From Joshua to Sharon: A History of Ethnic Cleansing in the Promised Land

“George Bush Vetoes UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel for Syrian attack”

This headline is as applicable to Israel’s attack on Syria on October 5, 2003 as it was on September 10, 1972 when then Ambassador George H. Bush cast America’s first Veto shielding Israel from condemnation of it’s attack upon Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian civilians killing 200-500 people; a day after the Munich Olympic terrorist attack. (America cast its first veto in 1970 in support of Rhodesia’s White Apartheid government) [1]

Israel has been America’s costliest “ally”. In foreign aid alone, Israel’s total costs to the American taxpayer has been $3 Trillion since 1948, while its military adventures have cost the lives of hundreds of Americans both civilian and military.[2] It has forced America to cast countless Vetoes in the United Nations to shield Israel from international condemnation for its atrocities causing America to lose all moral authority, credibility, and respect of the entire world.

“Why Do They Hate Us?” It’s Israel, Stupid, and its grip on America’s foreign policy.

The history of “Israel” from Joshua (Torah) to Sharon is a history of military conquerors, lies, myths, and ethnic cleansing in the “Promised Land. [3]


According to the Torah, God made a “covenant” with Abraham to bless his “seed”, i.e. both Ishmael and Isaac, and give them the “Promised Land”. The sign of the “covenant” was the circumcision of Ishmael, not Isaac, as he wasn’t born yet. Nevertheless the Hebrews “exclusively” gave the “Covenant” and the Land to Isaac

Later, Joshua following God’s command murders and ethnically cleanses the “Promised Land” setting the example for the 20th century Zionists. Zionism began with the Torah, not with Theodore Herzl.


"When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you may nations…then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy." Deuteronomy 7:1-2, NIV

BABYLONIAN TALMUD: Judaism’s Holiest Book

“The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel." Baba Kamma 37b

“Original Sin”: Zionism’s Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine for European Jews [4]

In the 19th Century while western European Jews enjoyed success, Russian and eastern European Jews were being persecuted thus creating their longing for a homeland. A new term, “Anti-Semitism” was coined by the German journalist, Wilhelm Marr in the 1870’s to describe political hatred of Jews, although “Semite” refers to languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Assyrian, Ethiopian etc.) arising from Shem, Noah’s son, and not ethnicity. [5]

Historians have shown that the “Jews” of western Europe are not the “Semitic” Israelites but arose from the Khazars, a Turkic tribe converted to Judaism in the 8th century in the Caucuses who later migrated to Europe. Hence, Palestine today is controlled by non-biblical Jews. [6]

Theodore Herzl: “Father of Zionism”

1894-1895: Herzl, an Austrian journalist who spoke no Hebrew or Yiddish, discovered French Anti-Semitism while covering the trial of Alfred Dreyfuss, a Jewish French Officer falsely accused of espionage. He came to believe that Anti-Semitism was an inherent problem for Europeans and thus Jews needed a homeland.

In 1896, he wrote “Der Judenstadt” (The Jewish State) advocating a Jewish homeland. Herzl, the secular Jew, led Observant Jews to establish a homeland “in fifty years” (it was done in 51 years). Many areas were considered, some Jews said anywhere—Uganda, Cypress, Sinai, Argentina, North America, Palestine, others said Palestine. The British offered Uganda, he accepted, but the 1905 Jewish Congress rejected that in favor of Palestine. Herzl manipulated “Anti-Semitism” and sold a Jewish homeland to Europe as a way of solving their “Jewish Problem”, establishing a Pro-European “colony” among the Arabs, and a way for Europe to exploit Jewish wealth and power.

Publicly: He proclaimed Jews and Arabs are equal.

Privately: Spoke of transferring Palestinians out of their land “discreetly expropriate their land.” Blood money for dispossessing the Palestinians came from Baron de Rothchild and American Jews in establishing the “Jewish National Land Fund”. [7]

During World War I, Britain was losing to the Germans and needed America’s help. Chaim Weizman, later Israel’s first President, promised America’s help (and Russia’s) using Jewish influence if Britain would promise a “Jewish Homeland” in Palestine after the war.

