God and Presidents


Republican Party troubles are bringing out the worse in Democrats and secularists around the globe. They are gloating, and gleeful at the fall of the neo-cons, (international translation) " Zionist ideologues," Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, and also Congressman Tom Delay who is an icon of the Zionist Christian right, and an iron-fisted legislator who is famous for pushing the Republican Party agenda in the House of Representatives. Ironically his counterpart in the Senate, Republican Senator Bill Frist is also in trouble, being suspected of insider trading, a crime that was made familiar to us during the Martha Stewart trial.

These men gained international notoriety as the movers and shakers in Washington following Bush’s re-election and its attribution to the religious right’s evangelical zeal that mobilized their rank and file, and also to the neo-cons money and organizational skills. Even though the attribution may have been a deliberate error, one of many made by the media both during and following the 2004 presidential election, the idea that these two groups had won a controlling influence over the Bush administration seemed real enough to most people. Bush opened his second term with medals doled out to the primary players in the Israeli US foreign policy coup d’état which led us into Iraq, and the subsequent occupation, George Tenet and Paul Bremer. He immediately nominated now Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice for her post at the US State Department, a reward from Sharon that many believe was given in return for her hawkish stance on the US led invasion of Iraq. Her Likud inspired unilateralist position on US foreign policy starkly contrasted the position of both the President and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and was more inline with the Vice President’s and the neo-con position, which made the nomination odd to some observers, yet quite predictable to others. Rice’s unilateralist stance was engraved into history by the persuasiveness of her televised warning. Rice warned that should the US not invade Iraq right away, without wasting time on building a coalition, or going to the US Congress or the UN, all steps that Bush took, we might all awaken suddenly to a mushroom cloud. It was assumed at that time that the implication was that Saddam Hussein was prepared, within weeks, or even days, to attack the US with a nuclear bomb. Looking back, and listening again to this warning, some observers now believe that the warning may not have conveyed a threat from Iraq, but rather a threat being made by Israel. The recess appointment of Rice’s pick, UN Ambassador John Bolton, whose confirmation was stalled in the Senate due to his history as a Zionist political operative and ideologue followed Rice’s confirmation. That in turn caused many to believe that the die was cast, and the US was now officially, and irreversibly under Zionist occupation. This fear was exacerbated by quiet attempts to change the line of succession to the Presidency, advancing the head of Homeland Security from an obscure spot on the list to number 4 or 5 on the totem pole.

The present stark turn of events that now have Republicans and others on the defense rather than the offense to which they are accustomed, is creating absolute glee in many circles, and not only among gloating Democrats. Perhaps in response to the strong smell of Bush administration political blood in the waters, the BBC of London has presented a nail for the neo-conservative, and Christian evangelical coffin, while their real target is Bush. They are reporting that Bush told Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abass that God directed him to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power, and also to achieve the creation of a Palestinian state. This, along with Bush’s prideful parade of Zionist political horses before the public following his re-election, could be an attempt to convince us that not only is our President a Zionist puppet, but that he is also a religious fanatic, who hears voices. It might also be an attempt to convince the world that Israel had nothing to do with the US decision to enter Iraq or with the President’s rewards and appointment blunders. Those blunders included the appointment of the former FEMA head that dropped the ball following hurricane Katrina, creating a PR nightmare for Bush in New Orleans. Brown was actually recommended for the position at the head of FEMA by Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat and neo-liberal, neo-con. The media has buried that bit of trivia, hoping no doubt, to keep the fire burning undisturbed under Bush.

