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‘A naïve czar and a bunch of Rasputins’

"It is not surprising then to find a gathering of neo-cons in Jerusalem to honour one of their leading figures, Richard Perle, former assistant secretary of defense also known as the Prince of Darkness. Joining him in Jerusalem on 14 October will be Daniel Pipes, head of an Anti- Arab and Anti-Muslim Web sites, Alan Keys, Cal Thomas, and Frank Geoffrey, along with Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu and other Likudniks."

Racism, Crime, and The Prison System

"The problems of crime in America are complex, combining social, economic, moral. and political factors. And no one factor should be indicated without placing due emphasis on the others."

Brain-dead media

"Israel for its part prevented the Western media from entering Gaza, specifically, so it can control and manage the Western coverage of its war that was largely waged on defenseless population."

Muslims, Americans and Thanksgiving

"President Bush has stated "Islam is not the enemy" and I believe him, although his subordinates often act exactly the opposite way, as though every Muslim is an enemy."

Whither the Persian-Jewish alliance?

"Today, Washington again believes it has to choose between addressing the Iranian conundrum or the Palestinian conflict. But American re-engagement in the peace process while continuing the policy of isolating Iran will repeat Clinton's miscalculation of 1994 and produce the same failure."

The Art of Strategy

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The Settler State

"The rule seems to be that when the people of a civilized country become spoiled by culture and riches, a hardier, less pampered and more primitive race on the fringes takes over, as Greece was taken over by the Romans, and Rome by the barbarians."

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Belarus: ‘Unprecedented level of repression’ must end, say UN rights experts

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