How Will History View Bush / Blair Machinations and Deceit?

How will history view the pre-emptive war on Iraq?

Especially when

the agendas of the Pax Americana,

the “oil for blood” realities,

the Neo-conservation agenda,

the Israeli Zionist agenda,

the Hubbert Oil Peak effect,

the forced discontinuance of an effective United Nations weapons inspection program,

the testimony of expert weapons investigator Scott Ritter,

the technical abilities of the U.S. to observe Iraq and record chemical traces from satellite range,

the history of the U.S. own complicity in the previous weapons of mass destruction possession,

the complicity of the U.S. in putting Saddam Hussein in power and keeping him there,

the non-concern of Donald Rumsfeld over Iraqi atrocities when Rumsfeld represented the Reagan administration in Iraq at the very time that atrocities were occurring,

the lack of U.S. citizens or global support for the war,

the protests of allies around the world,

the contravention of international laws,

the resort to terroristic “shock and awe” campaigns in warfare,

the use of depleted uranium munitions in habitable areas,

the brutal imposition of long-term economic sanctions against the Iraqi populace and not the leaders,

the unconscionable divvying up of Iraqi resources by U.S. corporations,

the brutal occupation after the war,

the setting up of a Vichy-style puppet government,

the failure to restore basic human services to the population,

the failure to provide security for the Iraqi people,

the failure to protect Iraqis antiquities and archives as required by law,

the holding of captives in brutal conditions,

the lack of restoration of medical care facilities for the Iraqi people months after the war ended,

the lies and forgeries explaining the war,

the failure to improve the living conditions for the Iraqi people,

the failure to provide freedom and democracy for the Kurds,

the failure to provide majority rule for the Shiites,

the failure to provide promised relief for American troops,

the failure to tell the US congress the truth on the costs of the war

and occupation,


so many other failures are not only intolerable, but criminal in many cases

Do Bush and Blair actually believe that history will view them favorably?

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.