Final statement of Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

Final statement of Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

Image source: Government of Iraq

Baghdad (UNA-OIC) – Iraq’s capital Baghdad hosted on Saturday, August 28, the “Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership” at the level of leaders and presidents to support Iraq and discuss challenges, common issues and future prospects.

The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Republic of Iraq in holding and sponsoring this conference with the participation of leaders and presidents of the region and allied countries. They expressed their support for the Iraqi government and people and stressed the need to unify regional and international efforts in a way that positively reflects on the stability and security of the region.

The attendees appreciated the efforts of the Iraqi government in the context of achieving economic reform in a way that secures sending positive messages that encourage investment in various sectors, benefit everyone, create an appropriate economic environment, and enhance the process of sustainable development and job creation.

The conference also emphasized support for the efforts of the government in the reconstruction, provision of services, infrastructure support and strengthening the role of the private sector, as well as the government’s efforts in dealing with the file of the displaced persons and ensuring their voluntary and dignified return to their areas after turning the page on terrorism.

In turn, Iraq expressed its gratitude and appreciation for this active presence of leaders of brotherly and friendly countries, foreign ministers, regional and international organizations and diplomatic missions participating and monitoring in the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership.

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