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Palestinia​n Authority recalibrat​ing its strategy

"Supporters of the Fayyad plan note that the Palestinian prime minister has never called for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, but rather for a unilateral declaration of a de facto state. The idea is that such a state would have all the institutions of a state without the de jure recognition, which would relieve Israel of its responsibilities....The idea is that unless Israel bears the full cost of and responsibility for occupation, it will not be able to make constructive and fair compromises towards the end of its military occupation."

A momentary hiccup

"It is ironic that Turks, who have finally managed to get the European Union to open the door to accession talks after many years of trying, would feel far from confident about their future prospects."

Occupy Wall Street offers Obama his Tea Party on a silver platter

"As for Occupy Wall Street, fists remain raised but the glare of the paparazzi cameras are sapping their strength to intimidate the political elite who raided their futures. “If you don’t have demands, you don’t have an identity,” noted Wesley Tarpley, “and if you don’t have an identity, Obama will come in and give you one.” As the Democrats gear up for the season of false promises in autumnal election time, the question remains - how then, does one disarm a revolution in the making? The answer lies in the lullaby for the middle class throughout the US’s years of prosperity - bread and circus."


Media asleep regarding Energy and the Presidential Election

"An honest media and an informed public are the basic foundations of a real democracy. They are missing in action and the public is deceived, manipulated and will eventually be hung to dry because critical knowledge is withheld regarding the energy fate of the U.S. and of mankind."

Israel is fueling Anti-Americanism among U.S. allies

"By aborting an international peace mission sponsored by moderate Arab and regional states, Israel sends a clear message that it wants them out of the game and prefers instead to deal only with pro-violence players, which vindicates a popular Arab belief, established over decades of the conflict, that Israel understands only the language of force....Israel knows very well that its belligerency has been all along the main source of regional anti-Americanism. The U.S. knows it too. Repercussions of the Israeli attack seem to hit at the heart of what President Obama in mid-April declared as a “vital national security interest of the United States,” i.e. solving the Arab-Israeli conflict."

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Jewish Leadership Opens a New Front against Muslims

"Muslims should highlight the poison that is spread all over the world by anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership and Jewish media."

Israel’s has no right to defend the indefensible

"Israel...Violates International Law, the Geneva Conventions and over 60 UN Security Council resolutions demanding the return of stolen lands and Human Rights....Ignores the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the Apartheid Wall...Dismisses with contempt recommendations by special rapporteurs like Professors Dugard, Falk and Justices Richard Goldstone and Navi Pillai..."

Countries’ interests or coalitions control the decision for war and peace

"Regardless of what Israel does, regardless of the war crimes and crimes against humanity it commits in Lebanon and Palestine, and regardless of how much it destroys, it is the one who is losing."

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