Hazy Signs in Polity


With a new obscure scenario-overcastting the political horizons of Pakistan-the dismal n’ guiltless masses-are once again up-set over the evident mixed insight of all those, who were voted to seat in the marvelous legislatures-with a ray of hope-that elected souls shall do a lot to put right the bona fide dilemmas, vexing almost every-one with the emergence of apiece dawn.

Conflicting avowals-in a way depicting rigidity n’ stringency-are in essence the root-cause for populous angst n’ agony. Whereas apex political leadership-steering the state affairs-now a days beam divergent viewpoint on crucial topics, the Opposition-too-does not lag behind in such a course.

For instance, when Prime Minister Jamali tells an MMA stalwart, Qazi Hussain Ahmed that no date was being anticipated for convening the National Assembly session, his party’s chief, Choudhry Shujaat Hussain-very next day beams to the germane circles that the NA was to ‘meet in a week’s time’.

Likewise, the MMA-some time assures to persuade the ARD, a key component of the Opposition to come to the table of talks with the government-yet simultaneously comes out an altered vow, the very next morning that it would not let the Assembly work-if a consensus does not develop on the indiscernible ‘Constitutional Package’-which is yet to be set off. The rigid stance of the Nawabzada-led ARD persists unabated.

A pragmatic view unveils the actuality that such a setting is posing serious hazards to the democratic rule-which sought re-birth only due to the on-time fulfillment of the pledge [vis-é-vis elections], President Musharraf made with nation on the very day-he took the reigns of power for a raison d’étre-well known to all. With all perceptions of wisdom, it was mandatory on the part of the voted reps to shield the egalitarian system with an all-out zest for taking it to the zeniths of a lofty triumph-with durable impact, yet paradoxically such a delusion still remains in miasma.

At the same time-the valued Parliament-has not been able to legislate even a single law, which could be phrased as a podium for the elucidation of a rock-solid way to evaporate the oodles-being faced by the public. Instead, only a pandemonium or uproar has marked-by n large-every session which took place over the past eight months.

In fact no one knows as to how the complexities are to be quenched-at least for the buoyancy much needed for a sustained democratic set-up. Obviously one can’t stay with melancholy. A way-out is ought to be identified. It’s a ubiquitous outlook that although trailing a matching path-both the party in power as well as the opposition-is perceptibly eschewing an apposite vision.

The cerebrals in the arena of intellectualism opt for an instantaneous interaction between the Premier and the opposition leaders–with Ms Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif, being the foremost-now dwelling outside Pakistan, who-being the skilled n’ adroit politicians-may prevail not only upon their aficionados but also on other leaders, synchronized with the fold of combined opposition-irrespective of their affixed inclination towards an explicit cluster or a party.

One hopes that an avid Premier Jamali would pay a serene heed to this facet as well-at least in the best interest of a durable democratic set-up. If these souls do not reciprocate the fabulous gesture of goodwill-they shall aptly stand exposed. With this acuity, the opposition-in whatever style it subsists-must comprehend the upshot of the posture, they are perusing.

Well proverbial n’ fully familiar with the end-result, they are expected of an erudite approach, like shedding a frame of mind-which is focused on-relatively elfin issues like the LFO, which can be conveniently resolved-once a stable democracy is set in motion, via the might n’ valour of the Parliament-with inmost savour.

The onus of an ostentatious n’ highfalutin adverse impact shall-ultimately-rest with all those who, in a way came as a source of inspiration n’ strength for their electorate-yet could not come up to their expectation-largely due to their atypical way of feat-in-polity. Neither the nation nor the historian shall have a silky soft corner for such envoys of peoples’ aspirations-in any way.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).