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Gas about Public Transit

"The hope that rising gasoline prices or increased gasoline taxes will substantially reduce automobile travel by inducing people to choose public transportation is unrealistic."

Piracy in the real world

"The biggest acts of piracy are taking place off the coast of Somalia by Western trawlers that take huge fish catches impoverishing the small, fragile fishing community on the Somali coast. Western countries steal an estimated $300 million worth of fish annually from Somali waters. Without coast guards or vessels, Somalia cannot protect its interests or its people. Imagine if this occurred off the coast of Canada, the US or Britain; their naval gunboats would immediately go into action but not poor Somalia."

What Is Clinton Doing?

"The bottom line here is Clinton cannot win. The question, therefore, arises: "what is she doing?"

The Recession’s Human and Environmental Impacts

"All considered, there is no way that many Americans, even with the minimum wage set at a measly $5.85/ hour, can compete with overseas $1/ day wages, nor subsume the fundamental costs associated with their rents, mortgages, the increase in food and oil prices, rising medical insurance payments and other basic expenses."

How much power does Bush think he has?

"This is the dangerous world emerging in the second half of the first decade of the new millenium. Never mind that Congress never declared war on anyone as required by the Constitution. As long as Congress signs a declaration authorizing force, the President become Commander in Chief and this president has no qualms whatsoever about exercising force against anyone."

Is anyone speechless?

"...the fact is that for the Muslim world, Obama did not go far enough. Palestinians languishing in refugee camps or in the Occupied Territories are distinctly aware that despite his harsh criticism of settlements, their quest for freedom is consistently squashed by American-sponsored weapons."

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IAEA Iran report thrives on laptop of lies

"These are strange times....Like a juggling fiend, Washington produces some invisible documents from an old laptop obtained from an imaginary person; the invisible information is then metamorphosed into a series of serious threats for global security and waters the roots of animosity towards and fear for the Islamic Republic while Israel, the main game player which pulls Washington's strings, possesses a huge arsenal of over 300 nuclear warheads, test fires nuclear capable missiles with a range of 10,000 kilometers and can target not only Iran but Russia and China and many other countries as well does not become a source of angst in the world."

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Arab-Jewish Partnership for Peace

"Within Israel there are many Palestinian villages that Israel does not recognize geographically and financially. However, Israel will not allow the people in these villages to have running water, electricity or perform infrastructure construction."

Jihad against the Abuse of Jihad

"How come the robe-wearing extremists of the East and the suit-wearing extremists of the West are the ones who hold monopoly on the definition of Jihad?"

Peace Corps in a Bottom-Up and Troubled Era

"There is nearly universal agreement that the United States needs urgently to rebuild its image in the world. Volunteers, as good neighbors and in their dedication to meeting human needs, contribute to public diplomacy and to goodwill among nations."

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