How unfortunate era, we are witnessing

The well-known American writer John Pilger in his latest book ‘The New Rulers of the World‘ writes, “war on terrorism is a charade, masking an all-powerful oppressor that dares not speak its name“.

Event by event, one after the other, since the 9/11 attacks in US, labeling reasons to  eliminate terrorism, despotism, dictators and bringing peace and democracy, the world has been, helplessly and ludicrously, watching the extreme display of unilateralism, humiliation of international forums and the policy of might is right. The technological advancements transformed this world into a global-village, the facilitating inventors became invaders to use their high-tech weapons, mass communication, satellites etc to dominate this global-village according to their rule of the day. Consecutively, dam reasons are furnished by US to accomplish the untold plans by using the military might.

United Nation whose main charter was to maintain peace and provide international security failed to save weaker nations from world’s bullies. UN authority is accepted as long as it serves the purpose of the bullies. The UN Security Council resolution was used as sanctions to launch the gulf-war and the attack on Afghanistan when the majority in UN opposed the war on Iraq; the same authority was brusquely ignored.

Afghanistan was attacked by US with it’s willingly or unwillingly allies, on the assertions to capture Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive. According to an American study, 5000 civilians were bombed to death in stricken, impoverished Afghanistan, where the prime target Osama bin Laden got away clean, as did the Taliban ruler Mullah Omar and then US forces stationed permanently with keeping a CIA-backed dummy head Karzai on the fore front.

At the end of operation in Afghanistan with the grudgingly support from Pakistan, hundreds of prisoners were shipped to an American concentration camp in Cuba, where they have been held against all conventions of war and international law. No evidence of their alleged crimes has been produced. In the United States, many thousand people of Muslim background have disappeared, none of the been charged and as per new US law now FBI even has the power to go into libraries and find out who is reading what.

North Korea expelled UN nuclear inspectors, reopened plutonium processing laboratory, which was a direct and deadly serious threat not only for the Korean peninsula but the entire region. No practical action was taken against North Korea by US on the other hand overruling the voice of the majority in the world and in United Nation; Iraq has been invaded declaring reasons to disarm Iraq from WMD and Saddam’s regime. After the killing thousands of innocent people, demolishing entire infrastructure including museum, libraries, hospitals and banks; US leadership is now no more interested in Saddam Hussain and less worried about WMD. US Secretary of Defence and the architecture of the war on Iraq, Mr. Rumsfield said, in a recent statement that Saddam is not a priority now and it is not easy to find WMD without the help of Iraqis to point-out where these weapons could be hidden. The US-coalition failed with absurd reasons to maintain law & order and provide safety to archaeological treasures, hospitals, water storage, food depots and other important sites but showed great efficiency and remarkable speed in securing oil ministry, planning to replace Iraqi dinar with US dollar, allocating reconstruction contracts to US companies, appointing CIA-preferred Iraqis in setting-up Iraqi establishment under the head of retired US major general and a big arms dealer Jay M. Garner who has close ties with Israel. In 1997, Garner accepted an invitation from the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs to visit Israel, later signed a statement drafted by the institute praising the Israeli security forces for exercising ‘remarkable restrain’ in dealing with the Palestinian uprising. All actions and castigations by the US are on Arab States on the name of war against terrorism yet total ignorance on Israel’s brutal aggression against the innocent depressed people of Palestine.

Now Syria is on the mercy of US actions; threats are being made against Syria to co-operate with US on its demands. The resistless win in Iraq has refueled the intentions of the hawks in Washington to speed-up the targets. US new imperialism demands not only quiet submissiveness from its victims but vocal loyal support from the sufferers. Any state can be on the clemency of US. The right or wrong for US depends on the situation. Who is friend and who is enemy also depends on the situation. Friend means the one who as long as heeds the US interest, Enemy means the one who may be good for the rest but doesn’t care about US. Are we back in the Mongolian age? What a bizarre period we are going through.

The writer is a Sydney-based freelance journalist and a political analyst.