Gallows in Iraq!

Amid swelling spate of chaos and mayhem in Iraq, an armed group, which was holding two innocent Pakistani nationals as its hostages has, eventually done the nasty and callous act by taking the two lovely lives–”for no fault on their part–”whatsoever.

As reported by Qatar-based Arabic al-Jazeera satellite news channel, it had received a videotape showing the killings but ‘would not air it as it was too gruesome.’

The two Pakistanis were identified as Raja Azad and Sajid Naaim and both of them are from Azad Kashmir.

On Monday, the captors said they had kidnapped two Pakistanis with one Iraqi

The cluster calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq said in a statement aired by the channel that the two Pakistanis had been sentenced to death ‘because their country would probably send troops to Iraq.’

Whether one accepts it or not, the reality remains intact that this awful episode–”the first of its nature–”is going to index an across-the-board impact with enormous reaction by all segments of the society within Pakistan in meticulous and around the world in broad-spectrum.

No-doubt, along with denunciation of the wicked killers of the two brave men, who were working on the volatile soil of Iraq–”just to earn livelihood and succor to feed their modest families–”all those realms, going by the aspires of the United States vis-à-vis Iraq shall also have to face a thorny and problematic scenario.

Its’ now a well-acquainted fact that the United States has its’ own peculiar and vested interests in Iraq, which was invaded by it–”obviously with ‘some exclusive designs,’ a testimony of which came out even from its’ [US] own terrain via diverse texts and avowal, which–”in a way revealed–”that Washington had no justification to embark on an onslaught on a sovereign country–”Iraq and that too without any raison d’être.

Despite all this, the a part of the world accepted the US stroke with an optimism that after having ‘achieved its goal to depose Saddam Hussein, the United States shall live in peace and let the people of Iraq to have an identical milieu–”their pragmatic right.’ Yet ironically, things are going other-way-round.

Besides killings of Iraqi–”and even the marines of the US-led coalition–”turning a daily affair, the lives of all those aliens–”who are engaged in correcting the post-ambush epoch by rebuilding Iraq–”are simultaneously faced with risks and perils.

Such environ has given a free-hand to hideous elements to go far any perilous course–”of their ‘own choice.’ This has–”of-course set a setting for the gruesome species to prop up for the rumpus and ruckus–”any-where, in any-style and any-time.

The assassination by the wicked group of militants–”of the two gallant and heroic Pakistani nationals who were doing a noble job of ameliorating the lot of the people in Iraq–”is ought to serve as an eye-opener to the entire world–”most explicitly to the one, which entails the fabulous echo as the civilized-one, which shall have to bear in mind that if such a tragedy can plunge onto Pakistan–”in no way, any-one else–”even the Master (s) of today’s world can feel to be safe–”in any mode or manner. In fact, threats and hazards shall continue to puff up–”if remedial measures to eliminate terrororism in its’ all forms and manifestations–”with the roots and causes of such a frightful setting is not caged–”at-once.

It is this apposite time that the United State bring in strong and catholic changes–”both in its policies and perceptions. To achieve this goal, it must respect the sovereignty of ever-one, irrespective of one’s size, faith, cast, color, creed or credo and eschew the style of giving dictation to any-one–”with the same parameters. It should not impose or propose conditions or pre-conditions on any facet–”whatsoever it may be. Instead, the podium of the Statute of Liberty–”should set off esteem for the liberty of each and every domain. With such an outlook, not only that the United States shall clutch the worldwide adore but would also pave vistas for the global affluence in manifold arenas.

President Bush ought not to wrestle for his triumph in the November-polls. He would get his dream translated into a reality [to get back to the Oval Office]–”provided he opts for a positive course via peace in place of broils or brawls. Else, by affixing his mindset with the present ‘strategies’, he will virtually, be helping his arch political rival, John Kerry to reach the peaks and pinnacles.

At the same time, we would like to suggest to the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan to revamp the world body by giving it a momentous strength and impetus to do its’ job strictly in line with the world body’s charter, which is as cogent, coherent and vivid and vibrant–”as sunshine. The only step, required is to place it in practice–”for the peace all-over.

With the sad slain of the unique souls of Pakistan on the soils of Iraq, we would suggest Mr. Annan not to force or coerce any country to send its’ troops to Iraq–”without any shield or protection in the wake of hotheaded situation–”known the world-over–”so as to ensure that no more innocents are beheaded–”as a scapegoat.

We endorse the statement of President Pervez Musharraf whereby he has made it crystal-clear to every-one including Mr. Kofi Annan that Pakistan ‘could consider sending troops only if the request comes from the Iraqi government and other Islamic countries also do the same–”and above all as and when Pakistan’s Parliament approves such a plea. Every-one in Pakistan feels confident that the President shall–”in no way–”inflict even an elfin flexibility on the judicious pledge and would snub and ignore all types of pressures–”if and when beamed by ‘any-one’, in the best interest of the nation, which loves him [Musharraf] very much rather par excellence due to his marvelous policies, aimed at making Pakistan sound and strong towards every aspect.

Finally, we share the grief of the kin of the two chivalrous and valiant sons of the Pakistani soil who have fallen victim at the ferocious hands of the militants in Iraq. We pray to Almighty Allah to bless their souls in eternal peace and give optimal courage and fortitude to their bereaved families to bear this titanic tragedy–”which is not confined to a set of people–”but a national loss, by all perceptions. A’ameen.