Human Rights Violation in South Asia

The nuclear capability in South Asia presumably for peaceful purposes has led to Indian chauvinism and consequently violation of Human Rights.

According to their constitution India is a secular country where all men have equal rights, but some men are more equal than the others are. Hindus being preponderant in number, man the streets of power from top to bottom and are active participants in the violation of Human Rights in a country claiming to be one of the largest democracy of the world.

India is inhabited not only by their original inhabitants hailing their descent from dravidians and aryans but also hordes of invaders and immigrants. India’s vast expanse of land and wealth attracted the Muslim invaders and the Christian traders who have ruled this country for thousands of years. Thus a homogenous population, culture and religion has developed. There have been Buddhists who have been driven out to the Far East, Muslims ruled for 800 years and Christians came into rule for 200 years.

It is after the advent of the British rule and the British policies of dived and rule in India that the violations of Human Rights have began. Hindus felt a sense of separation from the rest of the populace inhabiting this country. Musalmans have been the main target and are the main target even today. While doing this the political parties fanning this hatred forget that the Muslim Emperor of India, Jahangir was born of a Hindu mother, Jodha Bai, sister of Man Singh the celebrated Revenue Minister of Shahenshah Akbar. Communal rights between Hindus and Musalmans have the order of the day since the downfall of the Mughal Empire and the advent of the British rule.

Things do not stop here, the narrow minded policies of the communal organizations like Rashtriya Soyem Sevak Sangh (RSSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad and many others have adopted this slogan, India for Hindus only, this slogan has even effected the so-called secular political parties. Their sole aim is to capture power, irrespective of India’s constitution and image in the comity of nations of the world.

Things do not end here, in their bid for India for Hindus, the communal organisations on whose crest the present Indian government rides have now entered into a policy of extermination of Christians also. Burning of Churches and massacre of Christians in Orrisa and Jaipur and many other places should serve as an eye opener for the world.

Violation of Human Right is a matter of daily routine in Kashmir. In this unfortunate land of disputed sovereignty, violation of Human Right is a small word, it is genocide. How long the world conscience is going to dance attendance to the vested interest of the super power; they have to stand at the bar of history not today, surely tomorrow and thereafter. Kashmir is bound to be Independent, some time some day.

The electronic media should also bring to light the violation of Human Rights being committed by India in the small yet peaceful Kingdom of Nepal, whose only fault is that its border touches the borders of India, this state although is a Hindu state but still is suffering from Indian Chauvinism.

Rights and duties are mingled with each other, and one’s right is a duty for the other. So an act bereft of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity will always lead to the infringement of violation of right of the other.

The news is that Mr. Hashim Qureshi, the celebrated stooge of India in Ganga Hijacking drama is coming back to India to more acts of violations of Human Right because he has been the hero of events which led to the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971 and consequently dismemberment of Pakistan. War itself is a violation of Human Right. If every nation and every state have regard of the Human Right, there would never be a war and world would be a peaceful place to live in. Let the civilized nations realize this fact and the thinking intelligentsia to ponder on it boldly bereft of any political, regional or religious expediency.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.