Britain agreed and issued the famous “BALFOUR DECLARATION” promising “a” Jewish Homeland in Palestine on November 2, 1918 in a 65 word letter to Lord Rothschild. The only British Cabinet Minister opposing the “Declaration” was ironically the only Jewish member, Sir Edward Montague. The native Muslim majority he wrote would not be content “either to be expropriated for Jewish immigrants, or to act merely as hewers of wood and drawers of water.”

Britain made an equal promise to the Arabs, Sherif Hussein of Mecca, that if the Arabs allied themselves with it against the Ottomans, it would support Arab independence, including Palestine’s.

Thus the duplicitous lies of Zionism and western colonialism, including America’s colonialism of today, are a source of anger and mistrust in the Arab/Muslim world.

During W.W.I, on January 16,1916 the British and French signed the SYKES-PICOT Agreement carving up the MidEast with artificial borders: Britain got Iraq, TransJordan, Palestine, and Egypt; while France got Syria, Lebanon.

Waves of Jewish immigration that begun in late 19th century accelerated rapidly after W.W.I. The League of Nations and the U.S. Congress supported the Balfour Declaration and gave Britain the Palestinian Mandate. [8]

Ironically and throughout their history only a minority of Jews in the Diaspora, from Babylonia to Russia, ever immigrated to Palestine.

The period between W.W.I and II saw repeated Arab-Jewish conflicts while Jewish terrorism was unleashed against both the British and Arabs.

For 55 years the Pro-Israel media has indoctrinated Americans to associate terrorism with “Islam” and Arabs. In reality, its Israel that invented modern terrorism as a means of its establishment.

“Jewish Terrorism”: [9]

The first use of truck and car bombs as weapons of “terrorism” in the Middle East were committed by Jewish terrorists. On July 22, 1946 the first car bomb in the MidEast was used by the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist group led by Menachem Begin (Nobel Peace Prize winner) to blow up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem killing 91 people—41 Arabs, 28 Britons, and 17 Jews. On January 4, 1948, the Irgun drove a truck loaded with explosives into the center of the Palestinian City of Jaffa, killing 26 and wounding 100 men, women, and children.

The Stern Gang, headed by Yitzhak Shamir, assassinated the British Colonial Secretary Lord Moyne in Cairo on November 6. 1944 and Swedish U.N. Envoy Count Folke Bernadotte in Jerusalem on September 17, 1984; both for advocating a just solution for the Palestinians.

Both terrorist groups were responsible for the wholesale massacre of the village of Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948 killing 254 Palestinian men, women, and children.

Menachem Begin even boasted of this massacre in his book “Revolt” calling himself “Terrorist Number One.” (“In the Beginning was..Terror” By Ronald Bleier, The Link, Vol. 36, Issue 3, July-August 2003 pg. 3-4)

Israel committed the first airline hijacking on December 12, 1954 when it’s airforce forced a Syrian civilian plane to land inside Israel. Moshe Sharret, Israel’s Prime Minister at the time recorded in his diary: “They (the military)..behave in the realm of International relations according to the laws of the jungle.”

Peace is poisonous to Israel’s Zionist design of “Greater Israel”. Livia Rokach, daughter of Israel’s Interior Minister in Moshe Sharett’s government wrote a book in the 1980’s: “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism: A Study Based on Moshe Sharett’s Personal Diary and Other Documents.” In it she quotes Sharett recording Moshe Dayan’s view as:

“And above all–”let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.”

Zionism Today: (See footnote [10] for Quotes)

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." (Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum").

“I have learned that the state of Israel cannot be ruled in our generation without deceit and adventurism." — Moshe Sharett, Israel’s first Foreign Minister and later a Prime Minister (p.51 Simha Flapan, "The Birth of Israel", 1987).

"We must not have mercy on them, they should get missiles and more missiles, they should be annihilated, those cursed evil people (Arabs)."
— Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (IAP News: April 8, 2001)

World War II:

Post-W.W. II, Three events defined the Arab-Israeli Conflict:

a. America replaced Britain as the dominant power in the MidEast.

b. The Western “Holocaust Guilt.”

c. The Cold War.

