Expulsion: Israels ultimate strategy toward the Palestinian people


Israel is facing a real predicament that is bound to exacerbate with the passage of time. This predicament is nothing other than the mere physical existence in Palestine of a significant mass of human-beings who happen not to possess the right blood cells! It is the Palestinians, who, to the Zionists dismay, doggedly continue to cling to their ancestral homeland and just wont go away for the sake of Gods chosen people, despite the latters enduring torment and persecution of the former.

Zionism has always been about uprooting Palestinians and bringing in Jews from around the world to usurp their homes, farms and land.

Indeed, the success of Zionism has always been and will continue to be measured in proportion to the number of Jews brought into Palestine and how much land is grabbed from the Palestiniansthe rightful owners of the landto fulfil the Zionist dream.

But Zionism, like its ideological sister, Nazism, is an exclusionist fascist movement that believes in final solutions, and a final solution in Palestine from the Zionist viewpoint must necessarily involve the complete or semi-complete extirpation of Palestinians from their homeland.

What is upsetting Zionist plans and calculations is that 120 years of Zionism and 53 years of Statehood has evidently failed to achieve Jewish exclusivity on the ground in Palestine, despite all the terrible terror and bloodshed by the Zionists against Palestinians.

Thus, the continued onerous presence of so many Palestinians (about 4.5 million) in Palestine is therefore viewed as Zionisms strategic nightmare that will continue to be around for many, many years to come.

But why wouldnt Jews and Palestinians live together in a democratic, civil State where everybody is treated as a citizen?

Well, Zionism doesnt understand this human language and is intrinsically unwilling to treat non-Jews as fully human, much less equal to Jews.

Some Zionist thinkers who met recently in Hertzilya in northern Palestine to discuss the demographic problem had the audacity to suggest the Judaization of a great number of Palestinians as a partial solution to the problem.

Others, like strategic expert Shlomo Gazit, went as far as suggesting forcible sterilization of Palestinian men and women for the purpose of controlling the Palestinian birth rate and therefore maintaining numerical Jewish superiority.

Still, others whose view was apparently dominant, reportedly argued, unflinchingly and unhesitatingly, that the ultimate final solution to the Palestinian problem ought to be the physical expulsion of most or even all of the Arabs from the land of Israel.

Indeed, this effectively Nazi view, for the time being, expressed in euphemistic language and played in quiet tones, is no longer the monopoly of fringe fascist groups such as Rahbam Zevis Moledet party or Jewish neo-Nazi groups like Kahana Hay, Kach, and the Temple Mouth Faithful, etc.

According to the Hebrew press, a solid majority of Israeli Jews today see expulsion as the ultimate solution to the Palestinian problem.

In fact, the present Zionist government, headed by certified war criminal Ariel Sharon, holds a firm belief in the expulsion option, and it is only for public relations expediency that Sharon, Liberman and others do not spell out their beliefs to that effect publicly. It is extremely difficult to believe in Zionism and not to believe in the expulsion option, said Zevi recently.

In addition, it is increasingly clear that the two-State solutionwhereby a Palestinian State would be established in the West Bank and Gaza Stripis becoming a non-option, given the intensive proliferation of Jewish settlements in the territories occupied in 1967.

The fact of the matter is that there is no room left for a Palestinian State on the West Bank that is worth the namethat is unless Yasser Arafat would agree to have a humpty-dumpty kind of State!

More to the point, the Zionist regime would never agree to incorporate four or five million Palestinians into Israel, since their inclusion would eventually alter the identity of Israel as a State for the Jews, not for all of its citizens, as other States are.

And since the present condition of occupation and apartheid is not sustainable forever, Israel will sooner or later face either of two options: the dissolution of the racist structure of Israelin short, declaring the end of Zionismor mass expulsion of non-Jews from Palestine.

But what the Zionists dont realize is that even the expulsion of Palestinians wont end the problem. It would rather complicate it further and further in ways unimaginable now.

In any case, it is extremely vital that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in this region be adequately prepared to face and thwart Zionist designs to that effect which are real and must be taken seriously.

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