Idyllic Voyage


Germany has-eventually-lifted embargo on defense arms sales to Pakistan. Breaking this marvelous story to newsmen, President General Pervez Musharraf said that his visit to Germany had simultaneously-been very successful.

With the new settings, surfaced due to Musharraf’s vision of ‘optimal links with the globe’, Germany will be selling military equipment to Pakistan and Berlin would supply spare parts of the radar system to Pakistan Air Force.

Analyzing pragmatically, its’ indeed a matter of alluring delight that ban inserted by Germany on the sale of military spare parts years ago are essentially required-most explicitly due to India’s antagonistic mindset vis-a-vis Pakistan. Well the restrict now stands evaporated.

Not to talk of the latest outbursts of the top Indian headship-most specifically AB Vajpayee n’ his pal LK Advani, even the Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha-with their ‘spiteful style of hoodwinking the world’ said in Chennai the other day that ‘talks with Pakistan would be held at suitable time’.

Taking a swift cognizance of Sinha’s ‘supercilious posture’ even an Indian news agency added a comment with the words that ‘neither he [Sinha] specified the level of parleys between the two nuke neighbours nor did he even make a hint on a probable date for the initiation of parleys.

As a matter of fact Sinha’s ‘newest outlook, marked by icons of persistent loath with hypocrisy as its podium is an overt indicator of the the Indian hostile attitude, backed by ploys of putting in abeyance ‘every thing’ including the much-trumpeted by New Delhi ‘process of talks one way or the other’.

Its’ not astonishing, explicitly from the ruling extremist Hindu group–the BJP, an off-shoot of the fanatic Rashtria Sevak Sung [RSS]’. Well accepted by inmost feelings of the India Janta that such tricks shall ultimately prove futile and even very harmful for the Vajpayee-cum-Advani led set of rulers, side-by-side with intensification of clouds of perils to persist in South Asia, the antagonistic Indians are engaged in a full-blast propaganda crusade even at the cost of their striving millions, who are in search of a loaf of bread in place of fanatic n’ lavish spending of the weapons of mass destruction from left n’ right.

With such a scenario, the reality that manifests is that Vajpayee’s message of talks, beamed to the world during his visit to forcibly held part of the fascinating n’ charismatic Himalayan State of Jammu n’ Kashmir–a few months ago–was nothing except a multi-purpose deceitful act. Every peace- adoring nation acknowledges with zest that despite well-versed with the Indian mentality, Pakistan responded to the ‘Vajpayee-plan’ with utmost sincerity to translate the vision into a reality.

As a result, Pakistan’s new envoy has taken his assignment in New Delhi. Yet no exact date of the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan is perceptible to- ate, though relieved from Beijing. All requisites–for Pakistan–to resume bus service are fulfilled. Visits by Pakistani delegations has also been set in motion. Pakistan’s lawmakers were the first to have a voyage to India whereas a contingent of almost 150-traders is equally all set for new commerce-links.

Likewise many more steps are being envisioned with a singular approach to ease tension in the ill-fated South Asia region which is facing a perilous course only due to Indian arrogance on ground realities for the last over five-decades.

What is–in return–has been done by India is just an awful question mark. The stepping up of a reign of terror in India held-Kashmir! Isn’t it an eye-opener for the advocates of human rights, more exclusively for the masters of the globe with the United States atop?

While in UK, the USA, Germany n’ now in France, a gallant Musharraf spoke about Kashmir everywhere in words clear as crystal. The world accepted his striking standpoint that the comity of nations must take cognizance of the magnitude of Indian brutalities n’ atrocities in Occupied Kashmir to bring the era of barbaric tyranny, unleashed by over a million armed Indian troops in IHK to an instant end.

Certainly New Delhi got up-set, as it seems in no mood to remove the root cause of the irritants–the Kashmir Issue. Going by the index of the history if a moderate Hindu like Pundit Nehru could back-out of Indian commitments of Kashmir, it is just an illusion to expect a ‘positive response’ from an extremist fold–named BJP. The reality is evident from the illogical reacts by Vajpayee & Co on the realistic n’ magnificent vision of President Musharraf who unveiled the actual Indian mind at every forum–with a spontaneous feedback, blessed with fragrance of adore from every-one, irrespective of leaning or a specific emblem.

