From Innocent-III to Bush-II

From the election of Pope Innocent-III on January 8, 1198 to the inauguration of Bush-II on January 20, 2001, it took a local Dark Age 803 years to turn into a global Dark Age.

The doubtful re-election [1] and second inauguration of Bush-II on January 20, 2005 under the shadows of growing “conspiracy theories,” show how the world has entered into the darkest recesses where the partial domination of Church in Europe has been effectively replaced by a total domination of neocons: the product of a consummate church-and-state-alliance. [2]

These days, Bush-II has assumed the role of the first in the new line of corrupt popes, Innocent III, who asserted his view of his place in the world: “No king can reign rightly unless he devoutly serves Christ’s vicar [the pope]. The priesthood is the sun, and monarchy the moon. Kings rule over their respective kingdoms, but. … the Lord gave Peter rule not only over the universal Church, but also over the whole world.” [3]

In the views of Bush II, no elected or un-elected president or prime minister can reign rightly unless he devoutly serves the US president. The US government is the sun, and governments in Muslim world the moon. Presidents and prime ministers rule over the respective Muslim countries, but God gave the US president rule not only over the US, but also the whole world.

If we feel the reality is different than this, future historians will write that we were wrong and in total denial of the reality.

Just like Innocent III, Bush II, the Altar boy and Born-Again, claims that he talks to God and God told him to go to wars and kill more than 100,000 people to liberate them and impose democracy. [4]

In 1294 Boniface VIII issued the Unam Sanctum, a papal decree, outlining the pope’s power. Many people might not have taken it serious at that time, but later historians declared this decretal as the "strongest statement of papal power ever made." [5]

Look for the words that we hear from Bush-II in the 13th century Unam Sanctum, which stated: “Now, therefore, we declare, say, determine and pronounce that for every human creature it is necessary for salvation to be subject to the authority of the Roman pontiff.” Compare this with the US government engaging in the worst ever tortures, human rights abuse, massacres and genocides for subjecting others to what it considers necessary for their salvation and liberation.

The secular monarchy was not standing as tall behind Innocent III as the Church is standing firmly behind Bush-II’s adventures in the occupied countries. Julian Coman and Bruce Johnston of British Daily Telegraph report from Rome on October 10, 2004: “Vatican buries the hatchet with Blair and Bush over Iraq,” which means that the Vatican now officially approves and supports the ongoing genocide in Iraq in the name of democracy. [6]

Just like Vatican’s reawakening to Jihad and approving Bush-II’s waging the war for eliminating evil, Innocent III also granted the Catholic kings the right (and furthermore, he encouraged them wholeheartedly) to exterminate the Albigensians, a race in Northern Europe which the Church had failed to convert and which it now perceived as a possible threat to the Church’s security, even though they were hardly a danger. Innocent was therefore encouraging the murder of a group that would not assimilate into Catholicism, an act of violence and with no relationship to the interests of Catholicism. [7]

Instead of condemning moral, legal and military excesses of the US government and the puppets it has put in place around the Muslim world, Islamophobes suggest Reformation of Islam to tame the perceived enemy. They are proposing all those measures which broke the back bone of Church’s power. They are, however, doomed to failure because the phenomenon of medieval Church does not apply to the Islam.

Instead of thinking for some new form of reformation to break the Church and State Alliance that is pushing the world deeper into darkness and chaos, the message from struggling Muslim and non-Muslim Islamophobes is to “reform Islam” on the pattern of Christianity. This is absolutely impossible for many reasons.

To begin with, Islam is nowhere in power and it has not carried out systematic genocides and crimes against humanity as the world witnessed during the European Dark Age or as we are witnessing at the hands of the US and its allies with full motivation and full backing of the Church, both Catholic and Protestant.

Secondly, Christian Reformation was not about reforming religion or religious beliefs, which Islamophobes want Muslims to do. According to Professor Gerhard Rempel at Western New England College: “The rapidity with which the doctrines of Luther and the other reformers spread throughout Europe is evidence of a general concern over the question of salvation and also of a strong dissatisfaction with the secularized church for not adequately serving the religious needs of the people.” [8]

According to Professor Gerhard Rempel at Western New England college, it was the “evil of secularization of the Church” which “were most dramatically reflected in the history of the papacy.” [9] In the moderan, global dark age, the forces of darkness are pushing for Reformation the other way round, towards secularization of Islam.

Nothing of what was happening within the Church and Europe is happening in the Muslims world. We must remember that after the fall of the western half of the Roman Empire in 476, the Europeans turned to the strong guidance of the papacy and the Catholic Church to be the authoritative voice in their lives. [10] So the Church assumed the role, which the people expected of it.

In comparison, these days there is no authoritative Islamic institution in place, and as we will see in this write up, there is no place for such a theocracy in Islam.

