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Pakistan’s Living Graveyards

"Pakistan desperately needs change, a new political system of governance, away from the old and obsolete feudal lord dominated military governed politics of the few. There is no place for General Musharaf, Bhuttos and Zardaris in the living minds and hearts of the Muslim people of Pakistan. The so-called leaders are the dead entries of the past who cannot be a hope for the future."


Hate Mail

In Lebanon, France Converging to Pre-mandate Policy

"Foreign interference was the major factor that historically threatened the Christian presence in the Arab Muslim countries by focusing on the sectarian differences that threaten the historical social coexistence cemented by the ethnic Arab identity of both Muslims and Christians as well as by the tolerance of Islam, which enshrines a pluralistic religion that views Judaism and Christianity as an integral part of its monotheistic dogma."

The Universal Birth Registration campaign

Birth registration is a critical first step in ensuring a child’s rights throughout life.

China’s New Weapons

"China's new investments in its military are, like so many things about China, heavily criticized by the American establishment. The truth is they represent a small fraction of what the U.S. spends, no matter what accounting you use. Widely accepted, published data put China's military spending at about 10% of America's, although some say it may be about half again more than that through hidden spending. They may be right, but they ignore the reality of a great deal of hidden spending in America, particularly when it comes to so-called black programs, and the unquestioned fact remains that America accounts for fully half of the entire planet's military spending."

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Israeli MP who joined flotilla faces witchhunt :: Officials try to...

"In addition to the removal of Ms Zoubi’s privileges, she is also facing the revocation of her citizenship. The measure has been used only twice before in Israel’s history -- both times against Palestinian citizens accused of terrorism....Orna Kohn, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal centre for the country’s Palestinian minority, said Mr Yishai’s move was “uncharted legal territory” that could leave Ms Zoubi stateless, in violation of international law. “There is simply no precedent for revoking the citizenship of an MP,” she said."

Euro crisis: Latvia and the PIGS

"The real significance of the euro is now becoming clear: just as there are no national economies anymore, there is no national solution to the crisis facing workers in Greece, Spain, Portugal or anywhere else. They are forced into a common struggle against global capital. "Workers of the world unite!" never sounded so apt. And a mini-oracle to Goldman, Sachs, Klinz and Issing: Take your next winter holiday in sunny, profligate Greece at your peril."

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