How to get HIGH without drinking Alcohol or taking Drugs?


All over the world people want to get satisfaction of HEART. The legislative authorities make laws for the people in order to manage the affairs of the society within certain guiding principles. Other authorities develop their guidelines in order to achieve certain objectives or satisfy certain demand and needs. These rules and regulations are very diverse and cover many aspects of human interactions and behavior. Most of the time the legislation is reactionary in nature. For example, if a bad incident have occurred in a society, which has caused some damage or had the potential to cause some damage to the society, the legislative bodies make new laws in order to prevent similar incident from happening again. These types of legislation, guidelines and regulations are always a reaction to a certain situation. A crime, accident or incident occurs first and then people react to that incident after wards. Moreover, in most case, depending upon the nature of the incident, victims can not be truly compensated for their loss.

These laws, rules and regulations are made based upon the norms of the society, human experience and observations. In this article we will be discussing some very specific legislation, methods, rules and regulations developed by humans to prevent some very specific diseases which are related to human attitude, behavior and life style. We will be discussing the cause and effects of the following diseases, and we will also explore their remedies.

Some people may not consider women abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse, lasciviousness, drugs abuse, gambling addiction as diseases but in my opinion they are health hazard and billions of dollars are spent worldwide to control them.

Human Nature

We all know that each human being is different from others and all human beings have many commonalties as well. Although, the weaknesses and strengths of each human being are different but there are several common weaknesses and strengths among human beings. It is also possible that a certain weakness may be considered as positive thing in a certain situation while strength may be considered as negative thing in another situation. But in all situations temptation to fulfill certain desires at any cost is a weakness, which is very common among humans while satisfying the same desires through some legitimate ways is a strength which is also very common among humans. Human beings have many desires but the desires discussed in this article are very specific and these are desires are related to attitude, behaviour and life style.

There is a significant difference between a desire and a need. When a person tries to fulfill his/her desires at any cost, at that stage his/her desires become his/her needs. This is the weak state of human character. At this stage a person tries to use all means to satisfy his/her need and hence gets into trouble. Some time we intentionally deceive ourselves and think we can control ourselves in certain situations but we fail and can not control. Hence, a regrettable situation arises but it’s too late. How come a very smart, intelligent and President of world’s superpower can become so weak to indulge himself with an intern? Off course, President Clinton was not the first to fall. The history is full of such incidents and these kinds of incidents may happen in the future as well. When a person starts on a slippery path and deceives himself / herself that he / she will not fall, and when he / she falls, some time its too late to recover from the wounds of the fall. Similar situations have been developing in the area disease prevention. As mentioned earlier that in this article we are discussing some specific diseases such as AIDS, Women Abuse, Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Lasciviousness, Drugs Abuse, Gambling Addiction and Depression.

So far, the world has failed to minimize or control the losses caused by the above diseases. The United Nations, the developed countries and the under developed countries all of them have failed to prevent the miseries and sufferings caused by these diseases. It is very deceiving to say that AIDS, family violence, alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction are on the decline in the North America. These kinds of misleading statements give false hope to the people. These diseases may have less victims in 2001 compare to mid 90s but why don’t we compare these statistics from the time when these did not even exist or the number of victims were so low that we could count them on the fingers. Moreover, we must think on worldwide basis. If we throw out the garbage from our backyard to our neighbor’s backyard it does not mean that we have cleaned up the environment and it will not effect us.

Why the world has failed in preventing loss of lives and damages caused by these diseases? The reason is obvious the methodologies/approach used to curb these diseases are not working.

Methodologies To Prevent These Diseases

There are two types of methodologies used by the people to prevent such diseases.

The manmade methodologies for disease prevention are used by the United Nations, most of the NGOs, governments of developed and under developed countries. These methodologies are developed to control AIDS epidemic, illegal drug usage, family violence, alcohol abuse, etc. But these methodologies have a basic design and implementation flaw. These methodologies are not designed to prevent these diseases. These methodologies provide workarounds the causes of these diseases. These manmade methodologies provide a temporary solution of the problem and create a false sense of security in people’s heart. In fact, these manmade methodologies encourage people to develop and spread these diseases first and then try to control it. These methodologies are strongly influenced by their developers’ biasing, beliefs, temptations and human weaknesses. The scholars and scientists who helped in developing these methodologies rely upon the information, knowledge and the experience they have acquired during their lifetime. They are dependent upon the statistical data available to them. These scholars and scientists claim that they understand the situation and the causes of these diseases but their approach to prevent and control these diseases relies upon the limited knowledge which is further “controlled” by the society and environment they live in. That is why we have so many methodologies and we are not sure which one is better.

