Freezing Hell

Don’t be shocked. We’ve all heard the term “When hell freezes over.” The shocking news is that even though God is the only entity that can freeze hell, since He is the one who created it, governments throughout the world have been trying to freeze it, and yesterday’s rounding up of more terrorist suspects in the US and in Britain may have been just such an attempt at hell freezing.

Hell broke out for real in the Muslim and Arab world back in January of this year, 2006 when the people of Palestine elected Hamas to lead their government. Hell got hotter each day until it boiled over into Lebanon, where the devil started getting his butt whipped, and so now, Britain and the United States, the devil Israel’s two primary henchmen, got the big idea to try and freeze hell, hoping that by so doing, they would distract attention from the devil’s stumble, and also put a little fear into the hearts of his adversaries, which now includes anyone in the world who is wondering what in the hell is going on, and why Israel is being allowed by the Western powers, and the UN to kill and destroy Palestine and Lebanon.

Now, don’t imagine that hell can actually be frozen. As stated earlier, only God can actually freeze hell, but you know us, the human species, we’ll try anything to garner a little power, and make a little money while persecuting and killing off the weak, the poor, the elderly, and the disabled, and also the freedom fighters and dissenters, any chance that we get. So attempting to freeze hell is not off limits. The problem is that whereas it may appear that due to lack of media attention, that a big chill has come over the war between the Islamic movement resistance, and Israel, cooling it down, the truth is that it has not. The big chill was not intended to stop the war. It is an attempt to chill the massive international condemnation of Israel, Britain’s Frankenstein, by reminding us that there is a bigger devil that we all must fight and that is Al-Qadea. The big chill is also intended to slow down or take the wind out of the sails of the growing number of Arab and Muslim protestors East and West, who are shedding their sheep’s clothing, and turning into protestors, bloggers and Mujahideen, and I’m not talking about Al-Qadea. In the past, all you had to do to silence the Arab and Muslim street was to start rounding up terrorism “suspects” and foiling terrorists plots, and shutting down Muslim charities. That’s not the case anymore.

This latest round up was special since it supposedly thwarted a plot that touches every human being on earth, since now, anyone who has liquids like baby milk, and shampoo can’t board a plane, and the description of a potential terrorist now includes all of us Gentiles. If that won’t piss you off and make you hate the damn terrorists, what will? To really cool this hell off, and to teach us all a lesson, the traveling public also gets a slap on the wrist for ending their love affair with cable news and the mainstream media, and disobeying their master’s voice, who through the talking heads of the mainstream western media, calls on every human soul to renounce righteousness, and common sense, and to come into league with the devil in an attempt to wipe out the rule of law, ideas of national sovereignty, patriotism, and other ideas that served the world for so many years, and that limited power, and punished and banished rogues like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Sharon and Olmert who every so often, raise up and attempt to conquer the world and unite us all under one authority, and it’s never God.

You can’t blame the devil and his minion for attempting to freeze over the hell they have created when it suits their purpose, and we should never expect that these people would attempt to eliminate hell with things like truth, or justice, or through use of the law, unless of course it is Ricoh, or the Safety Act, Immigration Act, or the Omnibus Antiterrorism Act, or the Patriot Act, or Britain’s so-called anti-terrorism laws. Forget about the Geneva Conventions, and the Bill of Rights, and also forget about the Ten Commandments, The Bible, Torah, and Qur’an, the writings about justice, liberty, freedom and even revolution written by the great French, Greek, Arab and other philosophers, even though these laws and ideas are capable of at least forestalling hell. It is consistent with the concept of devilment that only those laws created by the devil and his worshippers would be the laws used to chill the hot and hellish blood of those who have taken up the blood stained banner of truth and justice, the banner of the revolutionary prophets, and who are charging into the streets of Europe, the US, and the world blogging, and screaming in the streets, “NO MORE!”

The rounding up of so-called terrorist suspects, or arrests and charges of fundraising for terrorism because we are Arabs or Muslims must not deter our resistance. The Zionist Jew Jack Abramoff was allowed to raise millions to fund his illegal sniper schools in Palestine, and these funds were used to train Israeli settlers on how to kill Palestinians and their children in cold blood, so they could steal their land, and many in our Congress knew about it, and helped and took pride in the project. Jack Abramoff has yet to be charged with murder or terrorism, or anything that holds him accountable for funding terrorism, and the US Congress people who aided and abetted his criminal activities in Palestine haven’t been rounded up, or arrested either. The Jewish Defense League (JDL) also holds fundraisers in the US to fund the criminal settler’s movement in Palestine, and our government never rounds up the JDL, or charges them with funding terrorism.

The ZOA and the synagogues in the US and Europe are allowed to fund illegal immigration to Palestine, and illegal settlement building that our own government called “barriers to peace” and their fundraising has never been targeted as support for terrorism, even though everyone knows that the settlers are armed terrorists. So, why is our fundraising and support for the people of Palestine and Lebanon deemed support for terrorism? Why are our Constitutional and human rights being chilled? Simple answer: Because our fundraising chills hell for real, while theirs creates hell, and that is what the devil does, he creates hell. Only the devil’s Gentile henchmen can claim to freeze the hell that characterizes the violent conflict in the Muslim and Arab world to accommodate the devil, since they are the only entities that can claim that they are chilling hell in the name of Jesus and people believe their blasphemy and lies, the punishment for which is probably unfrozen hell at its hottest temperatures. If hell is frozen for now, expect that it will return, and probably at even hotter temperatures than before.