart, mind, and wallet.

The answer: Ensure that all words and images America sees is Pro-Israel and Anti-Arab and in the long term Anti-Islam. Thus the birth of the most comprehensive, unrelenting, indoctrinating public relations in support of Israel ensued. Utilizing the Jewish founded Hollywood studios they produced images honoring Zionist heroism and Arab/Islamic terrorism. Utilizing the media conglomerates, almost all of which are led or dominated by Jews, produce constant editorials, columns, and Jewish letters to the editor (simultaneously preventing the publishing of any anti-Israel columns or letters, with only an occasional toned down letter allowed as a sacrifice for freedom of speech).

Utilize Jewish money for political campaigns; in fact almost half of the money to the Democratic Party comes from American Jews. Lastly, form well funded organized Zionist organizations that will serve as the whip to any government official, media, university, publishing house, be they Jews or non-Jews to intimidate them into silence even if that means issuing death threats, keeping secret lists of individuals, even alleged murders.

Thus my America, look carefully at the names of almost all the “experts” on television on almost any topic, you will find them to be Jewish or Israel sympathizers; look into the names of the editors, columnists, chief executives in Hollywood or the media conglomerates you will usually find them to be Jewish. Although Jews make up less than two percent of the population, they are ten percent of the Senate with no African American, Hispanic, or Arab/Muslim Senators.

How can we in America even begin to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if we don’t hear from the Palestinian side at all? We must demand that our Congress hold hearings on our “special” relationship to Israel that has cost every American $22,000 since 1949.

Why is rich Israel getting one third of all our foreign aid when we’re giving literally a few cents to Africans and Latinos?

We must demand that our media serve our national interests not Israel’s interest. Let’s start by letting President Bush and Secretary Powell know that we want an even handed approach that will solve this conflict based on justice——–ASK THEM WHY NOT UN RESOLUTION 242????

We must take our American government and institutions back to serve our interests. I’m sick and tired of supporting a rogue state like Israel that murders and defies international law and thumbs its nose at our generosity. I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE. WHY NOT 242!!!!

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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