United Nations: [11]

Due to Jewish terrorism the British abandoned Palestine and returned its Mandate to the U.N. on May 14, 1948.

Under heavy American pressure, the United General Assembly (G.A.) issued the following three important Resolutions:

November 29,1947: G. A. Resolution 181: Partition Plan: (Britain Abstained)

– Israel Gets 56% of Land (despite owning 7) for 33% of population.
– Palestinians: Get 44% of Land for 67% of population.

– Jerusalem to be an International City (Arabs opposed it because it’s against UN Charter to partition a country against the will of the majority population)

December 11, 1948: G.A. Resolution 194 [11)

– “Right of Return”: Allows for Repatriation and/or Compensation of Palestinian Refugees

May 11, 1949: G.A. Resolution 273:

– Admits Israel into the U.N. on CONDITION it accepts the two General Assembly Resolutions 181 (Partition) & 194 (Right of Return of Palestinians).

Since 1947, the U.N. has failed to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict despite passing over 300 U.N. Resolutions against Israel, 85 of them by the Security Council alone with U.S. support. However, the U.S. has vetoed 36 Security Council Resolutions that shielded Israel from any criticism or responsibility for its aggressive military policies, including most recently shielding Israel from world condemnation for attacking Syria.

No nation on earth has been so condemned by the World as Israel while it arrogantly dismisses the world as long as it has America in its pocket. As Sharon screamed to Peres during a cabinet meeting: “WE CONTROL AMERICA” (Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio)


Palestinian Pop. & %

Jewish Pop. & %

Jewish Owned Land Percent of Palestine


300,000 (94%)

24,000 (6%)


1917: Balfour Declaration

504,000 (90%)

56,000 (10%)



916,000 ((72%)

384,078 (28%)


1947: Time of Partition Plan

1,300,000 (67%)

640,298 (33)


Source: Facts and Figures on Palestine (Washington, DC: Palestine Center, 1991)
Arab-Israeli Wars: 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1978, 1982, Intifada I & II. (12)
Israel Initiated Wars: 1948, 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, Intifada’s.
Arab Initiated War: 1973

MAY 15, 1948: Israel’s “Declaration of Independence”

– Israel declared a State in Tel Aviv (not Jerusalem)

– “will guarantee equality and freedom for all”:

– Agrees to uphold ALL U.N. Resolutions:

Within eleven minutes of Israel’s declaration, President Harry Truman recognized Israel in direct opposition to his National Security Advisors, including the very popular Secretary of State George Marshall who threatened to resign. But domestic Jewish politics won over national interest. In 1948 Truman was far behind Tom Dewey, Republican candidate in the Presidential campaign and was desperate for New York state’s Jewish vote and money (according to Gore Vidal, Jews gave Truman $2 Million [13]). Thus began the cycle of American politicians pandering to the small rich Jewish minority (1.7% of U.S.Population [14]) for campaign financing (Jews: 60% of contributions to Democratic Party) and favorable media coverage.

1. 1948 War:

Ignored in this war are the six months between November 1947 (U.N. Resolution 181) until May 15, 1948 during which Israel terrorized and expelled the Palestinians in its partitioned area and demolishing over 500 Palestinian Villages. It was only in retaliation to this war that Arab armies invaded Palestine. The Arabs, 18,000 from 5 nations, were weak, ill equipped, and uncoordinated who fought an overwhelming well armed and experienced Israeli force of over 60,000. (source: “The Arabs” by Gerald Butt pg.124). The Jordanian army was ordered by King Abdullah (secret agreement with Israel) not to enter Israel proper. By the end of the war two thirds of the Palestinian population, 725,000 had been expelled. The Arabs lost.


Israel occupied an extra 22% of Palestine, went from 56% to 78%, including West Jerusalem where 30,000 Palestinians were expelled. The U.N. formed UNRWA to deal with Palestinian Refugees in 1947.

