George Bush is embarrassing



I voted for Ralph Nader, not because he had a chance to win, but because the other two candidates were embarrassing. By my calculations, neither would qualify for dog catcher.  If Nader wasn’t in the race, my next choice would have been to vote for George Bush, just for the satisfaction of kicking Al Whore in the ass. I figured Al deserved it because he picked a certain loserman for weep and both of them were just too promiscuous with the Israeli Lobby.

Damn, how I despise politicians. Who raises these guys to be walk mats for war criminals like Ariel Sharon? What kind of cereal do they pump into their kids to compensate for withholding the milk of human kindness? What does Bush mama and Bush papa think of sonny boy rallying around the butcher of Sabra and Shatila and Qibya?  What kind of family allows their oldest son to be so publicly humiliated in front of the whole world, only to go back and grovel in front of a serial mass murderer? If this is the new American aristocracy, George Bush is making a very eloquent statement about the political dwarfism that results from hereditary rule.

Every time I hear George Bush talking about values, I check my inventory of vomit bags.  George Bush is as married to Ariel Sharon as his dad was. Isn’t that considered incestuous behavior? Isn’t the real issue the price a political animal will accept for abandoning basic values? George Bush has an amorous relationship with a documented child killer called Ariel Sharon. The mothers of Sharon’s victims share the graves of their children and Bush’s daddy can tell junior exactly where to locate these mass graves? Because he was ‘President of foreign policy’ when Sharon was given an American green light to invade Lebanon twenty years ago. And you wonder how these relationships happen? They are passed down from father to son.  George Bush came to the White House with a closet full of bones from his father’s twelve year collection.

The big fat secret about our president is that he is a careless man who makes it up as he goes. His foreign policy de jure all depends on the last Israel Firster he consulted on how to properly bow in the presence of Sharon.

Sharon isn’t the brightest Israeli thug to be elected Prime Minister. But he certainly knows how to publicly spit in Bush’s face and then claim credit for handing him a hanky to clean himself up. And to think Bush went to the trouble of postponing Sharon’s appointment at the Hague.

The trouble with George is his brain ain’t big enough to tangle with the consortium of Israeli ‘think tanks’ that have come to dominate the making of American foreign policy. At least Clinton was sharp enough to know who he was sleeping with. Bush does not even bother investigating whether Sharon is contagious.  When a president of the United States sleeps with a war criminal, he also ends up sleeping with the burden of the victims. It is not something that ever gets erased from the history books.

George Bush’s legacy will come down to 911, Enron and Sharon.  While the whole world rallied to the cause of Palestinian liberty, George Bush chose to abandon world leadership for a risky courtship with Sharon to cover up for Enron and 911.  The Prez is just weird that way.

A lot of folks, led by the Yiddish supremacist movement, have accused the president of mental retardation.  Of course, that was a smear campaign to get Al Whore back to the whore house.  But there is a grain of truth to the fact that Bush does not have to make a great effort to act stupid.

The Palestinian cause is about justice denied, lives destroyed, survivors maligned, lands stolen, freedom usurped, homes and villages erased from the face of the earth, human dignity exchanged for humiliation, farms confiscated, natural resources allocated preferentially based on ethnicity, collective memories denigrated, communal lives disrupted, freedom of movement curtailed, promises full of lies and American presidents without spines. And this president inherited the lack of spine from daddy.

Bush and Sharon. What a couple. Is this marriage good for American national security? Is it healthy for our reputation as a people? Does George Bush think Sharon will let him get out of the deal without losing half the house? Sharon who has been called a ‘serial arsonist’ by his own countrymen is going to hang all those green lights on Bush. And it won’t feel like Christmas.

So, go ahead, junior. Gamble with our national security because you think Sulzberger will give you good copy in the New York Times for being servile to his country, Israel. Go ahead and allow America to be publicly humiliated by Sharon and his goon squads. To what end? You think maybe the media moguls will arrange for a lighter Enron judgment for you and Cheney?

When George Bush finally comes around to the international consensus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, people around the world will know that he did it not out of conviction, but under pressure. So, even fixing his policies will not fix his legacy.

How does the Bush administration intend to explain American policies to the Arab Street or the Japanese Street or the French Street. No amount of double talking will manage to obscure that Bush capitulated to the Israeli Lobby our of purely personal political considerations.

The most disturbing aspect of Bush policy is that Sharon is not even expected to reciprocate. Just yesterday he was in a shouting match with his Defense Minister when Ben Elizar suggested political solutions. Sharon thundered that their would be no diplomacy, just military solutions. He has clearly stated that no compromise would be made on the settlements and has continued to expand them. Bush has not even bothered to press him on the subject of human rights violations and violations of Geneva convention laws governing the conduct of occupation armies. Because Bush knows he will get flogged in public again if he so much as makes a peep.

Poor Bush. So totally under siege by the lobby and their hired hands in the senate. Poor Bush. So easily manipulated by the right wing wackos in the Israeli ‘think tanks. Poor Bush. Having to show up in public with a black eye from Sharon. Poor Bush. He will eventually be blamed by the left wing of the Israeli Lobby for the policy failures resulting from his appeasement of the right wing of the lobby. They will get him coming and going. And in the end, they will treat him just like they treated dear old dad.

Perhaps George Bush should ask Sharon to pretty please tell him what he plans to do after demolishing every element of Oslo. I am not suggesting that Bush would suddenly grow a spine and stand up for the beleaguered Palestinians. Neither am I suggesting that George Bush become a champion of Palestinian freedom. Rather, I am speculating that it might be useful for the American government to inquire if Sharon is going to proceed with the next natural step, the expulsion of the Palestinians.  Perhaps the State Department can make some hasty plans for an American public relations campaign to distance Bush from Sharon’s future war crimes.