ICESCO center in Chad to hold virtual training on authoring Arabic textbooks

ICESCO center in Chad to hold virtual training on authoring Arabic textbooks

N’djamena, (UNA-OIC) – The Regional Educational Center in Chad is organizing the “Virtual Training Session on the Authoring of Arabic Language Textbooks,” which started on November 25 and continues through December 3, 2020, at its headquarters in N’djamena. The training will benefit the staff working in the field of the Arabic language.

Chad, Tunisia, and the Islamic Development Group (IsDB) co-implemented the “Expertise Sharing” part of the training. The session is one of a series of training programs and educational services that ICESCO offers through its regional center in N’djamena. The goal is to assist Chad in building and promoting the country’s capacities in the preparation of Arabic language curricula and textbooks.

The session aims to introduce participants to the scientific, methodological, educational, cultural, and psychological principles of developing the curricula of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. The training also covers the specifications of textbooks intended for non-Arabic speakers and the attributes of educational texts and their selection criteria.

The participants will also learn the methods of designing teaching materials, developing and scheduling training programs, typesetting and composing textbooks, and acquainting trainees, through hands-on activities, with the procedures and methodologies of textbook authoring.

The session will benefit 20 educational staff of the Arabic language from universities, higher educational institutes or secondary education institutions, and several teachers and national experts working at ICESCO Regional Educational Center in Chad.

Dr. Ali Mohammad Qamar, Director of ICESCO Regional Educational Center in Chad, will ensure the effective organization of the session while Dr. Noura Yousfi, a Tunisian educational expert, will supervise the training of the participants. 

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