From Washington to Kabul, Inquest of Asia

In a planned scheme of things America responded to the attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon. When USA sensed that the world may not go to war Against assumed and presumed terrorism via resolutions passed through the UN, they acted swiftly and unilaterally by calling it their right to attack for self defense. Poor people of Afghanistan were showered with American war machine adventurism through a so-called coalition against terrorism. America has now succeeded in installing a broad based coalition government in Afghanistan to oppose the Taliban, the current rulers fighting for their survival in Kandhar area. This broad based government is 70 % Northern Alliance and its supporters with remaining slots going to United Front and others. How far they retain the support of Americans will be seen in next few months, as the news of defections in the ranks and file of this setup have already started coming. Plus they are all Afghans and Muslims having deep resentment against Americans not withstanding present expediency. There is also likelihood that Taliban with very little war machine and experience of running government had won peace, security and were moving on literacy for Afghans. They may soon regain their relevance and popularity in the masses of Afghanistan inspite of all the negative propaganda of the West dubbing them as terrorist and retrogrades.

When two major Islamic parties in Pakistan had finalized with prior knowledge of American Ambassador in Pakistan surrender and a fair international trial of Osama bin Laden at Peshawar as reported in a leading daily of London, the leaders of Western civilization dismissed this move with contempt. On the same day as this offer was turned down, the United Nations representative of food agency pleaded with the US to stop the bombing to try to save millions of starving Afghanis, this plea was later also voiced by OXFAM and Christian Aid group which also went unheard and un-reported.

Apparently it is quite clear that whatever is happening is some sort of silent genocide. It also provides a good deal of insight into the prevalent Imperialist culture, the culture that we are subservient to. It indicates that whatever will happen, we are not pushed. We have turned deaf and dumb to any plans that are being made and implemented on the assumption that they may lead to the death of several million people in these very days. Very casually all the champions of human rights and dignity for mankind have opted to become mute spectator to this genocidal killings by America and its allies.

During last half a century of American 200 years history, America conquered half of Mexico, carried out depredations all over the region, Caribbean and Central America, and sometimes beyond. America conquered Hawaii and the Philippines, killing hundreds of thousands of Filipinos in the process. Since World War II America has extended its tentacles around the world in a manner that it was killing some one else on a foreign territory, it was others who were killed till the time 11th September took a new turn in international events to achieve the one world government plan under global village and WTO without further delay. History of Europe is more horrendous then the American, America is a offshoot of Europe, it is a well known fact that for past hundreds of years, Europe has been involved in massacre of people all over the world. That is how they conquered the world and not by handing out burgers and fish and chips. During this Europe did suffer murderous war, it was European killers murdering one another, reflection of which can be seen in Ireland.

The fall of Empires has not served a useful purpose to those who aspire to build new empires, the World Jewry is quick in their move to restart the unfinished agenda of David and Solomon – The King of the World, as it is their belief that with the advent of new millennium they will again rule the world, all the world resources will be theirs and they will then turn the world into a living heavens of their own kind, and this leads them to embark upon a crusade in 21st century against the faithful believers in Islam.

Of all the land mass in the world Asia is the largest and on top of it, it has largest resources of the world. Still it does not match in economic and military strength with the North America, the reason being that the Americans are better players on the world chessboard.

Christopher Columbus the famous explorer sailed westward to find India, famous for its wealth and landed in America in 1492. Although the credit for discovering America goes to Christopher Columbus and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle of Spain to finance his voyage, history records that Musalmans had already traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to that far off land. Since there was no patrons to these Muslim travelers to America, they have faded into history.

Conquerors like the Ottomans followed by Tamer lung have ruled over a large portion of Europe and by proximity and physical entity Europe and Asia are one continent and are called Eurasia. Division of Europe into a continent is only a political gimmick and not a natural entity. So he who rules Eurasia rules the world.

George Washington was the first President of United States in 1789 after having won the war of independence against the British rule resulting in economic and political exploitation. The Britishers are expert in exploitation, which is evident from the history of the British rule in India. Since then the Americans have been trying to expand their tentacles of economic power across the Atlantic on one side and across the pacific on the other side. God is always gracious to hard workers and the Americans are a superb example of Almighty’s generosity. Yet another set of hard working people are the Jews of the world, who have been very successful through their enterprise and ingenuity where ever they are and where ever they have been. History testifies to their strength and machinations and Muslims alienation to them does not change this fact.

