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Kashmir Security Patrol

Kashmir: Victim of ill-defined “terrorism”

Palestinians are being killed by the militarized terrorist of Zionist Israel and the illegal Egyptian government terrorists in their hundreds. Palestinian properties and land...
Joe Biden

Why an “Apology Tour” Is Needed: An Open Letter to Joe Biden

Dear Mr. Biden: News outlets are reporting that you're determined to prevent your campaign from turning into an "apology tour" this summer. But your only...
World Map

With the passing of Yusuf Buch, it is the end of an era

"My soul derives comfort from the belief that the participants in my funeral – whether few or many – will be performing an act...




Iraqi guerrilla war was planned before the invasion

"From that time on, Saddam's strategy was to gain time in the hope that international developments would blunt Washington's aims. Simultaneously, he reorganized his military. Eight months before receiving the German intelligence evaluation on the certainty of war, Saddam issued a circular to senior Baath Party officials instructing them to be prepared for a US attack "at any moment." The July 2002 circular warned: "Iraq will be defeated militarily due to the imbalance in forces." The balance would be re-established by "dragging the US military into Iraqi cities, villages and the desert and resorting to resistance tactics."

Open Letter to George W. Bush

Everyone knows that politicians promise to build bridges even where there are no rivers. I appeal to you as one who has also experienced a...


Pope’s ‘pilgrimage’ mired in politics

"...Jerusalem’s mayor, Nir Barkat, made a point of welcoming him to the “capital of Israel and the Jewish people”, a description of Jerusalem not recognised in international law. After the Pope failed to object, the Israeli media happily concluded that the country’s occupation of Jerusalem had papal blessing."

Good Morning, Elijahu!