George W. Bush obviously unclear on the concept of Iraqi Freedom

George W. Bush seems to be blissfully unaware that the U.S. has had no interest in Iraqi freedom. The U.S. did not enter Iraq by invitation of the people of Iraq, other than some corrupt, money-grubbing expatriates who had no support of the masses within Iraq. Instead, America entered Iraq courtesy of a spectacular military bombardment using the latest death dealing technologies of war. America killed thousands of Iraqi civilians in its war of conquest, which was never intended to be an operation creating any sort of real "freedom" for the Iraqi people.

Even as the dust of the original invasion started to settle, it became very clear that the primary goal of the U.S. invasion was to expropriate Iraqi petroleum resources for the benefit of American corporations, which had pre-signed contracts with the Pentagon to "rebuild" Iraq, after a decade of inhumane sanctions and two wars conducted by the world’s most powerful military against the ragtag Iraqi army.

So, first Bush and his pals Cheney and their corporate friends at Halliburton and Bechtel "liberated" the oil wells and the oil infrastructure. Step 2 of the "liberation" of Iraq was to "free" the entire economy from Iraqi ownership into the ownership and control of American corporations. Now, Iraqis are "free" from the possibility of reaping profits from their national economy, including ports, electric services, banking, airports, shipping, water systems, agriculture, and any other potential profit making large-scale enterprises within Iraq. America has "freed" the Iraqi people from the opportunities to enrich themselves from their own economy, and that "burden" has been shifted to more money grubbing American (and British and selected other) interests.

The Iraqi people have been "freed" from the worry of selecting their own government; instead American viceroy Bremer and his Kissinger-like colleagues have selected the ruling body on behalf of the people. Additionally, Americans are freeing the Iraqi people of the ability to devise a constitution based on their own history, ethics and morality, and instead have fast-tracked a mew constitution based on American philosophies under the government best described as Vichy Iraq.

Iraqis are free to do as they are told by the Americans. Iraqis are free to accept the hardships brought on by American war-making and occupation. Iraqis are free to be killed if they object and especially if they fight the occupation. Iraqis are free to die rather than accept the George W. Bush’ concepts of liberation.

Iraq is like a small fish being squeezed under the tentacles of a huge squid. Iraqi’s have lost their freedom, their country, and their national identity (at present). The question is: Can Iraq manage to throw off their enslavers? Can Iraqi freedom fighters, acting like David, knock down and conquer Goliath?

History tells us the India threw off the yoke of Britain. Afghanistan threw off the yoke of the Soviets. Vietnam threw off the yoke of the American Empire. A lot of blood was spilled. A lot of time was required. But a determined people can win back its freedom. Perhaps even George W. Bush will learn this.