Former President Clinton, You Have the Right to Remain Silent. Anything You Say Can-and Will-Be Used Against You in a Court of Law . . ..


While we take some satisfaction from the fact that the Clinton-Gore administration will not continue to operate the American military muscle, we also have some reservations about the upcoming Bush presidency. News stories have suggested that President-elect George W. Bush is planning to bring the American troops home from duty in the NATO-occupied portions of the former Yugoslavia. That action, of course, would distinguish him as being better than Clinton. However, the same comparison in favor of the successor is easy to make when any despot finally leaves office. For instance, could any post-World-War II leader of Germany not be better than Hitler?

Yet, it is not enough for Bush merely to avoid continuing the criminal acts of “Evil Bill” Clinton, the savage tyrant who unleashed terror from the sky over a number of targets in foreign lands to cover up his sordid domestic deeds. Many innocent people died and were wounded, so that the lowest form of human existence ever to hold the office of President of the United States could avoid domestic criticism.

The new President of the U.S. must earn the respect of the people of America and the people of the world. If Bush succumbs to the pressure to pardon Clinton, he will assume a portion of the guilt for the crimes of Clinton and his administration, including Clinton’s many well-documented war crimes. These are war crimes that the soon-to-be-former president is quite proud of having committed. He shows no remorse for having poisoned the environment in, and killed and maimed innocent people in Africa, Iraq and Yugoslavia.

Bush may simply refuse to pardon Clinton, and allow the federal government and other jurisdictions bring him to justice. However, we must expect more from the new president. If George W. Bush were to distinguish himself as the most outstanding president in American history, he would still have a cloud over his administration unless he takes a proactive role in bring Evil Bill Clinton and his accomplices to justice. The sooner he acts, the better.

One of the more unsuccessful candidates for President joked that, if he were elected, the first thing he would do upon taking the oath of office would be to remark to outgoing President Clinton that, as President, he was now the highest law enforcement officer in America. In that capacity, he would recite to Clinton the famous Miranda warning: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can-and will-be used against you in a court of law . . ..”

This may sound a little extreme. The suggested timing, at Presidential inauguration, may be a bit tasteless. However, President Bush MUST consider all of President Clinton’s unlawful acts to be serious. We recommend that the Bush administration arrange for the timely arrest of the former President and that he immediately contact Yugoslavian President Vojislav Kostunica to make extradition arrangements.

Of course, this would create an uproar. It is likely that even Clinton’s archrival, Senator Jesse Helms, would criticize the idea of letting an American president stand trial for war crimes in a foreign land. However, this is exactly what we expect from sovereign foreign nations and their leaders.

Compare the two former Presidents, Slobodan Milosevic and Bill Clinton. Milosevic was accused of ordering the type of military abuses that commonly occur in the heat of battle. These alleged abuses supposedly were inflicted upon pro-KLA Albanians in Kosovo. In a year and a half of NATO occupation, neither NATO nor the KLA Albanians have been able to establish any credible evidence that that any such abuses even took place, much less that they were ordered by the former Yugoslavian president.

However, Clinton has boasted in public about his savage bombing of Yugoslavia. There is ample evidence that weapons banned by international treaties, such as cluster bombs, were used in this illegal raid on Yugoslavia. Unthinkable weapons that spread “depleted” uranium, a substance both toxic and radioactive, were an integral part of the Clinton-led NATO assault on Yugoslavia. Clinton’s plan even included intentional attacks on television stations and on the embassies of neutral nations.

Make no mistake about it: President Clinton is a war criminal. If he is pardoned, we might as well first apologize to the families of the Nazis who were convicted of war crimes. Any middle ground would be extreme hypocrisy. Clinton simply must be brought to justice.

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