On the other side, we have one methodology to prevent these diseases and it is God given methodology. God’s methodology is not based upon human’s limited knowledge and experience. It is based upon God’s own knowledge as a Creator of human. God has absolute knowledge of human behaviour, environment, society and human needs. Let’s compare the manmade methodologies vs. God’s given methodology.

Why Manmade Methodologies Failed in Preventing AIDS and Other Diseases?


During early 80’s when people heard first time about AIDS majority of the doctors and researchers said that this disease is mostly spreads through sexual relationships. They still agree that the sexual relationship is one of the major causes of spreading this disease. There are other causes as well such as shared inter venous needles usage, blood transfusion, poverty, etc.. There is no need to argue whether AIDS started from North America or Sub-Sahara Africa, whether it started from monkeys or humans. The important thing is that in early 1980s we had few thousands cases of AIDS and now we have millions of people infected with this HIV virus. The number of newly infected people with AIDS in 1999 was 5.6 million, of which 570,000 were children. The results this year bring the total number of people living with HIV/AIDS to 33.6 million, of which 1.2 million are children. In 1999 alone, 2.6 million people died from the deadly virus, which translates into one death caused by AIDS every 12 seconds. The number of deaths this year was higher than any other year since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. This statistic occurred despite the applications of antiretroviral therapy in the richer countries. About half of all HIV infections occur before the victim turns 25 and these victims typically die of AIDS before 35. As a result, AIDS becomes a unique threat to children. At the end of 1999, AIDS had caused 11.2 million children to be orphaned, as a result of losing their mothers before turning 15. HIV is most prevalent in areas where poverty and suffering already reign. According to estimates, about 95 percent of the people living with HIV live in the developing world. Poor health systems and limited resources add fuel to the burning epidemic.

Whatever causes we have found for AIDS epidemic, there is no reason to undermine one of the most important cause of AIDS epidemic, which is sexual relationship. Although, western society claims that it is a monogamous society and we all know that it’s not true. It is becoming a normal practice in the west to have multiple partners at a time but people hide it. The sex shows in the name of education on the network television encourage people to have multiple partners. It is difficult to believe that it is legal in Canada for an adult man of any age to have sex with 14 years child as long as it is done through consent? When people are allowed and encouraged having sex with whomever they like then how could someone would ask people to stop having sex in order to prevent at least one cause of getting AIDS. The intellectuals and scientists are part of the same society, how could they say to stop having sexual relationships with multiple partners? The people including the scientists and the intellectuals did not want to loose the pleasure of sexual freedom and at the same time they wanted to prevent spread of AIDS. Therefore, they developed a new method called “safe sex”. This means that do not stop having sex with as many partners as one likes but use some preventive measures such as condemns. This way people could satisfy their desires and at the same time they can feel that they will stay safe from AIDS. This approach might have worked for some people but for majority it was nothing more than a deceiving and misleading sense of protection. These expert who are the advocates of “safe sex” did not realize that first of all condemns are available to only those people who can afford it. In Africa, Asia and Latin America majority of the people can not even afford to have their basic needs of food fulfilled with the money they’ve got. Purchase condemn is a luxury for them. Similarly, there are millions of people living in North America below the poverty line. It is extremely difficult for them to survive with the money they receive. How could these experts expect from them to buy condemns. Therefore, it is not the poverty that is causing AIDS but it is the expensive methods of AIDS prevention recommended by rich scientists which poor can not afford.

Secondly, these experts themselves know that there is no guarantee of safe sex even when condemn is used. It is obvious that the methods and approaches developed and used by the western scientist and scholars to prevent AIDS are very incorrect and misleading. In my opinion, they have committed a crime by not telling the truth. What is the truth? The truth is God’s given method of satisfying the sexual desires. This method is 100% safe and provides safe sex and healthy lifestyle. When God created human with all the desires and needs he knew the best ways for humans to fulfill those desires and needs. Therefore, he ordered men and women to fulfill these desires through marriage. It is God who made sexual desires very tempting and powerful in order to encourage men and women to be married. Through the process of marriage God wants to develop the critical unit of any society called family. In Islam, family is considered as an institution. If this institution is healthy the entire society remains healthy. If this institution fails the entire society fails. The importance of marriage vs. common law relationship is not a topic for this paper. This topic will be discussed in another paper.