Blaming God and Bush for everything going wrong in US foreign policy is a rather obvious bit of political bludgeoning, that follows the UK’s legislative push to silence any criticism of Israel. It is possibly being carried out to also convince us to believe that Sharon’s military withdrawal and destruction of a few illegal Jewish settlements in Gaza had nothing to do with making way for the two-state solution. A Palestinian state is presently a very unpopular idea among Zionists and their supporters, still aching from images of settlers being removed by force from illegally occupied territory. In other words, Zionists are out to save Sharon and Israel’s image. If it was God who prompted Bush to invade Iraq, and not Sharon and his flock of Likud operatives and sympathizers in the US government and Britain, Israel is safe from any condemnation or criticism related to the Iraq war. Sharon’s success in thwarting Benjamin Netanyahu’s most recent challenge, suggests that Zionist are also willing to save Sharon, who has said that there will never again be forced evacuations from illegally occupied territories, and that settlements will be expanded in the illegally occupied West bank. It is pretty obvious that they are also out to destroy George W. Bush, who has been credited with successfully pressuring Sharon to cooperate with the Quartet, whose roadmap peace initiative is tethered to a commitment to a two-state solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict. Abbass’s role in all of this is merely further proof of the Palestinian Authority’s weakness, and lack of character and conviction about anything. The PA is regularly characterized as a bunch of political opportunists whose primary goal is to stay in power. What will Abass get in return for his interview with the BBC? A meeting with Sharon in Jordan, and maybe, a meeting with President Bush. What he will not get is international respect among world leaders, and others who dislike leaders who act like petty gossips who will dish the dirt on anyone for a dollar, or a deal.

Again, as in the invasion of Iraq, and the WMD hoax, the media played a leading role in advancing a deceptive theory. They courted and touted the idea that the neo-conservatives and their Christian Zionist supporters re-elected Bush, which unexpectedly opened the door to the present backlash against the Zionist influence in the Party. They did this perhaps to convince us that international Zionists should rightfully own a disproportionate and unchallengeable amount of US political capital if indeed the body politic followed them to the polls and handed them a mandate. The media pushed this story, which like many other media lies, was made true simply because enough of us believed it. Zionist were treated by the media with open-microphone day, and night, as they lined up to inform the US public and the world that as the victors, they expected spoils, yet instead of spoils, they got flying daggers. While they got flying daggers, we got Bush and God, gloating Democrats and secularists, a controversial Supreme Court nominee that has angered the neo-cons, another questionable terror scare in New York, and of course, cable news punditry that included not surprisingly, more analysis by Steven Emerson.

Unfortunately, none of this explains the relationship between God and Presidents. Does God talk to Presidents? Let’s hope so and let’s pray that when God talks to them, in whatever way that he does, those Presidents will listen. Up until now, its pretty obvious looking out at the world, that the devil has certainly done his share of talking. Since no one will tell the BBC who Satan talks to, we may never know for sure who his powerful subjects are, but we can guess. So if God talks to George W. Bush, it might be a good thing.

What the BBC claims God reportedly said to Bush are obviously what many supplicants in Iraq and Palestine had been praying for. Freedom from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, no more mass graves, and gassings of entire segments of populations at the behest of anyone, including the United States and Israel, Hussein’s former friends and allies. The people probably also used to pray for an end to UN economic sanctions, the isolation and so-called containment of Iraq, and exposure of the corrupt oil for food program, and an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of the Gaza strip. Of course the dark side of the Iraq invasion and the two-state solution is the insurgency which many believe is a joint enterprise between Israel and some misguided Arab countries. The Abu Ghraib torture scandal was of course the result of US capitulation to Israeli military intelligence involvement and policy on the interrogation of detainees. The Gaza strip is presently an isolated and easy target for Israeli air strikes and targeted killings, and its resistance fighters are being pressured to disarm, which would make Gaza even more vulnerable, and subject to a permanent re-entry by Israel. Did God talk to Bush? We may never know, but what we do know is that Satan and his minion will not give up without a fight, and neither should we. If God led Bush into Iraq, a victory awaits the Iraqi people, if God told Bush to establish a Palestinian state, there will be a Palestinian state. If not, at least some important prayers have been answered, and we should be pleased with that, while continuing to listen for God’s guidance, knowing that God guides whomever He chooses, whether the Democrats, secularists and the BBC like it or not.