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Statue of Liberty

Democracy is Under Attack

This past week, I participated in a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court sponsored by the National Commission for Voter Justice...
Gaza Crisis

Why is the Israeli army finally worried about Gaza?

Last week Israeli military officials for the first time echoed what human rights groups and the United Nations have been saying for some time:...
Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu

Bollywood’s Treachery: Ganging up against Palestinian Rights

On a massive drive to cast Israel as a "normal democracy" and woo audiences in India's film-crazy population, its war criminal leader Benjamin Netanyahu...




A Patriotic Loom

Hey Congress: "Put a Cap on those Interest Rates, Now!"

"The Credit Cartel made a staggering $31.6 billion in profits last year. Rates as high as 29 percent are now legal. Americans are over $800 billion in debt to these predators. Meanwhile, Congress, which received $8 million in donations in 2004 from the Cartel has just passed a new Bankruptcy law to put the squeeze further on consumers. It’s time for Congress to put a reasonable cap on interest payments and to repeal that Bankruptcy law."


At the End of the Democratic Convention

"With Obama and Biden now beginning a post-convention campaign tour, attention turns to the Republican convention which began on Monday in Minneapolis. It will be as orchestrated and charged affair as the Democrats' event, as the Republicans will work to reintroduce their candidates to the nation. Like the Democrats, they will seek to define the differences between the two Parties, inspire their faithful, present their agenda and inspire their base."

An Open Letter to Ralph Nader