Harlem Coalition will Support Mr. Ferrer

Coalition of Harlem Democrats, led by Congressman Charles B. Rangel, will not endorse three “white Democrats” biding for mayor of New York city. These three ” white Democrats” are Mark Green, Alan G. Hevesi and Peter F. Vallone. Instead the coalition will support Fernanda Ferrer, Bronx president. The Harlem Coalition’s goals do not end with electing First Puerto Rican mayor, Mr. Ferrer. Their goals go beyond that. They want to create a black-Latino coalition, aiming more representation for “minorities,” reports The New York Times, August 11, 2001. Title of the article is ” Group Seeks Black-Latino Joint Effort For Mayor”.

This much-needed endorsement by a group of black elected Democrats has windfalls for apparently trailing Mr. Ferrer against Mr. Green. It is predicted that Rev. Sharpton will join hand with the Coalition in supporting Mr. Ferrer. This endorsement of the Coalition might convince the Congressman Gregory W. Meeks of Queens to reconsider its position. He was supposed to endorse Mr. Hevesi.

According to The New York Times, prospect of a black-Latino coalition could persuaded Dennis Rivera, president of 1199/S.E.I.U., New York’s Health and Human Services Union, may also endorse Mr. Ferrer.

If this endorsement raises the chances for Mr. Ferrer to win the election, it poses a great challenge for Mr. Green. ” Several Democrats suggested yesterday said that any black support that went to Mr. Ferrer could come out of Mr. Green’s column, and could dampen any hope Mr. Green had of winning the 40 percent his aides have pushed for to avoid a runoff election.”

Mr. Rangel does not feel constrained by declaring Mr. Ferrer, the winner. ” Mr. Rangel expressed confidence in Mr. Fererr’s ability to win, but more than that, strong approval for his views. If it comes to just feeling comfortable on some of the key issues on how to govern New York, Freddie wins by a landslide.” The New York Times, August 11, 2001.

It is reported that Mr. Rangel ” want to leave a legacy of trying to pull our communities together.”

Mr. Rangel, sir, you have already created a legacy by endorsing Mr. Ferrer. Running away from Mr. Ferrer and embracing Mr. Green would have devastating effects for the communities of colors in the New York City and all over the United States. It would have been considered by the Latino community as a betrayal by their own African brothers. Latinos and African Americans stood side by side most of the occasions. The most glorious chapter they wrote in Latino- African cooperation was when they backed Mr. David Dinkin for Mayor. Besides elections, they stand by each other when any member of their community becomes the victim of discrimination by the white ruling elite. In the Congress, Latino-African leadership also cooperated on different issues. Every member of the communities of color should be thankful to the Afro-American leadership for their support in the Congress on the issue of immigration. The White ruling elite tried to exploit the Afro- American leadership on the issue of immigration issue arguing that the new immigrants would adversely effect the employment chances of the Afro-Americans. The Afro-American leadership did not buy this argument. It extended its rock-solid support on the issue of immigration which was and which is very dear to Latinos, Asians, Africans, and Caribbean.

Any rift between the Latino-African coalition benefit only the white elite and dim the chances of the communities of colors to get their due share according to their numerical strength on city, state and national level. This is what the white ruling elite wants. They want Latinos and Afro-American pit against each other and destroy themselves. This they wanted to do in the coming Mayoral election in New York city and appeared to be successful in this divide and rule game. Things were going their way and the communities of color appeared to be a house divided.

For example, the defection of former first and only Afro-American mayor of New York city Mr. David N. Dinkin sounded death bell for Latino-African coalition of which he himself was once an important part. What motives forced him to endorse Mr. Green and abandon Mr. Ferrer, they are between him and his conscience. But his decision surprised and hurt all who respected him. Any thing which is good in a human being, it is there in Mr. Dinkin. He is a humane person with lot of patience.

Then there were speculations about Rev. Sharpten that he might also support one of the three white Democrats running for mayor. The Jewish former white mayor of New York city was prompting him to apologize to the Jews for his alleged anti-Semitism and join the Jewish band wagon. With the endorsement of the Harlem Coalition of Mr. Ferrer, Rev. Sharpten’s endorsement of any white Jewish candidate is unlikely. Rev. Sharpten is a “coalition” in itself and of an independent mind. So only hope and prey that he endorses Mr. Ferrer.

