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Israel steps up Jerusalem expulsions :: Even Tony Blair can’t save Palestinian bookseller to...

"Although, Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967, in violation of international law, most of its Palestinian population received only Israeli residency permits, not citizenship....According to Israeli figures, more than 13,000 Palestinians -- from a current population of 260,000 in East Jerusalem -- have had their residency revoked since then."

The Rev. Billy Graham is No Phil Berrigan!

"The Rev. Billy Graham was in Baltimore recently doing his religious revival thing. For years, he was a crony of warmongering presidents, like Richard M. Nixon. Rev. Graham’s preaching never attracted me. However, the life work of the late Phil Berrigan, an ex-Josephite priest, had a profound influence on me, and others. Berrigan spoke the truth to power. He relentlessly took on the War Party and spent 11 of his 79 years in prison for his protest actions."

A Hope not Lost

"Shneller and Liberman - both settlers, both belonging to the extreme Right - do not propose to give up East Jerusalem, where almost a quarter of a million Palestinians are living. That does not worry them, because these Arabs have never been given Israeli citizenship anyhow. When they were annexed to Israel in 1967, they were accorded only the status of "permanent residents". Therefore, they are not required to hoist the blue-white flag and to sing Hatikva."

Abandon the Palestinians or Abandon the Dollar

"For all practical purposes, the Arab leaders have abandoned the Palestinians. It would be extremely helpful if they would do us all the favor of publicly committing themselves to follow the dictates of the neo-conservative radicals responsible for drafting American foriegn policy blue prints."

Panel Whitewashes Chertoff’s Torture Resume

Michael Chertoff, a former hatchet man for A. G. John Ashcroft, is slated to become the new Czar of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His appointment hearing before a U.S. Senate Committee, on 02/02/05, was a farce. While working for Ashcroft, he ran rough shod over the rights of defendants. At his hearing, Chertoff, a crony of Professor Alan Dershowitz, put the blame on others and denied approving any specific torture methods.

Rifts within resistance further complicate Iraq’s fractured political scene

"...despite these developments the insurgency continues to rage unabated. This indicates that the US’s efforts to reverse the trend on the battlefield in Iraq by adopting a new counter-insurgency strategy that combines military and political dimensions have so far failed."



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In Pakistan’s National Interest But…

"The fact is that 9/11 may have been the watershed that catapulted Washington and the international community into a high and focused mode of action on anti-terrorism which included demanding that Pakistan decide whether it is “with us or against us” yet Pakistan’s own need to take action against groups that were spreading fear, hate and death ever since the nineties was there."

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When Jews got a State, Gaza got Oppression

"Israel has the further unfair advantage of being "marketed" by an extensive Western media propaganda machine. Today that machine is spreading the shameful, immoral lie that the current killing and wounding of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza is a price worth paying for keeping Zionist Israel in charge."

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