Hamas was surprised by the scale of the victory and it needs to be aware and wise

No one can lessen the intensity and chants of Hamas’s victory at the moment, but well said words, even if said during the intensity and chanting, will undoubtedly reach the ears of the wise members of Hamas. Therefore, we are offering advice early, while the chants and outbursts are ongoing.

Wisdom dictates that the Hamas leadership should analyze what it was surprised and stunned by –” the scale of the victory and not the victory itself.

In order to help the Hamas leadership in analyzing this, I will point out the following factors for the Hamas leadership to take into consideration when drawing up future work plans:

First factor: The first factor is the critical path Hamas followed with regards to the Palestinian Authority, especially under the presidency of Abu Mazen. Hamas was not part of the Palestinian Authority and was in the ranks of the opposition; this position gave it the freedom to criticize and the freedom to exert pressure without having to abide by the restrains imposed by positions of authority and official responsibility.

Second factor: The second factor is the mistakes President Abu Mazen has made since he was elected (the ones that touched on the fundamentals), the political action and injustice that was suffered by the fighters, acting on his own, and excessiveness in terms of giving security more time at the expense of standing up to Israel’s confiscation of lands, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the construction of the annexation wall, as well as relying too much on the support of Washington without exerting pressure on Washington which needs such pressure in order to exert as much pressure as is possible on Israel.

Third factor: The third factor is the mistakes accumulated by Fateh’s complete control over institutions, its monopoly over all privileges and positions and its marginalization of the people and their qualified individuals and the other powers and their capabilities.

Over the last years Fateh has considered Palestine to be its personal cake and thinks that the crumbs that it hands over to others are a sign of its generosity.

Thus, the people decided to punish Fateh. The result was that the punishment put unexpected votes in Hamas’s corner. The reason was the lack of a strong alternative that would combine justice, freedom, liberty, equality, national fundamentals, a secular path and a plan for a struggle needed to prevent the construction of the annexation wall and reject settlements and the Judaization of Jerusalem.

Now I offer advice to the Hamas leadership so it does not make the same mistakes the Fateh leadership did, and so it can act with the wisdom of the one in charge and with the revolutionary nature of the opposition.

The wisdom of the one in charge comes through the diligent struggle to end the Israeli occupation of lands it occupied in 1967, the dismantling of all settlements, the return of all settlers to Israel, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full control over its land, airspace and sea, with full control over its borders, and with Jerusalem as its capital.

The revolutionary nature of the opposition lies in developing the state’s institutions and services on civilized and scientific foundations to serve the people so they can have full health insurance, so the Palestinians can enjoy a first rate education from kindergarten level to university level for free, and so no family in need of welfare or financial assistance remains neglected and can therefore raise future generations on the basis of democracy, freedom, justice and dedication in serving the homeland and developing it.

It is to separate the judicial authority from the executive and legislative authority so that the judiciary is independent and fair with the law as its tool and the security services as the mechanism to implement its decisions. It is to have the independent judiciary apply the law to everyone in the executive services and in the Legislative Council.

It is to have the ministries of economy, finance, agriculture, industry and housing be supervised by a body that puts in place a complete program to fight poverty and create job opportunities for the unemployed so that every citizen can feel that he/she is a partner and not the enemy. The occupation or mafias control the economy of Palestine.

It is to put in place an agenda for culture and media that will give Palestine back the ability to shine in the whole region by crossing borders using modern technologies to impact friends and enemies based on the just nature of our struggle, our glorious heritage, history, popular strength, chants, songs, music, authors and poets, and by ensuring and preserving freedom, be it freedom of expression, travel or the freedom of a thought, a drawing, a play, a poem or a sculpture.

Therefore, what is required of Hamas is that it not remain a prisoner of the structure of Palestinian organizations, but instead to start off being as it was when it was the opposition; by considering the Palestinian people as a resource to use to free the land and build the state.

Hamas is required to look through big eyes, and to search if needs be for the best qualified individuals to carry out tasks.

A certain person could be a fighter who is well known, but he could be the worst Minister of Agriculture because he is unaware of the needs and techniques related to this position.

Our people are full of qualified individuals, and the percentage of university graduates in Palestine is the highest percentage in the Middle East in all fields. Therefore, if Hamas wants the surprise to turn into a reality it needs to have these people participate in shouldering the responsibility and needs to encourage progress and bridge the gap between the backwardness the occupation deliberately caused us and the level the advanced countries have reached in all fields. We can do this.

Hamas must not take notice of the pressure exerted by the West, and must not feel that the West is besieging it. The West is secular and rational, and it knows where to put itself to serve its interests, and its interests require the establishment of peace.

Palestinian democracy has overthrown those who monopolized the people’s cake, and has voted for the ones who wish to serve the people. Therefore, I clearly see that following both paths is one of the requirements for the success of Hamas and the new Palestinian experience.

The path of the wisdom of the one in charge and the revolutionary nature of the opposition will bring together everyone because peace is needed internationally, regionally and for Israel. This situation, if treated well, will bring back the lands occupied by Israel in 1967 and will result in the establishment of a sovereign independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.