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Monday, October 21, 2019

U.S. Must Resign Itself to "Rogue" State Nukes

"If the United States meddles less into the affairs of other nations, those countries will have less incentive to develop nuclear weapons. Thus, U.S. nonproliferation policy should begin at home."




Donald Trump

In the Wake of Trump’s Broken Promises: The Need for an Arab Strategy

When Donald Trump was first elected, I warned Arab friends to be careful not to put all of their eggs in a basket that...
Air strikes in Syria

Turkish Occupation of Syria: No Just End?

Has US President Donald Trump handed Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan a poisoned chalice? This is the view of a well-known and highly respected...
United of States of America Flag - Stars and Stripes

Personal Reflections of a Lebanese American on Trump Power and Civil Discord

Americans are divided into many basic issues and President Trump has reinforced this tension. Trump is both a contributing factor to America's pain and...




The Murdered Children of Basra and Fallujah – Who are the Real Culprits?

"...why do they celebrate by dancing around the dead American or British soldiers or any other dead foreign mercenaries in Iraq? Why do these children and teenagers resent these benevolent-capitalist ‘liberators’? Could it be because the children have lost their parents or other relatives due to this “war of humanity” in the words of Rumsfeld?"

Preview of the Bush Campaign’s Media Endgame

"To obscure their own ultra-elite loyalties, Bush and Cheney will keep trying to portray Kerry and Edwards as tools of wealthy trial lawyers and Hollywood snobs."