God Shed Dis-Grace on Thee? Will that be Our New National Anthem?

Meria Heller’s Column

America is changing. In two short years we’ve lost a huge surplus in our budget and no one seems to know where it went. It’s not in my pocket, is it in yours?

We went from having a Constitution and Bill of Rights to the USA Patriot Act and the Homeland “In-Security” Act.

War is now a common term and the target seems to change weekly. With a declaration of total lunacy an “axis of evil” was condemned by an un-elected P-Resident. A few months later those very same nations are acting according to accusation. My mother used to say “if you’re going to have the name, you might as well play the game”. Obviously this is not just an American-Italian expression.

America went from the illusion of a two party system to the reality that Corporatism rules and owns our government. It is no longer a government by, for and of the people. It is a fascistic regime under the rule of Corporations.

The people and organizations that we pay to protect us haven’t. They have capitulated to the dictums from the White House to continue throwing “fear” and lies of “terrorism” at the population. Fear is all about control.

Innocent Americans are being harassed, rounded up, stopped from flying, threatened, locked up, denied access to lawyers or even knowledge of what crime they are charged with. Family dogs are even suffering under this administration, led by the madness of John Ashcroft, self appointed “Angel of Death”.

While George Bush Jr. complains that he’s tired of games and deception from the Iraqi’s, all we get from him is games and deception. What else could you call refusal to answer questions, set up independent commissions, disclose the slaughter of the Constitution piece by piece? If games and deceptions really bothered him, he’d have to walk away from his entire cabinet, media, and personal relations people.(his family too).

When Donald Dumsfeld decided the ABM Treaty was antiquated (again, it takes one to know one) what did they expect the rest of the world to do? Hold up to their end of the bargain when we didn’t?

When the brains in D.C. said we have the right to pre-emptive strikes, disregard the U.N., disregard the weapons inspectors, what did they expect the rest of the world to do? Take it? Even a dullard would realize the right to defend themselves against the Global bully we have become known as (and worse) under this un-elected regime.

If charity begins at home, so does regime change. I thought the government was here to serve the people, not the other way around? All we are being served is insults to our intelligence and collective reasoning.

83% of Americans polled by CBS realize the war in Iraq is about oil. What other reason do we have for being “diplomatic” with a self admitted WMD country as No. Korea, while digging furiously for any trace of WMD in Iraq?

The world looks at us sixteen months after 9/11/01 as a nation of killers. Insane. Moronic. As the number one country in the world that threatens world peace. How did this happen so quickly? What happened to the outpouring of love and support right after 9/11? The MEDIA suggested to the regime that Americans would want revenge. So we went out and bombed any old country. We picked one that couldn’t defend itself (and lost anyway) Afghanistan. We left a token behind, depleted uranium. The same stuff the Navy is testing off the Pacific coast of America. Fish anyone? D.U. the stuff that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Racism has become another overt character trait of the new regime. Think Lott, Pickering, Thurmond and the like. Now Bush says affirmative action must go. Women’s rights must go. Environmental rights must go. Abortion rights must go. Workers rights must goééMust I go on?

We have been thrown back into a time warp here. We are going back to the stone age. Yet we consider ourselves civilized. Civilized. Starving our own people, rewarding the corporate hoodlums. Starving the rest of the planet, feeding them bombs and hate. Poisoning our air, food and water. With the new vaccines, poisoning ourselves and our future. Locking up innocent citizens, while letting the wolves regroup under Chapter 11 or hide behind their lobbyists and lawyers.

What scares me is that most Americans (uneducated due to the media of mass distraction) seem to be in favor of all this. As long as they “have their own”. Kill, kill, kill. That’s the American Way. If you don’t believe me go see the movie “Bowling for Columbine”. A nasty bunch are we.

When a true patriot stands up or speaks up for what he believes in he is considered a traitor or Un-American. How Un-American is it to want to preserve the rights that were fought for and died for? When our numbers are out there protesting, people ridicule them. Why? What are the non-protesters afraid of? Losing their rights? They are already good as gone. Losing their livelihood? Check the stats. There have been more consistent loss of jobs in America since Georgie got into power than any President in history and the clock keeps ticking. Losing their retirement? Already gone. Losing their cushy “lifestyle” ? Give me a break. What lifestyle?

We have poor, homeless, uninsured, unemployed, uneducated, untrained, indigent people living in the streets of our country. We try to ignore them as we rush by, but there they are. What scares people about them so? Perhaps a vision of Christmas Future?

Hot spots in the world are all following our lead, and our lead SUCKS. Plain and simple.

Proliferation of WMD, breaking of international treaties, disregarding basic human rights, blowing hot air and threats at other nations, ignoring sovereignty of other nations, must I continue?

Oh, I forgot the most repulsive claim of all in this madness é the old “God is on our side” and we are fighting “evil”. Religious clap-trap. God requires actions, not words.

When I was a kid I loved singing “America, America, God shed his grace on thee” and now it’s “America, America, God sheds dis-grace on thee”.

What are YOU the reader going to do about it? I know what I’m going to do. I will continue to alert true patriots of the dangers of slumber while our rights get taken away in secret courts by a secret government. I’m going to encourage everyone to do what they can to protest the “machine”. I’m going to tell you to stay off drugs, especially those the government would have you put your life on the line to take. I’m going to tell you not to believe anything you hear on the fake news thrown at you 24/7. I’m going to continue to pray for world peace and democracy for all people everywhere. I refuse to believe in “evil” and that God is on our side.

I’m a realist. Been there, done that, and even bought the tee shirt. I’m sick and tired of the lies, and what my own country has become. Join me in getting educated. Tune into my show and learn the truth about what is going on. Then, be pro-active. Don’t wait till they come for you, as they surely will if you don’t fight the “machine”. Corporatism is a true evil that has taken over the planet, people’s lives, resources, rights and happiness. It’s time to take the Corporations down. Starve a corporation and feed true democracy.

If money is their power, cut their money out. Pull the plug. Say no to spending. My mother also taught me “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. They will and can fall.

Meria Heller is MMN‘s columnist and one of the most popular webcaster on the Internet. She hosts an international webcast heard in over sixty countries, and has for over two years now. She believes in truth, justice and humanitarianism for all living things.