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Benard’s project: "reform" Islam from within using moderate Muslims

"Muslims that follow events closely would immediately recognize how some fringe elements have been promoted and continue to be promoted by the West to denigrate Islam and Muslims. It is for Muslims themselves at all levels of society in the Muslim world and elsewhere to ensure that they work to further the cause of Islam and Muslims and not work to promote the Western colonial project, its imperialist goals, and all the social engineering that goes along with it. It is for them to defeat the Benardist project in order to maintain the pristine purity of Allah’s (swt) din that is for all mankind so that peace, justice and balance are established in society, free from the exploitative policies of the West."

Muslim force: after all, why?

"Muslim states better tell the assistant beggar, Mr. Allawi: We deeply regret that because of our deep rooted weaknesses and fear, we could not save Iraqis from the US war and your illegitimate rule.”

Gaza: Warsaw Revisited

"Israel’s siege of and attacks on Gaza are not without precedent. The U.S.-initiated U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iraq (1990-2003), a well-nigh comprehensive trade and financial embargo against the government of Saddam Hussein, is widely reported to have caused the deaths of some 500,000 Iraqi children under 5 years of age by 1996. But not since Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine laid siege to the Warsaw ghetto has the world witnessed such a persistent and systematic attempt by a military force to starve and punish a captive urban civilian population as in Gaza."

They Don’t Get It!

Modern Magi Journey for Peace

Media Monitors Network.....where truth prevailsToll-free: ...

SAARC – The Siren!

"The January-4/6 SAARC Summit is-thus-the best forum to avert all types of risks to the regional peace-if held-with a straight-thinking agenda, backed by a realistic mindset."

West Braces for Clash of Cultures

"With the Muslim world in turmoil over the anti-Islam video and cartoons, Israel will be in a position to turn the situation to its own benefit, depict the Islamic world in a negative light with the help of western media and exploit the rift deepening between the Muslims and the West. These facts suggest that there are certain Zionist elements in the West which are fomenting Islamophobia in the world in order to bring about a lethal encounter between the East and the West and serve the interests of Israel in the long run."

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