Time will tell that how much Mr. Range has to pay for shaking the invincible Jewish establishment. At present it can not be predicted that what next move the Jewish leadership will make to meet the new challenge posed by this endorsement. One thing is quite clear that a tough fight is looming on the horizon for the communities of colors. Only a unified front of the communities of color can defeat the Jewish machine.

There are so many factors which make any white Jewish candidate for mayor vulnerable when he is contesting against the member of the communities of color. One factor is the numerical strength of the communities of color. At present, communities of color ( Latinos, Afro-American, Asian, Africans, Caribbean) have outnumbered the whites. At least fifty-seven percent of the population belongs to the communities of colors. So communities of color are now no more a minority in the city, White residents are now minority in the city. In this background, to defeat a white candidate is not difficult. The only condition is that all communities of color stick together. To defeat a white Jewish candidate is even more easy because their numerical strength on the national level is less than 2 percent. In the New City they do not constitute more than 10 percent.

Does a Jew should even pit itself against a candidate who belongs to the communities of color? The answer is no. On moral ground Jewish candidates should withdraw their names from mayoral election in the New York city. This gesture will not be a charity. It will be a fair game. If there are 10 white Jewish Senators in the Senate, every one owes his/her seat to the voters of the communities of color. Without their votes, non of them can win any seat in any part of the United States. Could white Jewish Charles Schumer could defeat a Catholic Senator Demato without the votes of the communities of colors. Could the darling of the Jewish establishment Senator Hillary Clinton who now stand shoulder to shoulder with white Jewish Senator Schumer could defeat Catholic Lik Razio without the overwhelming support of the communities of colors? The answer is no in both cases.

So most of the Jewish representative owes their victories to the voters of the communities of color. Without the support of the communities of color they will be reduced to political corpse. The reason is crsytal clear. Though their percentage varies from state to state but it is less than 5 percent in all the 50 states of the United States. This is also true about more than 20 white Jewish congressmen in the House of Representative. Most of them would not have been there again without the votes of the communities of colors.

Withdrawal of the Jewish candidate will also be in the interest of the Jewish establishment. It will have positive impacts on the communities of colors. Any time in any state they pit themselves against a member of the communities of color, they create hostility among the communities of colors. These communities of color are forced to think that why they all the times votes for the white Jews and when their turn comes their rival is a white Jew. They are forced to think that why Jews have 10 Senators with a population 4 to million in the United States. And why there is no Afro-American or Latino Senator in the U. S. Senate when both communities number about 80 million in the United States? It does not need a rocket scientist to know the reason. White Democrats including white Jews do not vote for a Democrat who belongs to a community of color.

A note of caution. Watch how the Jewish media play anti-communities of color role in the coming mayoral election. The word “white democrats” in The New York Times article has a special message for the 47 percent white population of the New York city. The message is that they should cross party lines and vote for a white Jew against a Purto Rican. ” A group of black elected Democrats, led by Representative Charles B. Rangel of Harlem, has decided against endorsing any of the white Democrats running for New York Mayor, and will instead seek to create a black-Latino coalition that is likely to support Fernando Ferrer’s bid to become the city’s first Pureto Rican mayor ….” The New York Times, August 11, 2001.

If this happens that white population joins hands to defeat a Pourto Rican candidate, life will not end there. Next times, when the white democrats come to grab the votes of the communities of color, they should be reminded what they did to defeat a Pourto Rican candidate. Time has come for the communities of color to use their numerical muscles to get their fair share in every election. White Democratic elite should be forced to adopt equitable policies. And white Jews should know that white Democrats can survive politically without the help of the communities of color. White Republicans and Democrats constitute about 80 percent of the US population. White Jews cannot survive politically without the help of the votes of the communities of color. They are less than 2 percent of the U.S. population.

What should the Muslims do in the coming mayrol election? That issue will be discussed in the comming weeks. They should vote for Jewish Mark Green or for a candidate who belongs to the communties of color? Or rephrase the quetion? Is Mr. Ferrer will be less detrimental to the interests of the Muslims than Mr. Green. If past has taught the Muslims any thing, a rosy scenario can not be painted. Proof? Is there any difference between the anti-Muslim policies of the Jewish former mayor Ed Kotch and the present Mayor Jullauni? The answer is no. Mr. Ed Kotch wanted those Muslim countries parking lots (completely destroyed) who wanted to help Muslim Palestinian brothers. So does Mr. Jullauni.