The Forgotten “Lausanne Peace Conference” of 1949 [15]

President Truman and the U.N. called for a peace conference in Lausanne, Switzerland to “achieve a final settlement of all questions” following the 1948 war. Invited were France, Turkey, Israel, and the Arabs in one delegation representing Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, and a “Palestinian advisor” attached to the Syrians, thus the Palestinians couldn’t represent themselves to determine their own future.

The U.S. position was that Israel must ACCEPT U.N. Resolution 181 (Partition Plan) and 194 (Right of Return) and withdraw from newly occupied territory. BUT, the U.S. didn’t support Palestinian self-determination but supported incorporating them into TransJordan.

The Arabs AGREED to the U.S. position, Israel REJECTED it refusing to accept responsibility for the Palestinian refugees thus frustrating the U.S. Ambassador Mark Ethridge who wrote Truman complaining: “If there is to be any assessment of BLAME for stalemate at Lausanne, Israel must accept primary responsibility…Her attitude toward refugees is morally reprehensible and politically shortsighted…Her position as conqueror demanding more does not make for peace. It makes for more trouble.” (Source: “Foreign Relations of the U.S. 1949, Top Secret, Paris, June 12, 1949 pp. 1124-1125)

Truman was livid and wrote an angry letter to Israel saying the “U.S. was seriously disturbed at the attitude of Israel with respect to a territorial settlement in Palestine and the question of Palestinian refugees”….and if Israel continued to ignore the advice of the U.S. and U.N. he warned: “the U.S. government will regretfully be forced to the conclusion that a revision of its attitude toward Israel has become unavoidable.”

Israel ignored Truman as it has ignored every Presidential “advice” to this day including Bush’s “I mean what I say” threat to Sharon. From that time hence, even when killing Americans (U.S.S. Liberty and Rachel Corrie) Israel knows that no American President has the courage to challenge it and its supporter’s vast influence upon Congress, the Media, Hollywood, the Financial Markets, and Academia.

When Israel lies, America pays and dies.

2. 1956 War:

– Egypt nationalizes Suez Canal owned by England/France

– October 1956: Israel, Britain & France attack Egypt.

– Eisenhower demands cease-fire/withdrawal of the three powers. Only time U.S. imposed its will upon Israel.

3. 1967 War:

– In 1966, to start a War, Israel begins attacking and taking Syrian Farms at Golan.

– Syria signs Defense Pact with Egypt, Jordan.

– Egypt asked United Nations forces to leave, and blocks Sharm al-Sheikh port and Israeli port Eilat.

– Israel told the U.S. it will launch Pre-Emptive Attack

– Israel won the war and occupied the Sinai, West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem

– UN imposed a cease-fire on June 9, but Israel violated the cease-fire and took the Golan Heights.

– Israel deliberately attacks USS Liberty Naval Ship: 34 Americans killed and 171 injured (covered up by Lyndon Johnson)

– US introduces Security Council Resolution 242 (11/22/67) demanding Israel’s complete withdrawal from the Occupied Territories.

4. 1973 War: Yum Kippur

– Egypt and Syria attack Israeli forces in the occupied territories only.

– U.S. launches the largest military airlift to Israel since WWII due to Rabin’s blackmail of threatening to use Nuclear Weapons:

– October 22, 1973: UN Security Council Resolution 338, affirms 242, and demands cease-fire and withdrawal

– Again, Israel violates the cease-fire and attacks Egypt and Syria next day causing Moscow and U.S. to come close to war.

5. 1978 War: .

– First Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon to drive guerillas out of south and establish a buffer zone on 10 percent of southern Lebanon.

– UN Security Council Resolution 425 of March 21,1978 demanding Israel’s withdrawal: By then, Israel had destroyed 82 villages, killed 1000, and displaced 160,000

– Israel establishes the Southern Lebanese Army, a Christian Lebanese militia of 2,000 fighters at cost of $35 Million/year (American funded).

– U.N. establishes UNIFIL force in south.

6. 1982 War:

– SHARON’s War: to drive out the PLO from Lebanon and establish a Pro-Israeli Christian President, Bashir Gemayel of the Phalangist Party.