If people would have followed the method prescribed by God that no sex without marriage then we could have saved millions of lives if not all of them. Messenger of God (in Arabic Allah), Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us almost 15 centuries ago, ” Marry your children when they reach the age of marriage. If parents do not marry them and they commit adultery (sex without marriage) then parents will also be responsible for their sins”. (Baihaqi)

Women, Child, Alcohol and Drug Abuses

Denver-based National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) estimates that: “Over 50% of all women will experience physical violence in an intimate relationship, and for 24-30% of those women the battering will be regular and on-going.”

In countries with reliable mortality reporting, WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that as many as one in 5,000 to one in 10,000 children under the age of five dies each year from physical violence. In the same countries, from one in 1,000 to one in 180 children are either brought to a health care facility or are reported to child welfare services as a consequence of abuse every year. In another Survey WHO found that from 5 to 10 percent of all children experience physical violence during childhood.

A number of different international studies conducted in 19 countries (i.e. South Africa, Sweden, Dominican Republic) have reported prevalence rates for sexual abuse ranging from 7% to 34% among girls and from 3% to 29% among boys. The burden of ill health caused by injury is staggering in terms of cost and socio-economic development. One study from the United States, for example, shows that the costs for 2 million child abuse victims is US$12.4 billion for one year.


What these above statistics show to us? Socially and morally human is on the decline. This is alarming for all of us. This also proves that the methodologies developed by the scientists and scholars of UN, NGOs, and governments in the developed and under developed countries are not working. We are wasting our resources and expecting some improvements. Why is this? The reason is clear. These manmade methodologies have failed to stop the problem at its source. We need to see why and when a person commits a crime of women or child abuse or self-abuse (suicide)? Most of the time, these crimes are committed when a person or persons are;

Family abuse is very strongly linked with the alcohol and drug abuse. Drinking alcohol is a norm in the developed world and it is a sign of prestige in the under developed world. Drinking alcohol is a part of business and personal lifestyle in the developed world and drinking alcohol in the under developed world shows that one is a true follower of the developed world. Just like tobacco addiction alcohol addiction is very difficult to quit. Most of those who drink alcohol do not think that alcohol is dangerous. The advocates of drinking alcohol say, ” as long as you do not get drunk its O.K. OR as long as you are drinking moderately you are O.K”. This is absolutely deplorable. Any addiction always starts from a small quantity, then it increases to moderation and ultimately it becomes addiction. Every human reacts to his / her own desires differently. Alcohol is an addiction just like smoking. Today, western world has realized the dangers of smoking but the dangers of alcohol are still far away from being recognized. There is some scientific evidence that moderate drinking of alcohol helps in preventing heart diseases. Are there any guarantees from these scientists that tomorrow if new research finds some thing else, will they accept the responsibility for today’s recommendations? Manmade methodology permits you to drink alcohol but do not take the responsibility for the damages caused by the alcohol. God’s given methodology says, do not drink alcohol either in small or big quantity. The effects of alcohol on human are bad whether people drink it in moderation or in large quantity. Alcohol is only allowed for medicinal purposes when there is no other alternative.

More than 50% deaths caused by the road accidents are because of alcohol. When the lawmakers realized that thousands of lives are being lost because of drunk driving they came-up with a temporary and very ineffective solution. ” Do not drive when you are drunk”. Again, this is another attempt by the developers of manmade methodologies not to give up bad habits and at the same time be a civilized person. They want to stop the deaths caused by alcohol but at the same time they do not want to give up alcohol. We must realize that alcohol is not much different than heroin or cocaine. Alcohol is a drug and must be considered as dangerous as heroin or cocaine, etc.. It is illegal to posses a very small quantity of heroin or cocaine but it is O.K. to possess tons of liters of alcohol while both are addictive and have potential to make human become insane.

Depression and Stress

There could be many causes of depression and stress but one of them is very important, the isolation.. In other words, when a person starts feeling that he / she is alone, no one likes him /her, he /she is not useful, he / she is not as beautiful or intelligent as someone else, he / she is not as resourceful as someone else, etc.. Then he / she starts isolating himself / her self. This isolation leads towards depression. Under depression a person becomes dangerous to himself / herself and to the others. It may lead towards Suicide or murder.

There are several drugs to cure depression and minimize stress. No one can deny or undermine the benefits of these drugs. However, these drugs take their time to cure the diseases and some time these drugs become very ineffective. The reason is obvious. These drugs are given to a person after the development of a symptom of depression or stress. No one takes any drug unless the person feels the symptoms of the disease. But if we adopt the methodology, which God has given to us then the depression or stress can be stopped before even it’s symptoms appear in a person.

