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Sharon’s US visit: intentions and reality

"Those Israelis and Palestinians who believe in an agreement rather than unilateral moves, along with those in the world who appreciate how the end of the Middle East conflict will contribute to global stability, should make every effort to ensure that the departure from Gaza leverages an ongoing peace process. There is a good chance for success, given that principles such as the non-removability of settlements are likely to be violated in the initial stage by the father of the settlements himself."

From Historic Jamestown, VA to the Endgame

Virginia is steeped in history. Recently, I decided to take in Jamestown. It sits on the James River, not far from the Chesapeake Bay. Founded in 1607, by the Brits, it almost went the way of the lost colony of Roanoke. However, Captain John Smith, a so-called “commoner,” saved the day. By the time, the Native Americans leaders figured out what a mortal threat the British interlopers posed to them, it was too late for them to do anything about it.

Demystifying Jihad

"Many learned people have come to believe that Jihad is a form of terrorism or it incites terrorism. Here is what one really needs to know to deconstruct the myth of Jihadism and Jihadists and realise that neither is Jihad terrorism, nor are the World Trade Centre kind of attacks Jihad."


Why Islamic Terrorism in the West?

"Solution is very complex and time intensive. It requires ingenuity, patience and unbiased sole searching by all sides."



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Imran Khan – A man of evolution

"...Pakistan and the people of Pakistan need a leader who can be above of all these division. Pakistan is desperately, looking for a person who can also deal with the western powers and neighbour on Pakistan’s critical geopolitical issues successfully and at the same time provide the nation a confidence to survive....At Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran announced his agenda for Pakistan’s internal and external matters, economic issues, poverty, education, jobs, electricity, power etc. I have particularly noticed that nowadays no leader in Pakistan talks about solutions of the problems Pakistan is facing rather than securing numbers on blaming, criticising and abusing other leaders and parties. Imran’s last night speech at Minar-e-Pakistan was very different and different than the traditional speeches of other political gurus of Pakistan."

Good for peace?

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Is Beit-Jala Burning?

Al-jazeera and accountability

"There is some accountability expected by the Palestinian public--whether over the government's failure to protect these documents from being leaked or some problematic performances in negotiations. Such accountability measures will definitely remedy at least some of the negative effects of this leak."

Donald Trump

The Consequences of Upholding Trump’s Ban

The Supreme Court decision upholding the Trump Administration's infamous "Muslim ban" will have consequences far beyond its restriction on visas for nationals from the...

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