Contrary to the present reality, secular rulers in early Europe recognized the growing power of the Church and gave vast grants of land to Church leaders in order to befriend the new, powerful entity. This land was taxed, and the surfs who worked it paid tithes to the Church. With more and more grants of land coming in, the Church grew greatly in size and wealth to become the mightiest of powers in the Middle Ages.

As the wealth and political influence started to lead to corruption, the Church became interested in management of this new power. In time, unrest among the common people, together with new emphasis on relating faith and reason, brought forth new ideas that challenged the Church’s undisputed authority. [11] Therefore, the growing secular power of the Church and the new spirit of questioning between the early 1100s and the late 1500s that instigated unrest among European Catholics were the leading factors in the Protestant Reformation of the 1600s.

These days, there is no monastery in the world of Islam that owns thousands of villas and serfs. The Mosque is not “bound by feudalism” the way archbishops, bishops and abbots in Germany “gave their loyalty to the king and became no different than great nobles, managing agriculture and owing military service.” [12] That’s why it seems nonsense to hear about Reformation of Islam.

At the time for Christian Reformation, Church leaders were stronger than secular rulers with the newly-founded power inherent in the institution. In the 1100s-1200s, an intricate network of leadership arose to command the dioceses, and the papacy became, for a time, the unrivaled and unchallenged power of medieval Europe. [13]

An exact opposite process is under way in the Muslim world today. At that time, the focus in the monasteries as well as in the Church hierarchy turned from imitating Christ as the savior of the poor and weak, to the gaining of affluence and power.

Today puppet regimes are embracing a religion proposed only to them by Bush-II and his devoted-to-Christianity-partners. The religion is secularization and the puppets are doing all they can from revising school curriculum to banning and diluting religious education in different ways and taking Muslims away from Islam. It is not the mosque controlling Muslim states, but Muslim states forcing mosques to toe a secular line.

At that time corruption became embedded within the Church’s most powerful leadership positions, and the concerns of the Church turned away from spirituality to the defense of corrupt members and the retention of wealth enjoyed by the papacy.

The same is happening in the Muslim world today, but not in the religious circles. It is happening in the secular, ruling circles, filled with benighted opportunists, taking people away from spiritualism towards the much vaunted fruits of material development.

Poverty alleviation and economic developments are the rallying cries without have the oppressed and exploited public ever see the benefits of the billions of dollars which the US showers on secular puppets.

The Christian Reformation was not carried out by secularists and so-called humanists of that age. It was the true Christians who were able to step up and reform the Church’s leadership when it could not have been needed more. [14] The initial reforms, intended to return the Church to the early and saintly days of spirituality, had instead created a centralized papal power vulnerable to far worse abuses. [15] And thus the process went on.

Whatever corruption and power usurpation was taking place at the time of Christian Reformation, it was not meant for spiritual uplift of the society or calling people towards religion. The Church was engaged in exactly what the corrupt dictators in the Muslim world are engaged in today: material gains and power.

In part because of the corruption in the Church, a series of philosophers arose. Each pondered methods of thought that bordered or crossed the boundary of what the Church at the time considered heresy. These philosophers influenced each other and also the general public of Europe. [16]

In the case of Reformation of Church, philosophy was promoted and scientific studies were presented to undermine some religious theories. In the case of Islam, each scientific discovery leads to further consolidating the message of the Qur’an and the kind of philosophy the Islamophobes promote to undermine Islam, is totally irrelevant. So besides the futility of using all other measures to Reform Islam, using philosophy as a weapon is also not going to do any wonders. [17]

The focus on misplaced Reformation has to shift to the Western world, mostly led by the United States and the US is the place where all the achievements of Reformation have not only reversed but touched the other end of the extreme.

The victory of the secularized territorial state was accompanied by the gradual secularization of European society and culture as a whole. Religious standards, by which economic, social, and political behavior had previously been measured, were to a large degree replaced by secular standards, ascertained primarily by the observation of social behavior. The relegation of religious authorities and faith to the background in European life marks the end of the Reformation Era and the beginning of the Era of so-called Enlightenment.

This trend was gradually reversing in the US for the last many years. In the last quarter of the 20th century the momentum toward de-secularizing the US increased considerably. The ultimate objective being establishing the Kingdom of God, the short term objectives was set to put political leaders and public officials with strong ties to Church in the position of power.

That dream was partially fulfilled with the inauguration of Bush-II in 2001 and will be completely fulfilled with the second inauguration in 2005 that has been made possible with the full backing of religious institutions, personalities and ordinary followers of faith.

This time around the scope of the darkness is global. The Church is behind the apparently secular state and the visible target is the Muslim world. The victims, however, are innocents both in the East and West.

Irrespective of the Church-and-state-alliance’s success or failure in establishing the Kingdom of God, the world would witness an unprecedented scale of death and destruction if both Muslims and non-Muslims failed to understand and counter totalitarian designs of this alliance.

At the moment, we see no way out of this darkness, particularly when this alliance of darkness is fully supported by the gang of dogmatic media that keeps people blind and their minds shut. [18]


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