Here I would like to share a personal story. I was on a flight to Karachi. The plane landed in a Muslim country for re-fueling and passengers. Some passengers left and few new passengers were boarded. A new passenger sat next to me. After plane took off, the stewardess started serving beverages. This new passenger who was sitting next to me ordered whiskey. He drank a glass but he wanted more. He ordered a bottle. I got little nervous. It was first time for me to sit with a alcohol drinking person. I was extremely uncomfortable and was thinking what if this person gets drunk? I will be his first victim. During this nervousness and confusion I realized that he boarded the plane from a Muslim country. I thought he might be a Muslim. I decided to talk to him. Finally, I overcame all my barriers and started conversation with him. ” Hello! He replied, Hello. I asked him, ” where are you going?” He said, ” I am going Beijing “. I told him that this plane is going to Karachi. He said that he would change the plane at Karachi. Then, I asked his name. He said, “Ahmedé.”. Deep in my heart I felt little relaxed. Now, I had one very important common element with him besides being human, which is Islam. He is my brother.

He was continually drinking and the smell of whiskey from his mouth was bothering me. Quickly, I asked him, “why are you drinking so much? I felt that he did not like my question. But he replied, ” I am the Consulate General of such country and I have to be in Beijing by a certain time. I could not get a seat in the first class that is why I am sitting here”. He paused and then continued his conversation, ” I am leaving my wife and children behind me and I am not sure how soon they will join me. I feel depressed, therefore, I am trying to relax.

Since this brother knew Arabic, I said to him, “haven’t you read Qur’an? Allah says ” ALAA BI DHIKRILLAH-E-TATMA-INNUL QULOOB ” (Translation: Indeed, the true satisfaction (relaxation) of your heart is in the remembrance of Allah (God)).

He put down his glass and bottle and stopped drinking. His tears came out. I could not control my tears either. We spoke like we knew each other for years. This journey gave me a good friend and a brother. May Allah keep him and his family safe, happy and healthy.

The realization of danger of using bad means to stop a calamity is a blessing. Many of us do not even realize that they are using bad means to stop depression, stress and many other such diseases. If we use God given methodology for removing calamities and diseases we will be very successful.


Lasciviousness is a type of wickedness that is mentioned and condemned several times in Qur’an and all the other divine books before Qur’an. Lasciviousness is defined as: ” indecency, wanton acts or manners, as filthy words, indecent bodily movements, unchaste handling of males and females.” One can see that lasciviousness is a broad term that does not identify any single sinful act, but many. Lasciviousness would involve any type of lewd talk, or off colored jokes, etc. Since lasciviousness involves “indecency” one could be guilty of it by they way they dress. Many of today’s clothes, especially as the days get warmer, are indecent. Clothes with low cut fronts and backs, mini skirts, short-shorts, halters, midriffs, swimsuits, etc. are considered by most to be acceptable dress. But just because something is acceptable to the world does not mean it is acceptable before God. There are many who always ask, especially as prom time comes around; “What’s wrong with dancing?” Could anyone not know what is wrong with dancing who knows the definition of “lasciviousness”? In fact the definition of this word is a pretty good definition of modern dancing– “indecent bodily movements, unchaste handling of males and females.” Lasciviousness is among the sins that Jesus described as, “evil things, “which” defile the man” (Mk. 7:22-23).

The manmade methodologies not only encourage lasciviousness but the developers and the followers of these methodologies consider abstaining from lasciviousness as sign of bad manners, not civilized and backwardness. The media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, tabloids, specific web-sites, etc.) all over the world is the main advocate and propagator of lasciviousness. If we rationally analyze and try to find the reasons why do we have so many problems in our society, we will realize that all these problems started from lasciviousness. For example, bullying is a major problem in our schools. The administration and law enforcement agencies are trying to control bullying. Many schools have expelled students because of bullying behavior. There could be many reasons for having a bullying behavior but the most important is the lasciviousness, which develops and breeds the indecent behavior in a person. If we follow God’s given methodology, which tells us how to dress moderately, how to behave with others and how to abstain from a source which causes an abnormal behavior then this world would have been far better place for all of us.

Lasciviousness is the major starting factor for getting the above mentioned diseases. It leads towards pornography, adultery, alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction lead to women and child abuse, drunk driving and suicide.

