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WMD to Mass Graves

"The US has begun to acknowledge grudgingly that the resistance is emanating from the local population."

Libya and Western Hypocrisy

"I have never been an admirer of the Libyan strongman. But I am not sorry to point out that all this fuss around Megrahi’s release from the Scottish prison and opposition to Gaddafi’s anticipated appearance in the UN is nothing but blatant hypocrisy and double standard."

Another Robertson Outrage: Time for Accountability

"At the end of the day, Robertson should be free to say or believe whatever he wants, however vile his views may be. That is not the issue. Rather it is that his political influence and power should be exposed and challenged, and those who accept his support should be held accountable."

Memphis – (Short Story)

"Oh Ptah. You know I didn’t want you to go. You died before you saw the overthrow of the Pharaoh. His son is now the new ruler. My love for you has turned me into a poet and I know that true love stories never have endings. Your love will remain with me forever. I pray that one day we will be united in a better place."

Decline of The American Empire

"The American international structure carefully built up after World War II is beginning to crumble, although it is not always obvious yet since good appearances are carefully maintained. A prime example is the crumbling of NATO. The grass is still kept well-trimmed at headquarters, but America’s insistence on making unnatural demands on this alliance, such as those it has made in Afghanistan, are surely destroying what was once a powerful international organization."

Unhappy Anniversary



Terror in America

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Is the bond of military brotherhood an intrinsic justifier for war?

"This is a war and occupation based on repeated, sustained lies. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There was no imminent threat to American security to Iraq."

After the peace of the weak

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A proxy war between Iran and the US

"It is difficult if not impossible to envisage how relations between the two countries could ever improve. The alleged assassination plot emerged against more than three decades of political animosity between them. Without a fundamental transformation of relations between Iran and the US, any hope of changing the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia is unrealistic."

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