Fielding another question on Pak-Indian thaw, Musharraf said even in Berlin that Germany looked to it with a “positive eye” and he told German Chancellor Schoreder that Pakistan had done maximum and now the “ball is in India’s court”.

Like Bush n’ Blair, Schroeder also evinced keen interest when briefed by about human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. He also brought home the fact to German Chancellor that there was a lot of hue n’ cry of “cross- border terrorism” but the Indians didn’t refer to human rights abuses in the held Kashmir, a paradise in horror.

Wherever he went, Musharraf briefed the leaders of significance about situation in the South Asia, Kashmir issue and Pakistan’s steps for normalization of relations with India. Even while in Paris, the President met his counterpart Jacques Chirac and other leaders and held a host of issues including bilateral relations, international problems, strengthening of economic ties between the two countries, the option of purchasing Mirage-2005 fighter planes from France plus the Kashmir Issue.

Pakistan had officially conveyed to Paris via diplomatic channels that Islamabad’s decision to explore the possibility of buying Mirage 2005 aircrafts from France. An overview of Musharraf’s four-nations visit reveals the factuality that aside the US $ 3 billion assist, aired by President Bush at the historic Camp David, the signing of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) and the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement are tangible results of the strengthened US-Pakistan relationship.

This agreement was signed during President Musharraf’s second visit to Washington during the Bush Administration since both presidents agreed to increase cooperation in science, technology and education during their first meeting in February 2002.

As a result, the agreement will facilitate US and Pakistani partnerships among government agencies, universities, public and private research centres, and members of the private sector. USAID has provided two million dollars to initiate support for activities undertaken through this agreement. US and Pakistani agencies have already begun to explore possible cooperative activities under this Agreement.

The Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement establishes a legal framework to facilitate broad, bilateral cooperation in science, technology, engineering and education for peaceful purposes between public and private entities from the U.S. and Pakistani scientific communities.

The signing of this agreement and the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), which was also signed at the Embassy inauguration, are tangible results of the strengthened US-Pakistan relationship. The meaningful accomplishments–an upshot of Musharraf’s visit–have literally put the Indian warlords to a state of psyche. Yet it would serve no purpose at all as India can now no more deceive the world in any fashion.

The only best course now left for New Delhi is to bend before realism by eschewing the atypical style of ‘wait n’ see’. As far Kashmir, New Delhi has ‘waited’ in the 55-year epoch and ‘seen’ that every dawn which rises on the dazzling soil brings for India nothing except amplified hatred for it with a frequent n’ fresh resolve by the sparkling sons n’ daughters of the sanctified soil that the fetters of the tyrannical Indian rule are close to smash n’ shatter.

Hence, the only apposite way left for India is to either quit the invaded land of Jammu n’ Kashmir, accept Pakistan’s plea for a dialogue with Kashmir issue atop or bend before the globally-accepted UN resolutions, which provide for a free, fair and impartial plebiscite under the aegis of the world-body in the State. Let Kashmiris determine their destiny themselves, a birth right to every-one, which can in no way be denied by any power on Earth.

Any back-out by India on its own pledges, made at the United Nations which okayed the Kashmir resolutions for more than a dozen times [1948-1957] shall not only expose India to the extent of ‘natural dress–nudity’ but at the same time place it in a state of still more humiliation all-over. If the New Delhi Janta can’t do it for the Brava Kashmiris, they shall have to do it–one day–for their starving populous.

On the President’s overseas visit, one shall have to accept the reality that its’ impact has a lofty magnitude. In the 21st century era, no nation can afford to live in a state of isolation. To abridge Pakistan with the rest of the world–of-course–with a fabulous place in the comity of nations, an approach like the one Musharraf follows is the call of the time n’ paramount need of the hour. Such a zestful effort to clutch an adorable place on the atlas needs to be measured by all sets of politicians as patriotic Pakistanis, setting aside elfin issues such as the the oppositions’ egoistic n’ lovely topic- the LFO.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).