Has The Bush cartel Ordered FEMA and/or Blackwater Mercenaries to Destroy Evidence of Katrina Casualties?

Over the last few days I have been carefully monitoring news outlets for any fires that suspiciously break out, especially at night in New Orleans. I find it ostensibly strange that virtually none are being reported. Regardless, I am tracking this for good reason.

Armed with the truth of how corrupt the Bush regime truly is, I can honestly say that I have learned how to watch our incompetent leaders in action with a criminal mind. I strongly suspect that, under cover of darkness, FEMA and/or Blackwater high paid mercenaries may be using various buildings, warehouses or even abandoned homes as strategical crematorium sites for casualties so they can effectively keep the embarrassing body count to a minimum..

It’s called damage control, and next to making war and emptying our national treasury, this is what they do best. Kind of a criminal trifecta system of management. They are very good at it.

This would perfectly fit in with their enabling news media telling us NOT as many people have died as first reported. Plus, there are some other sick advantages to doing this as well: look at the money the feds would save in not having to transport, tag, identify, autopsy and document each and every one of these victims. They have already creepingly begun to deep-throat that not as many people have died as first reported. Sadly, dead people tell no tales, and as I stated above, this would efficiently help play down this bungled situation.

Additionally, here’s something else to chew on in terms of saving money — ever try to collect on a life insurance policy without a dead body to produce as evidence? It’s next to impossible. Bottom line — those flood victims not positively identified will not be given death certificates, without which nobody can collect. Trust me, they won’t go through the trouble of identifying casualties using DNA because there won’t be any personal samples available for comparison. And even if they had it, I seriously doubt that they will go to the trouble and expense of making familial comparisons.

And, keep in mind, FEMA thought they could order the media not to look at/film/report the dead, but CNN immediately filed suit, and then FEMA backed down. As a result, I wonder how many fires have quietly broken out since then? Indeed. Plus, we’ve had at least one report of a reporter being stopped and ordered to stop taking pictures while he said he had at least five guns pointed at his head

Yeah, I imagine about now – Bush and his evil-doers must be worriedly clicking their heels together with arms extended in-air for this effort. Perhaps it has soberingly became clear just how Hitler felt as his Nazis destroyed the death-camp evidence? Uh huh.

Ironically speaking of course, I’d bet the farm that Turd-blossom Rove must be truly feeling sad that all those poor dead black Democratic voters won’t be around to cast their votes next election. Although I must admit, he is definitely earning his risk management pay on this one Of course, like any well-orchestrated crime or coverup, unfortunately, I don’t have any evidence to support this claim — yet. However, knowing the gravity of this hideous crime, and coupled with the fact that many residents still remain in the area, some may be forthcoming.