Holocaust – That Turned Into Anglo-American Hate Transference Facility

In a recent statement during presidential debate, in response to normalising US relations with Iran, John McCain said: "We cannot allow a Second Holocaust." His choice of the term "Holocaust" and connecting it with Iran, must have appeared to most seasoned Americans as McCain’s deceitful attempt to creating an illusion to the young generations, not being deeply aware of the Holocaust’s players who committed the crime on the European Jews during WW-II

McCain’s manipulative mind demanded him to use the expression "Second Holocaust" and linked Iran to it, so that the audiences are inductively guided to associate Iran for the previous Holocaust. After all when anyone mentions about 1st World War, it intuitively leads the listeners to the 2nd World War and they realise that the players of the both were almost identical. In reality, McCain deceitfully was diverting the truth that the Euro-Aryan hatred against the Jews for about two millenniums culminated as Holocaust that is claimed to have terminated six million Jewish lives in Europe.

The US presidency today, linked to world’s leadership, needs well convergence with history – at least beginning with the Renaissance. McCain, in his high-school days, must have got some inkling about the presence of Muslims in Spain. Apparently, this fact alone is bothering him still now and he is suffering from an Islamofobia that instigates him to refuse sitting with Spain even when Islamic domain in Spain ended over 525 years ago.

To an analytical mind it also raises the question how the Holocaust is connected to the nuclear bomb? Weren’t those nuclear bombs of the US targeted on Japan that instantly wiped out 220,000 and more people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? Did McCain intend to convey to the young generations that the Holocaust was the result of nuclear bomb? If he did so, wasn’t it, the US, who had the total monopoly of the atom bomb in 1945? Even if Iran develops a nuclear bomb today, how could it kill all the Jews of Israel and selectively leave all the Palestinians untouched? Besides, what about the neighbouring Jordan and Syria? Will the bomb spare the nuclear fallout causing thousands of death because of radiation hazard?

McCain’s biography reveals that he was shot down during his mission over North Vietnam in the later part of 1967. This was in fact then two years after the installation of sophisticated missile detectors in the US Air Force. According to US Military History this upgrading of US Air Force has been described as: "Total US. domination of the sky was now challenged like never before and it forced the US to rethink its tactics and strategies in carrying their enormous air power into the heart of North Vietnam"

Despite the US fighter-jets having been equipped with sophisticated upgrading including missile detectors, could it be that McCain’s maverick nature didn’t care to acquire the skills needed for looking at the enemy missile that can hit the expensive fighter-jet he was riding on? McCain never had any university education. The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis was the only place where he got exposure to the knowledge needed for fighting. Even during his training time, the planes he was flying collided once with power lines and crashed twice. How does that incompetence make him a war-hero, especially when competence is the hallmark of US presidency? Presumably, his deceptive instinct dictated him to tell lies and win the election. Perhaps he kept hearing George Bush’s ghostly voice "Either you are with us or against us"

Conventional wisdom tells us that one becomes a war hero after accomplishing a spectacular mission that paves the way for other compatriots to keep on winning. McCain, in his own admission, got shot down, captured and became a prisoner of war and yet he claims to be a war hero. Had it been an aeronautic dogfight that needs skill and prudence, he could claim some credit. It was rather a Vietnamese surface to air missile that hit his fighter-jet when he was perhaps singing "I wanna hold your hand" and didn’t check the missile coming. In fact, from Vietnamese perspective, Nguyen Van Dai was the war hero who shot down McCain.

After being a prisoner of war, McCain despicably still keeps on saying "I know how to win wars" Surely, he deceitfully means "I know how to have American youths get killed in Iraq War." His speeches show he doesn’t know that over 4,175 Americans have already been killed and 30,662 wounded as of September 29, 2008. Yet, quite frequently, McCain claims himself as a war hero. Does he ever ask himself whether that Vietnam War was a legitimate one with UN approval? The opinion of the world would be a thunderous "no" and the UN had no part in it.

To many young boys and girls, the Vietnam War was a disdainful chapter in American History. Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was then the US President. The kids all over the US kept on chanting in the campus: "Hay, hay LBJ, how many kids you killed today?" As McCain attended High School, and never had university campus experience, those anti-Vietnam War slogans didn’t reach him in his POW caps in Vietnam. McCain, ever since Vietnam War, must have been suffering from a delusion of heroism. Having done nothing heroic in Vietnam he could do no better than cling onto a story of being a POW. To him it doesn’t matter even though that infamous war caused the death of 60,164 US citizens and made another 153,452 wounded and disabled. Surely, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is right to say: "McCain is not a maverick he is a sidekick".

It is an irony that immediately after the World War II, the thundering roar of the word "Holocaust" has apparently drowned out the severity of other inhuman cruelty to the Jews in Europe for about two thousand years. Right from the crucifixion of Jesus the Christians viewed the Jews as their deadliest enemy. It is deeply tied to the New Testament’s stories of Judas helping the Romans crucify Jesus. Ever since the crucifixion, the Christians connected Judas to Judaism and regarded the Jews as a form of devil incarnates. Histories’ pages still tell us that at the coronation of Richard I in 1189, Jewish massacres and tortures formed a part of the planned celebration in the Great Britain. McCain has Scots-Irish, Anglo-Irish and English ancestry and thus cannot escape from his ancestral torture on the Jews.

While the evangelists and the politicians of the US portray themselves as the most sincere friends of the Jews today, the history’s pages are not filled with their kindness to the Jews. Even as recent as 1920, Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company sponsored a study of international activities of Jews. This led to a series of anti-Semitic articles in the Dearborn Independent newspaper published by Henry Ford from 1919 through 1927. Despite its contents being deeply sensational, Henry Ford eventually published them in a four-volume anti-Semitic work book – "The International Jew."

Even though Martin Luther’s Protestantism in Europe that largely weakened Papal tyranny, the persecution of the Jews had hardly any change. The entire history of the Jews in Europe was marked by extreme persecution. More to the shock, this period was not the pagan days of the Roman emperor, feeding human to his lions. It is only after the World War II, when the Anglo-American connivance shifted their burden of guilt-feeling and loaded it on the shoulder of the Muslims to perpetuate an ill-relation with the Judaeo-Islamic people and wiping off their two thousand years of sins.

No doubt, some US presidents were born great, some achieved greatness for their nobility of conduct and concern for the needy. McCain however thinks that greatness can be earned through deception. Obviously, McCain seems to ignore Abraham Lincoln who once said: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."