First Lieutenant George W. Bush’s Narcissism and Irresponsibility

As the President of the United States has been waxing enthusiastically for the war that shall soon condemn unknown numbers of people to their deaths, I think we should remind ourselves what the media chose to ignore concerning our President’s personal military record.

A visit to will find a photocopy of Air National Guard orders issued on August 1, 1972 suspending First Lieutenant George W. Bush from flying status for “failure to accomplish annual medical examination.” It was at this point in time that the military included a test for the use of illicit drugs as part of its annual medical examinations. Lieutenant Bush was assigned to a punishment detail in Denver for the last six months of his military career but failed to show up. He chose to go AWOL instead.

But Lieutenant Bush was not only AWOL during the last six months of his military career, he was AWOL for an entire year (May 1972-May 1973) when he transferred from the Texas Air National Guard to the Alabama Air National Guard. (See The New Republic, November 13, 2000).

How tragic that America is being led into war by a person who can only be described as narcissistic and irresponsible.

The writer is a retired teacher, Curriculum Coordinator of the Menasha Public Schools and former President of Wisconsin Federation of Teachers. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Wisconsin, USA.