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Can the GOP Steal The Election Again? You Betcha!

"No doubt, there are many more, some of whom will be heard in these final four weeks before the election. Many of these individuals are caught in a difficult dilemma, as they realize that in spite of what might be good for their party, the election of McCain and Palin, might not be good for the nation, its economy, and its international reputation. Those who place their loyalty to their country above their loyalty to their party may soon step forward and be heard: while the Republican Party, they might say, can survive defeat in November, the United States might not survive a McCain, and, eventually, a Palin presidency."

Bottom-Up Stimulus

"Community-level projects directly and more quickly impact local populations because of their proximity. Projects are located in local communities where they stimulate jobs and purchases of materials and equipment. As projects are designed, implemented, and functioning (more immediately because of community control and local reliance) stimulus takes effect. There is not a lag in waiting for a trickle-down of benefits."

Islam needs NO defense against Manji’s book, But perhaps Muslim DO

"When it comes to anti-Islam, Muslim-bashing, smearing the Qur’an, or insulting the Prophet Muhammed in print, however, both publishers and authors stand to make money from the venture."

The New Pro-Palestinian Jews — Beyond Tikkun and Atzmon

"We are neither traitors to the Jewish people nor traitors to our Palestinian comrades. We are Jewish anti-Zionists. We are genuinely Jewish–although we may disagree among us about exactly what it means to be Jewish. And we are genuinely anti-Zionists."

Arbitrary Imprisonment

Media Monitors Network.....where truth prevailsToll-free: ...

"Barack Obama is a one-term president" :: An interview with Yvonne Ridley ::

"What nuclear weapons? Israel says it has no nukes! Of course the world knows they are lying thanks to the heroic Christian convert Mordechai Vanunu who is still being persecuted for telling the world about the Zionist State's deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons. The poor man has served his sentence but he is still not allowed to leave Israel where he is under continuous surveillance. The vindictiveness of the state knows no bounds when it comes to this man."



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"A look at the potential creation of military-based emergency centres, which will be used to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.”

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George’s Jihad

"George's jihad continues, with no regrets and no second thoughts, Unless or until God reveals to George W. Bush through some sign, such as defeat in the 2004 election, impeachment (with convicition by the Senate), or word from the Republican National Committee that the jihad is over, the jihad will go on."

The universal struggle: Where it might begin and where it might...

"We should begin at the beginning. Does anyone know why religious groups have over the years worked tirelessly to prevent the scientific theory that says man’s origin is from apes and sea creatures, from overtaking the Biblical creation story?"

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