Eurasia meaning Europe and Asia have not only the largest manpower but also natural resources. They have Oceans, Mountains, Seas, Forest, Agricultural lands and Mineral wealth under their own soil, which needs exploration supplemented by the most valuable resource, a vast reservoir of manpower, one thing which they don’t have is Unity of purpose and a common faith that can counter the hollow American policies. Eurasia could have been the main player in the world chessboard, had it realized and actuated its immense intellectual and material potentials instead of playing a subservient role to American hegemony.

Taking advantage of their location America kept itself absolutely aloof in the First World War of 1914-18 and enjoyed the fruits with the victors at the conclusion of the war. Britannia ruled the waves in the 19th and early 20th century, and the British Empire was an Empire in which the sun never went down. America was sitting quietly in the Western Hemisphere till the World War-II started in 1939. This was a boom for America. They got a chance to mobilize and expand their military hardware machinery and sold their arms and ammunition to their allies as sole suppliers at high profits. By this time America had also learnt some other moves on the chessboard. They expanded their navy, and were scattered throughout the world. America kept itself aloof from the war and instead entered into a lend lease agreement with the allies, according to which the military America leased hardware, which was used by the allies, to them. America only entered the war after the Japanese who entered the war late and bombed Pearl Harbour. The misfortune of Eurasia has been that Germany under Adolph Hitler could not contain and control its own population and allowed the German Jews either to emigrate to their enemies under a well planned and nefarious propaganda of Nazis regarding persecuting the “helpless” Jews. Contrary to the fact that Jews themselves were a vicious force in German body politics. An uncanny similarity to post September 11 events. The famous scientist Albert Einstein was a German Jew and he had to flee from Germany and took refuge in America, as Henry Kissenger, the famous US Secretary of State too was an immigrant Jew.

Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist as he was invented the Atom bomb and gave its formula to the Americans ultimately regretting by his plea ” Oh what I have done ” cried Einstein ” I wish I had been a carpenter instead of a scientist ” It was in 1945, President Truman who succeeded President Roosevelt ordered the two cities of Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be bombed. One bomb each clinched the issue and Japan surrendered. Victory in Europe, had already been announced in June 1945 when Field Marshal Montgomery accepted the surrender of the German Field Marshal at the same place in Versailles, where in 1918 also the Germans had surrendered to the Allied Forces.

The Second World War was a boom for the Americans. They had not only earned tons of money under the lend lease agreements but also rose in stature in political and military power. Eurasia was at the feet of the allies, Americans, British and Russians. China in those days was struggling for independence under the leadership of Mao Tse Tung. Since then American strategy on the political chessboard has been superb and America has climbed the ladder swiftly not only in military power but also as an economic power. The whole edifice of industrial complex based on atom.

The Second World War left only two military and political powers in the world, the USA and the USSR. Britishers were cut to their size although Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister was the fighting leader of the war. Americans and Russians, the two super powers naturally had guarded diplomatic relations, Americans proved to be better salesman and they allured the Russians into military expansion rather than building their economy and here again they sold to them American military hardware and earned a lot of money for the benefit of American nation. Americans were intelligent enough to realize that in the coming Millenniums; economic power is going to rule the roost and not the military power. They did not involve themselves anywhere but they involved others for their benefit. America appointed the Shahanshah of Iran to be their policeman in the East and when his utility was no more, he was sidelined so much so that America could not offer him a piece of land for his grave. Not only that but the Shahanshah of Iran, the staunchest ally of America and their policeman could not utilize the services of any American hospital for surgery of cancer when he died in Egypt. This is just a small example of American perfidious policies and values.

Nations cannot be made on the basis of religion. Iran – Iraq war and the birth of Bangladesh, has proved this. When Iran and Iraq were cutting each others throat, America was selling arms to both, so that the menace of Islam to not only America but entire Christendom should die in their fight to finish. Had Nations been formed on the basis of religion, the Musalmans of the world would not have been debarred from pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina without a Visa. The Middle East with its oil and their slogan of one God, one Quran and one Prophet has always been a potential threat to the western powers who call the Muslims as fundamentalist. Every person who has got a religion and believes in God and his Prophet with whatever name, may be is a fundamentalist. This potential threat from the Musalmans made the American and the Britishers to thrust the dagger of Israel in the hearts of Arabs. It is a pity that there is a lack of unity even amongst the Arabs much less the Musalmans of the world who inhabit the great continent of Asia. We are all stewing in our own brew.

