Full text of Saudi King’s speech delivered remotely to 76th UN General Assembly

Full text of Saudi King's speech delivered remotely to 76th UN General Assembly

Riyadh (UNA-OIC) – Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud confirmed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s perpetual commitment with the international legitimacy principles and resolutions, respect of national sovereignty of all countries and non-interference in other countries internal affairs.

The monarch also underscored the importance of making the Middle East a mass destruction weapons free, and his country’s continuation to confront extremist thought based on the rhetoric of hate and exclusion as well as the practices of terrorist groups and sectarian militias which manage to destruct people and nations.

The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques reiterated in the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he delivered on Thursday via virtual communication before the 76th UN general assembly in New York, the Kingdom’s keenness on the recovery of the global economy, citing the pioneering efforts the Kingdom has exerted, in cooperation with its partners in OPEC+ and within the framework of the G20 to address the severe consequences of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in order to enhance the world oil market stability, its balance and supplies in a way that preserves the interests of producers and consumers as well.

Following is the text of the speech:

“In the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful

Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, Your Excellencies,

Mr. President of the General Assembly, Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May Peace be with you.

In the beginning, we would like to congratulate Mr. Abdulla Shahid for having been elected President of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, and I wish him success in fulfilling his duties. I also would like to thank his predecessor Mr. Volkan Bozkir for his efforts during his term as president of the previous session. I would like also to congratulate the UN Secretary-General for having been re-elected for a second term, applauding his unique efforts to improve the efficiency of the UN institutions in order to achieve the goals of its charter.

Mr. President,

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a founding member of the UN. Ever since its signing the charter in San Francisco, the Kingdom has been committed with the UN’s objectives and principles which aim to preserve international peace and security, bring about peaceful settlements to conflicts, respect sovereignty and independence, and avoid interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. The challenges facing the international community today necessitate the strengthening of international multi-lateral cooperation.

COVID-19 pandemic has proven that the path to sustainable recovery depends on our cooperation, all together, in a collective framework. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played a vital role in leading the international response to this pandemic during its G20 presidency last year. The Kingdom supported the global efforts to face this pandemic with US$ 500 million, in addition to providing US$ 300 million in aid to assist the countries’ efforts to combat the pandemic.

Despite the economic difficulties, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains committed to its substantial humanitarian and developmental role in assisting the most needy countries, and those affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. In 2021, the Kingdom is the largest provider of humanitarian and developmental aid in the Arab and Muslim worlds, and among the top three donor countries internationally.

The Kingdom is keen on the recovery of the global economy. This is clearly reflected in the Kingdom’s pioneering efforts in cooperation with its OPEC+ partners, and within the G20, to address the severe consequences of COVID-19 pandemic in order to strengthen the oil markets’ stability and balance of supplies in a way that maintains the interests of suppliers and consumers.

Mr. President,

The Kingdom is aware of the importance of combating the efforts to face the mutual challenge of climate change and its adverse impacts. Therefore, the Kingdom has launched unique initiatives that are important to the region and the world, most prominent of which are the Saudi Green Initiative, the Green Middle East Initiative, and the Circular Carbon Economy which together will effectively contribute to achieving the global targets in these sectors.

The essence of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is to achieve prosperity, build a better future, and create a leading economy as well as dynamic society engaged with the world. Five years since the inception of Vision 2030, we have made tremendous headway in supporting local industry, developing infrastructure, information technology and energy solutions, investing in many other sectors as well as empowering women and youth, and improving the quality of life for all.

In this spirit, the Kingdom’s foreign policy pays utmost attention to strengthening peace and security, supporting dialogue and peaceful solutions, and creating the right conditions conductive to achieving development and meeting peoples’ aspirations for a better tomorrow in the Middle East and around the world. This spirit manifested itself in the Kingdom’s success in sponsoring agreement among the GCC member states, and our effective contribution to the Friends of Sudan group, as well as our support for Iraq’s efforts to restore its recovery and status. The Kingdom also strongly supports the efforts aiming at bringing about a binding peaceful settlement for the Renaissance Dam problem in a way that protects Egypt’s and Sudan’s water rights. The Kingdom supports the UN-sponsored peaceful solutions for the crises in Syria and Libya, and all the efforts aimed at achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan to meet the aspirations of the Afghan people and preserve the rights of all members of their society.

Mr. President,

We emphasize that peace is the strategic option for the region through a just and permanent solution for the Palestinian issue based on the relevant international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative in a way that ensures the rights of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Yemen Peace Initiative presented by the Kingdom in March of this year is capable of ending the conflict, stopping the bloodshed, and putting an end to the suffering of the fraternal Yemeni people. Unfortunately, the terrorist Houthi militia continues to reject the peaceful solutions, opting instead for the military option to control more Yemeni land, and carrying out daily aggression against civilian objects inside the Kingdom, and undermining international navigation and global energy supplies. The Houthi militia is using the suffering of the Yemeni people and their dire need for humanitarian aid, as well as the risks presented by the deteriorating condition of the vessel FSO Safer as tools for bargaining and extortion.

Mr. President,

The Kingdom has always abided by the principles and resolutions of the international legitimacy, paying respect to the national sovereignty of all states, and rejecting the interference in the internal affairs of other countries. The Kingdom reserves the legitimate right to defend itself against the attacks launched by ballistic missiles, and explosive-laden UAVs and boats. The Kingdom categorically rejects any attempt to interfere in its internal affairs.

Iran is a neighboring country. We hope that our preliminary talks with it lead to tangible outcome to build trust, paving the way to achieve aspirations of our peoples in building relations of cooperation based on the compliance with principles and resolutions of the international legitimacy, respect for sovereignty, and avoid interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, as well as its cessation from all types of support for terrorist groups and sectarian militias that have brought only war, destruction, and suffering to the peoples of the world.

The Kingdom stresses the importance of maintaining a WMD-free Middle East. Accordingly, the Kingdom supports the international efforts aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The Kingdom expresses its grave concern over Iranian actions which are contradictory to its commitments and pose stark contrast to what Iran always claimed that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes.

The Kingdom will continue to counter the extremist ideology that is based on the rhetoric of hate and exclusion. The Kingdom is steadfast in combating the practices of terrorist groups and sectarian militias that bring destruction people and nations. The Kingdom underscores the importance of the international community standing firmly against all those who support, sponsor, finance, and harbor terrorist groups and sectarian militias, or use them as a means to spread chaos and destruction, furthering their hegemony and influence.

May peace be upon you”.

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