– For 3 months Beirut was besieged and bombed from land, sea, and air, cutting off water, electricity, food and medicines.

– Allowed Christian Phalangists over 3 days to kill 2000 Palestinian civilians in Sabra and Shatila Camps.

– Multinational force from US/England/France/Italy were deployed to ensure safe withdrawal of PLO with promise to protect the refugee camps. Failed to do so, thus Sharon’s massacre in Sabra and Shatila. Sharon found guilty by Israel for the massacre. No war crime trial for Sharon, courtesy of America.

– Because of Israel’s murder of 20,000 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians using American money, weapons and protection, Americans paid the price in the bombing of U.S. Embassy and Marine Barracks, courtesy of Sharon, Bush’s “Man of Peace”

For 55 years Israel has flaunted its military might, possessing between 200-500 nuclear bombs [16], over the Arabs, while flaunting its political muscle upon America: robbing its treasury (Israel gets more than one third of all U.S. Foreign Aid despite its immense wealth [16]), its weapons (even selling them publicly to America’s enemies), committing billions of dollars of Corporate theft, spying and selling America’s secrets, financially corrupting its political system, creating a political force within its Washington Think Tanks, placing Jews in top Administration foreign policy positions, keeping files and scorecards on Congressman (In Congress: there are 11 Jewish Senators, but no Black, Hispanic Senators: and 24 Jewish Representatives) and all who oppose its policies, using its controlled media and Hollywood studios to ensure Israel’s positive image while bashing Islam and Arabs, intimidating any potential enemy with “Anti-Semitism”, and ensuring perpetual “guilt” with numerous Holocaust museums, movies, and TV specials: in effect, Israel runs America’s foreign policy while Americans and Muslims languish in ignorance and impotence.

If America ever needed an example of “Jewish Power” (Book by J.J. Goldberg), the illegal and fraudulent war on Iraq was it. This war was made in Israel and carried out by Jewish Americans loyal to Israel, not America, the “neo-CONS” who suddenly have disappeared from television after goading this gullible country into paying and dying for Israel.

World Peace and Palestinian Independence will come when America divorces itself from its “Passionate Attachment” to Israel.

Time for American Muslims to educate themselves on this subject, advocate for a balanced US policy in the Muslim world, and work to eradicate Israel’s Hegemony on U,.S. foreign policy. Muslim silence while Muslims die is against our faith, our conscience, and our very survival whether in America, Europe, or in our native lands. We are Muslims worshipping Allah (swt) before we are Americans worshipping the dollar and fearing the I.N.S. and I.R.S.—Fear Allah, my brothers and sisters and Victory over our weakness and our enemies is ours.

Time for a “Regime Change” in Washington free of unpatriotic Jewish influence. Let us Muslims be first in line to make that happen.

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U.N. General Assembly Resolution: A/RES/39/159 of December 17, 1984:

Given Bush/Blair/Sharon’s “War on Terrorism”, especially against any State Sponsored Terrorism or “Axis of Evil”, it is beyond shock that the United States and Israel would “Abstain” from voting on this G.A. Resolution that calls for the:

“Inadmissibility of the policy of State terrorism and any actions by States aimed at undermining the socio-political system in other sovereign States” [1]

Bush in U.N. Speech: September 12, 2002 [2]

"The conduct of the Iraqi regime is a threat to the authority of the United Nations, and a threat to peace. … All the world now faces a test, and the United Nations a difficult and defining moment. Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced, or cast aside without consequence? Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding, or will it be irrelevant?"

A Pretext for Attacking Iraq was its Violation of 17 U.N. Security Council Resolutions. Only 9 deal with specific violations while 8 deal with the U.N. “Oil for Food’ Program. [3]

America’s “Jewish Problem” and its Double Standard: Implement Resolutions Against Arabs but ignore them Against Israel.

Israel Has Violated over 85 U.N. Security Council Resolutions since 1948, not counting the 36 Vetoes the U.S. cast to shield it from international condemnation.