American succeeded in dismembering USSR through their economic and commercial policy, while China under the leadership of Mao Tse Tung threw off the yoke of imperialism in 1949 and continues to follow his policies with prudence and strength. In order to return communism to power in Russia a move is afoot to bring about unity and cohesion amongst their Russians, the Central Asian States, who lately were members of the USSR and China under the Shanghai agreement. If this move succeeds and other Asian states also join in a confederation of strategic alliance, Asia will be another super power much stronger than the Americans.

Unites States is trying head over heels to find a replacement in place of Shah of Iran and have ostensibly selected India. India has to accept the bait with caution. Firstly they may not be able to play the role of a policeman because they have democracy and there does not seem to be any person who can be as strong and powerful as to take decisions inspite of the Cabinet and the Parliament. Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi are dead and no one has stepped in their shoes so far. Although secular in constitution, India by and large is fundamentally rightist to the core, and commands the majority in the Indian Parliament; it would rather be impossible for the present government to ride a high horse on Indian parliamentary pressure.

Russia and China are already permanent members of the Security Council and India being yet another large country in Eurasia led its rulers to aspire for a permanent seat in the United Nation Security Council. The problem in achieving this goal was and is the world opinion on Kashmir. This led the present Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to invite the Pakistan President for talks on all the issues including Kashmir; which has been the demand of the Pakistani side since the assumption of power by General Pervez Musharraf. The General was sure of his ground since he had nobody to report to, Agra Summit ended in a fiasco simply because the Indian side was headed by a Prime Minister with a lean majority in the parliament. India Pakistan confrontation and non resolution of Kashmir actually is in interest of the big players in world chessboard.

Japan was humbled in the second world war when General Hideki Tojo being charmed by the blitzkrieg of the Germans in Europe decided to enter into the war in the hope of sharing the spoils with a hope of victory. The two atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki clinched the issue. The later civilian governments of Japan were wise enough to realize that military ascendancy was a wild goose chase and they decided on strengthening Japan economically, which they have done successfully. Japanese have been debarred from manufacturing military hardware, yet now they are being requested to manufacture tanks and aircraft’s. Japan has learnt this lesson of developing economic power from their victors – the Americans and may soon join the arms race to counter its recession – another American move to change the world.

China with unity, faith and discipline in their ranks is another power, vying to be a super power, which is an anathema to the present sole super power. This is why American diplomacy does not allow India to come closer to China or even with Pakistan, the staunchest ally of China. The need of the hour therefore for India is to decide whether to march with Asia on their road to progress and power or to standout as an American policeman in Asia and meet the same fate as the Shah of Iran. America does not allow any of their allies to follow an independent foreign policy. The staunchest ally of America on the globe is Israel; they are with each other through thick and thin. Israel as a matter of fact does not have an independent foreign policy; their only policy is to expand their territorial boundaries and push more and more into the Arab lands. Review the panorama and see the American pawns in the game. A subservient Europe, a pliant and pathetic, bankrupt USSR, a hapless Muslim ruling class, an aggressive Israel and a militarily resurgent Japan. The final push to encircle China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian States is on the anvil. A unified nexus of the Asian strategic alliance can only counter this exterior move of the American in its evil intent and content. The sooner we understand and implement this, better will be our chances to get out of yoke of American imperialism.

The super powers only role in the affairs of the world is of the proverbial monkey, between two warring cats, the nation, the countries have to realize this grim fact of participating wholly and solely in the march of Asia and not be carried away by the slogan of farcical global village, which is only meant to establish the rule of America as was the Rule of Britannia in 19th century, when the cry was rule Britannia, rule the waves and the sun never sets on the British Empire. In Asia India. Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Koreans and in Africa Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea and union of South Africa have shaken off, the yoke of slavery after world war 1. Let us not be lured again into the yoke of slavery and bondage under the nomenclature of globalization.

We have entered into an era wherein the precedents and policies of past cannot be used for the architecture of future world. The problem with American policy insofar as present crisis is concerned is that it is non value structured in its content and devoid of depth in its expanse. It plans to implement eons old policy of coercion and exploitation by use of technology in weapons and media. What is amiss is that within the gamut of its global overreach all seeds of its own destruction since the laws of cause and effect under a bankrupt moral structure will overwhelm it in not too distant a future. God will judge them one day and they will get what they deserve. And on this day, God will look into their hearts and not their religion, belief or false might. This is divine law not withstanding the creed or geography one possesses.