ICESCO Director-General meets Turkish Ambassador to Morocco

ICESCO Director-General meets Turkish Ambassador to Morocco

Rabat (UNA-OIC) – Director-General the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) Dr. Salim Mohammed AlMalik met here on Monday with Turkey’s Ambassador to Morocco Ahmet Aydın Doğan.

During the meeting, the two sides explored cooperation between ICESCO and Turkey in education, science, and culture. They also discussed the latest developments pertaining to the ratification by the Turkish parliament of the country’s membership to ICESCO.

AlMalik reviewed ICESCO’s recent milestones following enhanced communication with member states to identify their priorities in education, science and culture. He explained that the goal is to implement programs in cooperation with local parties.

The vision is also inclusive of non-member states and international donors and benefits of member states and Muslim communities worldwide, ICESCO chief added.

He also stated that ICESCO established many specialized centers for strategic foresight, artificial intelligence, Arabic courses for non-native speakers, heritage and cultural diversity. The Organization also held ministerial conferences and international forums during the pandemic with participation from heads of states and internationally renowned figures.

The director-general shed light on ICESCO’s initiatives and programs to help countries counter the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple member states, in cooperation with donors, joined ICESCO’s efforts to ensure the continuity of distance learning, provide prevention tools, establish best-cost sanitizer production units, and train the local community.

For his part, Ambassador Doğan commended ICESCO’s updated strategy and assistance to its member states during the coronavirus pandemic.

He highlighted that the accession procedures of Turkey to ICESCO were in the final stage, which is the ratification by the Turkish Parliament, spelling out that the delay was due to work suspension in many institutions as a result of the virus outbreak.

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