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These Projects Are Shovel-Ready, All Right

"Call me old-fashioned, but when I gaze upon all of this booty, I don’t see stimulus; I see rip-off. The Democrats are using the alleged crisis as the pretext for a monumental looting of the taxpayers (present and future) in the service of rewarding--whuda thunk?--the interest groups that put them in power."

Ben-Gurion and Massacre of Deir Yassin

"Historical facts, which chronicle the injustice committed against indigenous Palestinians by Jewish migrants, have unfortunately been relegated to mere footnotes."

The Giant’s Daughter

"For 33 years now, there have been no problems on our border with Syria, in spite of the unresolved conflict over the Golan. Who knows what will happen if Syria falls prey to anarchy? OK, that's no problem for America. But it certainly is for us."

Finger After Finger

"As far as Sharon is concerned, the disengagement plan plays with the dismantling of some small settlements in a remote corner of the occupied territories for the fulfillment of his grand design to take over most of the West Bank."

The Obscenity of the UK General Election

"I hope by the next general elections, Muslims unify and can present various candidates along with many of the good hearted non-Muslims who are sympathetic to our cause to secure the interests of the Muslims and help to spread the message of Islam."

Media Tall Tales for the Next War

"The same kind of media spin -- assuming a sincere Bush desire to avoid war -- was profuse in the months before the invasion of Iraq. The more that news outlets tell such fairy tales, the more they become part of the war machinery."



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