Gambling Addiction

To realize the severity of gambling addiction in Canada it is enough to see the latest figures on gambling. Canada has 30 million people. Last year, Canadians spent 10 billion dollars on gambling. This does not include charity and casinos. Many families have been destroyed due to the gambling addiction. Governments around the world know that it is an addiction and destroys families. But gambling is an important source of revenue for local and provincial / state governments. As we have discussed earlier that the developers and the followers of manmade methodologies always try to find a workaround a problem rather than solving the problem. We all know that in the gambling majority of the people are always losers and very few are the gainers. Gambling creates greed in a person. A greedy person will do any thing to acquire his / her objective.

It is so ironic that these scientists and intellectuals allow an adult to buy a pornographic magazine and expect that the children living in the same house will not be able to see them, while they know that children are the most curious people. It is ironic that these manmade methodologies allow adult parents to drink alcohol in front of their own children, while recognizing that these children are tomorrow’s adults and they may get addicted to alcohol. It is so deplorable that these scientist and intellectuals encourage children to have sex in the name of “safe sex” while recognizing that the youth age is very emotional and risk taking age. It is absolutely very hypocritical on the part of these so called scientists and intellectuals who denounce women and child abuse while they are the advocates for the causes of child and women abuse. We have already discussed the causes of child and women abuse.

God’s Given Method for Disease Prevention

God’s given methodology for preventing AIDS, family abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, gambling and depression is an important and very comprehensive topic. I have discussed this topic in my another article titled as “EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE PEOPLE”. In this article I would like to highlight briefly how to use God’s Given Methodology.

The primary target of God’s Given Method for Disease Prevention is only one organ in human body. As described by the Last Messenger of God (Allah), Muhammad (peace be upon him). ” Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body if it becomes good (reformed) the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt and that is the HEART “. (Bukhari, book 2)

Heart is a pivotal part of human body. A clean heart will generate clean thoughts and a dirty heart will generate dirty thoughts in person’s mind. Through some effort and training heart can be purified and made healthy. The heart has to be physically and spiritually healthy. However, physical health of heart depends upon the spiritual health, not the vice versa. Therefore, spiritual health is relatively more important than the physical health. The process of heart purification can be long or short. It depends on an individual. If the acceptance level in the heart is high, the process of purification is short. If the acceptance level in the heart is low the process of purification will be longer. The degree of retention of heart’s health depends upon the degree of affiliation and association with the “Aulia Allah”. Aulia Allah are those people who already went through the heart purification process and they have been sanctified by the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Although, the messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) passed away more than fourteen centuries ago but he is still Allah’s Messenger and will remain Allah’s Last Messenger till the end of this world and beyond. As a Last Messenger of Allah, he (peace be upon him) sanctifies those who accept his process of heart purification. He sanctifies spiritually to those who are sincere and seek heart purification. Moreover, Allah has given humans a complete way of life through Muhammad (peace be upon him), which is the religion of Islam and the holy book called Qur’an. Holy Qur’an and the tradition of Muhammad (peace be upon him) are the two fundamental tools to achieve purification of heart.

When heart becomes purified the thoughts and intentions become clean and pure from all kinds of impurities. When thoughts and intentions become clean and healthy then the person starts reflecting these thoughts and intentions through his conversations and behaviour. His / her behaviour in the society does not only bring peace to himself / herself rather it starts effecting the people and the environment around him/her. This process of heart purification multiplies and continues till the other hearts and their environments become clean.

When hearts, thoughts, intentions, environments and the entire society become clean and purified the diseases such as AIDS, women abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse, addiction of drugs, gambling, greed, racism and many other social, economical, moral and spiritual problems disappear. The life in this world becomes beautiful and successful. After the successful completion of this worldly life, the next permanent life will start. The success in the next life depends upon the success of this worldly life. The criteria of a successful life are not the wealth, high status, fame, power, control, money and other things. The criterion of success is only one, that is a satisfied heart. The satisfaction of heart is in the remembrance of our Creator (DHIKR or ZIKR of ALLAH). Once a satisfied heart passes away from this world, God welcomes him / her with the greetings ” ” O (thou) soul in (complete) rest and satisfaction, come back tou To thy Lord Well pleased (thyself) and well pleasing unto Him. Enter thou, then, among my Devotees. Yea, enter thou My Heaven!” (Al Qur’an, Surah Al Fajr, 89 verses 27-30)

We should learn about effective prevention from AIDS and all kinds of abuses. We should support others who are victims of this insidious diseases by guiding them to follow God’s given methods of prevention. We should get involved in efforts aimed at finding a cure. We should do all we can to stop AIDS, women abuse, child abuse, alcohol abuse gambling addiction and drug abuse.