Total Vetoes Cast by the 5 Permanent Members of Security Council since 1948:

USSR/Russia: 120 vetoes. Only 2 vetoes since the collapse of the U.S.S.R.
US: 77 vetoes. Blocked 36 resolutions criticizing Israel.
UK: 32 vetoes, 23 times with the US. Sole U.K vetoes on Zimbabwe
France: 18 vetoes, 13 with the US and UK
China: 5 vetoes

Since 1972, U.S. Has Vetoed 36 Security Council Resolutions Critical of Israel:

September 10, 1972: First Pro-Israel Veto: U.S. Ambassador Bush explained the veto by saying the “Resolution was flawed because it did not condemn Palestinian terrorism.”

September 16, 2003: Latest Veto on Resolution Denouncing Israel for its threat to “remove Arafat”: U.S. Ambassador John D. Negroponte explained the veto by saying: “Today’s resolution was flawed as it failed to include a robust condemnation of (Palestinian) acts of terrorism.”

(*TEXTS of Some UN Security Council Resolutions)

*89 (1950)
Condemns Israel for EXPULSION of thousands of Palestinians.

*101 (1953)
Condemns Israel’s forces led by ARIEL SHARON for their massacre of civilians in Qibya.

*119 (1956)
Condemns Israel, France, and England for Attacking Egypt.

*242 (November 22, 1967: Unanimous, INCLUDING U.S.)
Calls for: withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.

*267 (July 3, 1969: Unanimous)
Reaffirms Inadmissibility of acquiring territory by force, deplores the failure of Israel to show any regard for the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Security Council; strongly censures, again, all measures taken to change the status of Jerusalem and demands they be rescinded. Determines that in the event of a negative response or no response from Israel, the Security Council shall reconvene without delay to consider what further action should be taken in this matter.

*271 (Sept. 15 1969: U.S. Abstains):
“Grieved” at the Arson of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on 21 August 1969 while under Israel’s occupation…condemns failure of Israel to comply with aforementioned resolutions.

*338 (October 22, 1973: Unanimous)
Calls for immediate cease-fire and termination of all military activity; calls upon the parties to immediately implement S.C. Resolution 242 (1967).

*425 (March 19, 1978):
Calls upon Israel to immediately cease and withdraw its military action against Lebanon; establishes the United Nations Interim Force in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL).

*446 (March 22, 1979: (3 abstentions were Norway, U.K., and U.S.)
Determines Israel’s policy of SETTLEMENTS in the Occupied Territories since 1967 have NO LEGAL VALIDITY and Constitute a Serious Obstruction to lasting peace; demands Israel desist from changing the legal, geographical nature, and demographic composition of the Occupied Territories since 1967, including JERUSALEM and especially, not to transfer Israeli civilians into the occupied territories. Establishes a Commission of three Security Council members to monitor the settlement issue and to submit reports to the Security Council

*476 (June 30, 1980: 14-0-1 (U.S. Abstains)
Reaffirms Israel’s need to end prolonged occupation of Arab territories, including Jerusalem, since 1967; strongly deplores Israel’s continued refusal to comply with U.N. Resolutions. Declares NULL AND VOID any changes to the character and status of Jerusalem, that all such actions violate the Fourth Geneva Convention; and reaffirms its determination in the event of non-compliance by Israel to examine practical ways and means in accordance with relevant provisions of the U.N. Charter to secure full implementation of this resolution.

*478 (August 20, 1980: (U.S. Abstained)
(On July 30, 1980: Israeli Knesset proclaims Jerusalem as capital of Israel: “Basic Law”)
Strongly Censures Israel’s declaration of Jerusalem as Capital, its continued refusal to comply with relevant Security Council resolutions; continued violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention; determines such change to status of Jerusalem is “NULL AND VOID” and must be rescinded forthwith. Decides NOT to recognize the "Basic Law" calls upon all U.N. members (a) to accept this decision, (b) and withdraw all Diplomatic Missions from Jerusalem.





For All Relevant U.N. Resolutions Mentioned Above:

– (US Vetoes)

– (General Assembly Resolutions)

– (Palestine Mission to U.N.: All Relevant Info)