Honoring the honor of women

March 8 is celebrated every year as the “”International Women’s Day,” with sorrows over the dilapidated conditions of women’s around the globe and woes to make significant changes that could bring the rights of women’s on the track. Each year on this day half cooked half baked promises to execute and thorough implementation of the provisions of women’s rights have been made. However, some of them definitely bring an uplifting in the socio-economic condition of women’s; some remain in the pipeline due to mismanagement caused by lack of funding facility.

Somehow women have managed a great deal for introducing their own liberal and rhetoric identity in almost every field previously dominated by male chauvinists. In almost every sector their progress and performance is as high as their creative ability. From economists to journalism, lawyers and statesmanship to aeronautical engineers they are not less capable to men. So far they have achieved what was known as stereotype misconception. However their Home ministerial tasks are still their prime responsibility.

But the question regarding functioning, purpose, focus and outcomes behind celebrating the world wide occasion of International Women’s Day is its real contribution to the winds of change. Is today women practically enjoy her legal, socio-political and economic rights more than the yester year. Do women of developed and under-developed nation enjoy equal rights regarding education, marriage, businesses etc with co-ordination and determination? Do rallies, conferences, seminars and awareness projects marked on women’s day protect and promote the status of women world wide.

No one disagree over the clear perception that women’s rights are human rights. No matter how hard it hit the ego of men, their utmost responsibility and loyalty is bounded to provide all the channels of recourses to execute women’s rights.

Unfortunately each year over the platform of International Women’s Day not much significant changes occurred particularly for the poverty ridden conventionally handcuffed women of underdeveloped countries where women still struggling to possess their basic fundamental rights. For them women’s rights remain the international phenomena that could hardly and practically contribute toward the revolutionary changes of peace and prosperity.

It is a matter of a great concern that nation’s particularly Islamic nations possessing all rights and equal rights under the Islamic code of conducts are also involved in malice aforethought & inhuman activities against women from honor killing to early marriages or forced marriages, women trafficking to slavery, murder, acid throwing, rape, work place harassment, domestic physical and mental violence are systematically different but identical pressure that women have to bear in order to satisfy the old age conventional and cultural provincialism. However, it is also not good to associate all the atrocities made against women’s with once religion (Particularly) Islam that posses all the provisions of “Complete Code of Life.”

What is more depressing is the growing number of malpractices and discrimination against women instead of speedy decline of theses social epidemics, when government media, society are also paying their due share for the alleviation of crime against women. Then why there’s no way out from this humiliated attitude towards women’s. According to Aldous Huxley; “Great is truth, but still greater from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.” That silence is melting now as the wake up call by the International Women’s Day had magnetically attracted socially stuck women’s around the globe.

It is also against the democratic rule of law to pay lip service against the injustices of women not only at home but in public lifestyles as well.

What is quite optimistically delivered via constant pressure from different social, economic and political sectors at local and international level is the positive approach adopted by male dominated society towards the betterment of women’s. It seems that awareness particularly the underdeveloped Asiatic regions well known as the women deteriorated nations had so far progressing towards denouncement if not fully then at least to certain significant denominations.

The credit of exposing and denouncing women’s sudden and positive awareness is undoubtedly goes to the expeditious educational services provided by scholars, human rights activists, philosophers, NGO’s and other humanitarian agencies. The role of media in this regard cannot be ignored that takes the huge responsibility to spread evenly, judicious and bon mot perception regarding legal, religious and socio economic possession of women’s rights. As we all know that every greatest journey begins with the first step and that step is already taken in the form of social awareness projects funded and appreciated by government and private sector.

Today women’s had proved their self from leadership qualities to defensive capabilities. You name the field and find women from battle fields to premiership and managerial tasks. Margerate Thatcher from Britain, Ms. Benazir Bhutto (Former twice elected Prime minister) from Pakistan, Shrirn Ebadi (Nobel Peace Prize 2003 award winner) of Iran are those few globally recognized personalities, who proved their utmost capabilities to became successful women achievers and the advocate of the establishments of women’s fundamental rights from politics to nobility and economy.

Making women’s from business tycoons to premiers, artists, and astronaut’s scholars etc, to peruse the desired agenda carried out by the women’s hailing from different casts and creeds in not less than an alienated environment, the role of male contribution in this regard can not be avoided for the noble cause of peace and justice. Without their approval it was not possible for women to go so far to achieve certain recognized status. However, it was not easy to change the decade old conventional perception that restricted and labeled women just as the home maker.

The promotion of women’s equal rights, human dignity and education relies as first foremost responsibility of government sector that could assure the prevalence of the provisions made by the human rights organizations and is fully capable to carry out the punishments made against the culprits responsible to women’s humiliation.

Politically speaking majority of women’s form rural and conservative backgrounds is deprived of their right to vote, serving in public offices with less interruption of men. I my opinion, there’s still much to be needed to support and raising the political consciousness of women’s around the globe. From economic point of view, if at one side women enjoy the top most position of MNC or handle her own business then from other side she faces gender discrimination besides dealing managerial and sometimes financial tactics used to baffle her business minded approach. Number of cases has been reported where (male) colleagues flatly refused to obey their heads (women’s) orders.

However, changes cannot overcome the male chauvinistic perception so soon, but the reaction made on behalf of women development shows that sooner or later, the debate over division of rights between men and women would definitely bring a positive conclusion. As what John Haywood stated; A hard beginning maketh a good ending. What women want is the constant support of her family as the charity begins at home then her social, culture & tradition environment. Every action possess its own reaction, contribution of each women will work as a role model or set an example for another women to be more strengthened. An iron will, believe in once self, vision of tomorrow with deliberate policy measures are the key ingredients of success reducing the women’s absentia from socio-political and economic arena.

Besides government funding bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nation’s has along history in making women’s appearance positively contributed towards the establishment of peaceful society. In a 20 page study to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan laid a great emphasis women’s equal participation in peace agreements and post conflict societies like Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am of the opinion that besides dedicating days, seminars and books over the status of women, practical actions rather than words are required. On behalf of the government certain laws should be made to ensure the expeditious delivery of justice against the evils of the society. Accountability process should be so designed that made each and every bit possible to carry out strict punishments where ever and whenever atrocities against women’s come in to limelight.

The prime responsibility of the government for spreading women awareness certain measures are must to adopt in this regard for instance;

– Establishment of the rule of law

– Increase in literacy ratio in rural areas

– Expeditious accountability process

– Mass awareness via electronic & print media

– Enforcement of strong judicial body

– Implementation of the suggested proposals and projects of NGOs and other local as well as International humanitarian agencies

– Surveys, seminars and symposiums over the status quo of women

– Measure to raise socio-political and economic consciousness

– Free and fair advisory support

– Legal and financial uplifting

– Providing platform for raising views, opinions and personal obligations

– Eradication of conventional brutalities made against women’s Promoting Investment oriented self reliance policies and Assisting women’s contribution towards socio-political decision making policies

– Supporting strategies, programs goals and objectives to make women’s more aware towards their basic legal, political, social and economic fundamental rights.

Now it is high time to promote and protect women rights. Besides that women themselves are advised to raise their voices against social injustice and humiliation as they are the existing part of this universe no matter what color, class and creed they belong to but they possess their basic human rights of life, expression of legal possession and peace at any level and at any cost. In this regard education is must to revive the society. As literacy is the supreme power of eradicating or battling any injustices made against women.

I am quite optimistic & hopeful regarding that next International Women’s Day will be more progressive, well achieved and more successful than this year. As without women’s participation, promotion and progression there’ll be less prevalence of ultimate peace and prosperity.