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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Much Ado About Nothing

Just plain lucky

"American efforts should focus not only on the hapless task of squeezing success out of doomed proximity talks, but on the inevitable political endgame suggested by the Palestinians' successful state-building effort: international recognition of their state followed by a concerted effort to focus Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the issues of inter-state borders and security, including in Jerusalem."

Remembering Vik

"I’ll miss you, man. But every time I feel tired or discouraged, I’ll feel you lifting me up over your head and, with your huge smile and laughter, threatening to throw me overboard if I even hesitate in throwing myself into the fight. You were and are the earth-force of the struggle against injustice. You will always hold us up and inspire us. Like the Palestinian fishermen you loved so much, we and all others fighting for the fundamentals of life throughout the world commit ourselves to seeing your vision through. Ciao, friend."

Here we go again

"Almost everything depends on the Obama administration's capacity to move this integrated process forward in a forceful and synchronized manner. To that end, Obama has launched successful openings with the Arab and Muslim worlds that have improved relations markedly. Now he has to do the same with Israelis: he has to address us directly, reassure us that he supports our drive for a secure, democratic Jewish state at peace with its neighbors, and then--but only then--tell our government forcefully what he believes its part in the give-and-take of concessions has to be."

Tragedy in Gaza

Analysis of Mid-east Cauldron incomplete without "J" word

"We will be spared the grossly exaggerated claims about the "best deal" at Camp David offered to Yasser Arafat. Instead we will be told about the layers of deceit and corrupt manipulation that the doors of the US retreat shielded from public scrutiny. Perhaps we will also be told that since Arafat refused to sell his soul - no self-respecting leader of an oppressed people ever will - he was killed. And that his killers are the same thugs that killed Lebanon's Rafik Hariri."

Countries’ interests or coalitions control the decision for war and peace

"Regardless of what Israel does, regardless of the war crimes and crimes against humanity it commits in Lebanon and Palestine, and regardless of how much it destroys, it is the one who is losing."



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