Father, Forgive them, For They know not what they do


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

The Beginning of the End of Christianity in the Holy Land.   No Room in the Holy Land Except for Jews.

Father, forgive Bush, Blair, and Sharon for their “pre-emptive” evil thoughts as we pray for  “peace on earth, good will to men”

Father, forgive them their hate of their “fellow man” as we forgive them with your love;

Father, forgive them their “lies” as we search for truth;

Father, forgive Sharon’s hate for the “Prince of Peace” for he knows not what he’s doing..

Father, forgive them their lust for “oil and riches” as we try to feed the hungry and poor;

Father, forgive their thirst for Arab Christian and Muslim blood as we are weak and they are strong.

Father, forgive Sharon’s occupation and curfew of “Bethlehem” as we cross check points to worship you;

Father, forgive their loud tanks in “Manger Square” that drown our praise and worship of you.

Father, forgive their murder of your children, as we forgive those who vote, arm and support them;

Father, forgive their neglect of the meek as they die hungry, cold, and sick.

Father, Forgive Our Ignorance, Our Silence, Our Apathy, and the surrender of our Minds and Hearts to the Powerful Few in Our Nation who have HIJACKED our Humanity, our Values of Peace and Freedom, our Taxes, our Weapons, Our Self Respect in the Eyes of the World, even our very love of Jesus Christ through their instruments of words and pictures (media), their Bribery and Control of our Leaders, and their manipulation of our Generous Hearts and Guilt for the Holocaust (although not of our doing) to their Selfish Ends.  An end they seek whereby Jesus once again finds no place in Bethlehem and Muslims are ethnically cleansed from their homes in the Holy Land.  AMEN 

GERMANY  1930’s:  “Pre-Emptive Doctrine”

During the 1930’s due to Germany’s military hegemony and expansionistic lust, the world was engulfed by so much anxiety, tension, fear, worldwide military buildups, a helpless surrender to inevitable carnage, the aroma of pending death and chaos, regime changes, a demonizing propaganda war against a people due to their faith, the pompous rhetoric of a world divided into “U.S.” and ‘THEM”—the civilized good versus the envious evil; the thirst for revenge for a humiliating defeat, a compliant media publishing the government’s lies for war, the civilizing hypocrisy to liberate an oppressed people, and the ultimate proclamation of the superiority of the white race and Christian faith toward the “infidels” in need of reform, salvation, “regime change” leading to their “submission” and ultimate glory.

AMERICA  2002:  “Pre-emptive Doctrine”

Seventy years later another superpower once again inflicts the same fear, uncertainty, and emotions throughout the world.   After the bloodiest war in history, after a holocaust against Jews, Gypsies, and Russians; after the defeat of the “Axis of Evil”, after the establishment of the United Nations to solve world conflicts peacefully; after the western enforced “regime change” in the Holy Land that stole Palestine from its rightful owners and given as a “Holocaust Guilt Gift” to European Jews;   President Bush Jr. has succeeded in re-creating the world psyche of the 1930’s—a world ruled by “Pre-emptive Doctrine” where Israel decides for the United States the “regime du jour” suitable for annihilation—-a world where might is right, where intimidation,  propaganda, lies, secrecy, bribery, blackmail, convenient alliances with “evil” nations, massive detentions of ‘subversives” and “evil doers” without due process, a recreation of the ever expanding “Axis of Evil”, and a “crusade” against Islam, all constitute the “Bush/Sharon Doctrine”.  

What is the purpose of this “B/S Doctrine” you ask?

1.  OIL:  Iraq has ten percent of the world’s oil reserves.  Control of such oil will end OPEC and Saudi Arabia’s oil hegemony.  Along with controlling the Caspian Sea Oil and Gas through military bases in Afghanistan andPakistan. 

2.  ISRAEL:  This rogue nation that has corrupted and humiliated every American President since Harry Truman, every Congress, every politician, every journalist, every media outlet, every movie studio, every book publishing company, and silenced every voice anywhere in the world that utters a word against the American protected, funded, and supported murderous, stealing, arresting, kidnapping, house and village demolishing, uprooter of  olive trees, siphoner of drinking water from children to fill spas of hateful murdering settlers, builder of luxury roads for illegal squatters upon homes, wells, farms, graves, and dreams of innocent Palestinians, the killer of mothers and their babies, bomber of hospitals, schools (even a school for blind children), the sheller of ambulances carrying the wounded and dying, even a 95 year old woman in a taxi is a target for Apache helicopters and tanks, the killer of foreign physicians, journalists, and activists who seek to save a life or tell  the evil of the “Jewish State”.  The only nation on earth in violation of every international law, of over 90 U.N. Resolutions, and the recipient of dozens of U.S. Vetoes to protect its murderous history including this last U.S. Veto that prevented the U.N. Security Council from simply expressing its concern for Israel’s murder of U.N. humanitarian workers.

