Farewell and Roses

Against the backdrop
Of the pallid sun
And drab gray houses,
He had told her
He no longer loved her.
It was as plain and simple
As that…stark, hard,
Smelling dank and foul.
The pink rose he neglected
To give her on her birthday
Lay crushed and broken
Against the gentle flakes
Of newly fallen snow.
She continued staring out
The large bay window
That separated her
From the cold white
Drifting down like
The flutter of a swan’s wings.
Never before had she fully
Comprehended the futility
Or suddenness of the world.
Not until his final goodbye.
Not until the soft white flakes
Fell upon the sharp thorns
Of the pink rose she had never received.
And though she knew
Somewhere a rainbow
With blue, yellow, red and purple hues
Arched undulating, smelling like
Promises and deep velvet,
Boasting of the beauty of the moment,
She also knew rainbows
Were not meant for such as she