Israel is the true “Evil Empire” in this world but the Christian world is too cowardly to speak out against its terrorism, murder, assassination, “Pre-emptive Wars” against Arab nations, its frank genocide against civilians in Lebanon from the Sabra and Shatila Camp Massacres to the U.N. Qana camp bombing, it’s spying on its only ally, its theft and reselling of American military and industrial technology, it’s pushing America into its conflicts with Arab nations that led to the bombing of the US Embassy and Marine Barracks in Beirut, even its explicit murder of 34 American sailors, wounding 171, of the USS Liberty in 1967 did not even engender a blip from President Johnson or an investigation by Congress.  It has robbed the American taxpayer of $1.7 Trillion Dollars since 1948 (that can be calculated), but more importantly it has robbed the American citizen of his/her self respect, courage, independent thought, and freedom to speak at home or worship in the Holy Land.   Many Americans detest Israel privately but won’t speak publicly out of fear, so much for “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.”  Yet America’s President wants to spend $29 Million to teach the Arab world of 300 million people “democracy and freedom” when neither he nor any American is free to speak their minds on Israel or how the Judaic Talmud blasphemously portrays the Virgin Mary or the Birth of Christ.  The few courageous Americans, many who are Jewish Americans, who dare speak out are not invited to the mainstream media (mostly owned, controlled, run by Jews) but are sidelined to the internet to express their horror of how Israel is defrauding the holy faith of Judaism and manipulating the blood of Holocaust victims to extract money, weapons, vetoes, and sympathy for the most “evil” of regimes positively portrayed and protected by our doormat media and government as a “democracy”—that is the Longest Lie ever perpetrated upon humanity.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH AMERICA?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH for it means you’ll have to break out of your comfortable non-controversial shell and find a spine and a voice to save our nation and the world from perpetual wars and terrorism.  

IT’S HYPOCRITICAL:  For America to call itself a “democracy” while it supports Israel’s brutality and murder.

IT’S HYPOCRITICAL: For America to call itself a “Christian” nation while it remains silent when Jesus’ Bethlehem is under military occupation for the last 35 years, where the Church of the Nativity, the church of the prince of peace, is being brutalized, shot at, clergy beaten or kept away, an altar boy is innocently killed, where salvation is only found at the foot of an Israel commander..   The Muslim world has never been America’s enemy prior to the founding of Israel in 1948, it’s no coincidence then that an American-Muslim clash began after that.  Thanks to Israel half of the world’s population of Christians and Muslims are subservient to Israel’s demands, one out of intimidation, the other out of ignorance and impotence.


Israel has so indoctrinated and inundated this nation for 50 years with its lies that America’s psyche and world is now only divided into two halves: 

1.  A Muslim Universe:

that hates Jews, Christians, is anti-west, violent, full of fire breathing blood spilling Jihad or holy wars, that wants to dominate the world and convert all to Islam by the sword, hates women, enslaves non-Muslims, wants to build an “Islamic atomic bomb”, and follows a “false, wicked, evil, murderous religion” created by a “demonic pedophile terrorist prophet”.

2.  A Non-Muslim Universe:

that is civilized, democratic, tolerant, obeys laws, respectful of life, property, and human rights, modern, technologically advanced, rich, well mannered, respects women and family values, peaceful with no design to control or invade any other nation.  Israel is the role model for this universe that includes Russia, China, England, France, and the United States.  Curiously these are the nuclear nations comprising the U.N. Security Council, the same impotent council when dealing with Israel yet decides to annihilate Iraq or other Muslims nations in a snap.  

Israel has created a new politic of accepted unquestioned “double standard” for America and the world—-what applies to the world does NOT apply to Israel.  If Israel wants America’s opinion, it will give it to America.

God Rest Ye Merry Christian Gentlemen in Silence While Jesus is Ethnically Cleansed from Bethlehem.

“There is a reluctance in Washington that borders on paralysis to face up to the principal obstacle to rapprochement with the Arab world in particular and the larger Muslim community in general, and that is the conviction that the United States and Israel are now as one to prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state.”

ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE:  Washington Times, December 18, 2002)

GOD OF ABRAHAM, give us the courage and wisdom to reclaim our nation, world peace, and the Holy Land from their exclusive grasp for all your children, the children of Abraham:   Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East.